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Very good!!!

we stopped several times to take pics and play with the rocks, even with the 3 year old pace we did it in under 2h

Great hike. The stretch of walking up to the bottom of the mountain pays off with a short yet fun scramble up the route we took. Exploring the cave was phenomenal but not advised to people with claustrophobia as the inner channels can get really narrow. At some point I even had to take my daypack off just to fit making it a fun adventure. Some tips if its your first time, bring a flashlight and a jacket, it gets colder the deeper you go in the cave. If you plan to go really deep then a headlamp and gloves would be a good idea.

Awesome trail for a quick hike. The views are rewarding.

on Ptarmigan Cirque

3 days ago

Fantastic walk with awesome views from the top.
We came across big sheep, ptarmigan, wolverines and a marmot. Can get busy in the middle of summer, I recommend going early in the season as all the meadow flowers are out.

A bit muddy and waist deep snow up top as of May 19. Beautiful frozen alpine lake this time of year!

3 days ago

Awesome hike to enjoy with the whole family. We did however see a black bear by the parking lot in the bush. So be sure to check online for bear sittings before you go out, and don't forget bear spray!

I do this hike once a year. The views at the summit are phenomenal.
It’s fairly easy until you reach the tree line to the top of the summit, it gets pretty steep. But the most challenging part is the fairly large incline right before you finish the trail back to the parking lot. It always gets me :/

Great hike! Very rewarding!

Excellent hike with amazing views at the top. May 20/18 Trail is muddy throughout until you get past the treeline. A couple sections of snow still left up near the top but easy to navigate through. Beautiful 360 views at the lookout up top. The last km back to the trailhead is steep and really makes you work for the finish line! Love this hike and it is dog friendly as long as you leash them at the sign as you approach the last push to the summit.

4 days ago

Still lots of ice further up the trail and plenty of places where water can't be totally avoided, so bring appropriate footwear and a stick if needed.

Amazing views with an amazing hike! Definitely worth the hike up and around!

long walk along the road. the cave was super cool to explore. i can see why people bike it tho. its hot on that road way.

4 days ago

Perfect for a young family! Our two year old walked a good part of the way.
Very pretty and lots of bridges which the kiddos loved

Really nice hike, the lake at the top was beautiful with the blue glacier water. Most of the trail has a lot of snow and I’d go in June when it tapers off. Be careful of the ice and snow, especially at the lake where you think you can step somewhere but end up one leg through the snow into the cold water with your foot drenched

trail in good spring shape, a little water and mud, snow in a few patches but nothing that a little soap and water can’t take care of. The views at the top are second to none BUT it’s very steep to get there and the lower half of the hike is all in the trees with little view. Well worth doing once, not sure I would return quickly.

Great trail best done counter clockwise

4 days ago

Easy trail. Went with dog and wife. We went past the falls about a km. Small cave and lots of people.

Took my kids out for the hike. More ice than expected but an easy hike. Enjoyed watching the crowds of tourists that were totally oblivious to the pictographs. Went as far as the waterfall.

Fairly easy trail and worth the effort for the view at the end

5 days ago

Went there yesterday on May Long and overall a nice trail with gradual climb at the beginning, but still quite muddy and about half way in there began to have a good amount of snow. People walked out a slightly hard packed snow path but it is easy to step an inch or two off the path and get yourself into some knee deep snow so be prepared to bring extra socks because they will likely get wet on your way in & out.

Was closed as of 8 May 2018.

Great hike. Good elevation and awesome views of Banff and surrounding area.

Lots of rocks. Bring good shoes or sticks if you are going. Not a lot to see really... out of all of our hikes this was our least favourite.

5 days ago

IMPORTANT: This loop will not bring you to the Ribbon Falls.
If you want to see the falls then you can expect less than 12km one way, which brings you to a small back country campground (Ribbon Falls Backcountry campsite).
There are smaller falls throughout, but nowhere near as big.
We did ~20km after expecting to do 5-8km, and it was not difficult (cooler day, little water, few snacks).
Coverage is decent, but sunscreen to be safe.
You'll follow the creek all the way to the end.
Saw various ages and body types on the trail.

The loop described is alright, but I'd encourage doing the further trail and returning.
May long had snow for the last 1km only, but was compact.

We went May Long weekend 2018 and they’re was still quite a bit of snow and some parts of the trail were a little icy, nothing that wasn’t passible though. The waterfall at the start was beautiful and Rawson Lake at the top is stunning. Great to start with the view of upper Kananaskis lake too. We are going to go back when it’s clear this summer to hopefully catch a glimpse of the crazy amounts of flowers people mention! Overall great hike and would definitely do it again!

Great hike. A bit of a grind at parts but a wonderful view at the fire lookout. Went straight back down rather then taking the loop

excellent spring hike. spectacular views for moderate effort. snowy up higher but microspikes not necessary.

One of my favorite hikes, it’s easy enough for the whole family! And still is such beautiful scenery throughout! The waterfall at the end is so pretty!

6 days ago

Amazing views from the ridge, looking down at Rawson Lake on one side and Kananaskis Lake on the other side. The hike to Rawson is quite enjoyable, the hike up to the ridge is challenging but well worth it for the amazing views!

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