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Water fall was refreshing. Too bad caves are closed.

The natural beauty of this place is great,unfortunately it is ruined by the town of Davis which owns the park. Trails lead to nowhere and littered with trash,fish hooks and lines in the swimming areas,and cheap trinket gift shop. They wouldn't let us come in with our dog as they were concerned about dog poop. They oughta worry about people not coming back after a trashy,loud,disgusting visit and do more to make it less of a party spot. We left and went to sulpher state park down the road-much better.

9 days ago

I've hiked this trail several times.

The trail is easy to follow and the glory hole is impressive! Lots of rocks to climb on if you continue on the trail!

It was an extremely pretty trail. Great views, friendly folks, and an overall nice experience. The trail can be a bit hard to follow in some places, but it was well worth it.

This was a very enjoyable hike we did with our 23 month old in a pack.. The terrain goes from rocky to grassland to woodlands. However the Bison Trail is 8 not 6 miles. We cut off some of the bison trail by taking the Longhorn Trail where they intersect then getting back on the Bison trail on the other side... That was 7 miles exactly,
We did not see any buffalo except for two dead ones on the trail, however in our drive in and our drive out we say multiples, along with turkey, longhorn, multiple migrant birds.

Great Trail and will go back again.

It’s not too bad of a place to visit because there’s some nice views. The trails aren’t marked clearly though which makes for some confusion and the zip lines loud music ruins the beauty of the area. I couldn’t imagine camping there though withy family cause it has the feel of a party spot especially with all the beer bottle caps everywhere thru out the camping areas. It’s a nice one time trip in the off season since it’s not as crowded.

15 days ago

Great trail for me and my 7-year-old. Took us awhile to complete, simply because he needed a lot of rest breaks. Lots of caves, although they are unfortunately closed due to white nose syndrome. I've been before the diseases and the caves are so awesome. This trail has lots of rock formations, crags, caves and different elevations.

Took my youngest son this past weekend. Lots of water. Some ankle and hip turners on the way down and the rocks were very slippery. If you use the trail next to the stream, there are some hidden holes. Just be careful.

Especially after rain this is gorgeous!

Temperatures were low and winds high but we enjoyed the hike. We didn't follow the trail as marked n hiked along the stream instead.

Beautiful in the winter, wide well marked path, and nice falls with great climbing rocks. The road getting there was a pain. Rocky, narrow lane, with sliding gravel.

It’s not true trail running it road running but if you start early on a clear day the sunrise is amazing.

beautiful and short trail! great for if you only have a few hours. be sure to bring a truck because the parking for this trail in nonexistent.

Enjoyed this climb up the mountain very much. Beautiful scenery the entire way, and at the top the views were spectacular in every direction. Next time I go, I will allow for more time at the top. There is so much to see, but I wanted to make it to the bottom before dark. Lost the path on the way down, but that was due to nothing less than just not paying attention. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for sure! Can’t wait to go back!

1 month ago

Great trail! Clearly marked in most places and well hiked with moderate traffic on a Saturday morning. Very doable for families, dogs, etc.

My favorite in the wildlife refuge! Great views!

1 month ago

We took Mountain Trail which is fairly well marked most of the way but once you pass all the bluffs and begin to descend down toward the lake it gets horribly confusing. There are tons of unmarked trail signs out there that are horse trails. Don’t use the trail maps provided by the State Park they are in no way accurate with the trails. However, the views are wonderful and there are plenty of restrooms about the trail head and along the service road.

1 month ago

I’ve done this one several times, very moderate. Some awesome rock formations at the top that are fun to explore. There’s a cave up near the top as well, filled with just a little water...but definitely worth poking around in.

Makes for a great day adventure. Wonderful Canyon views A long with plenty of bodies of water to explore. Bring your camera

Found a camera on the trail, turned it into the visitor center, I believe it was a canon. Some of the pictures had 4-8 people in it, so maybe it belonged to a bigger group? Hope you find it!

1 month ago

Worth the hike. Nice view from bluffs overlooking the lake.

1 month ago

Great trail, nice and steep in the beginning and the views are pretty. The trail is SUPER well marked!

One of my favorite parks and trails! 10/10 would recommend, dog friendly and the wildlife is incredible. Easy trail with insane views and worth the memories.

I LOVE WICHITA MOUNTAINS. I have been twice now (about a 6 hr drive) and would go again and again and again. Mount Scott is always worth the drive to the top for a chance to get some great shots and admire the park. No trails but you can park and walk around and find your own little spot.

Lots to see and explore on a relatively short and easy trail!

2 months ago

Went with my wife it was great the way up lol now that was fun.

2 months ago

Great half-day hike! The terrain will work your ankles so make sure your boots are laced up. I would not recommend in Nike’s or other tennis shoes.

The top was beautiful and gave plenty of opportunity to explore and wander.

A lot of the reviews said it was tough finding the trail on the way back down. I did not have this issue at all and thought the trail was easily identifiable.

Great time investment and exercise.

Resting heart rate to start was 43 bpm, maxed at 131 bpm. Good days work.

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