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Beautiful locale, would be amazing if the County revived it for theatre and live performances!

Amazing wilderness trail, in this beautiful desert!

24 days ago

Overall I liked this hike, as it had pretty much everything I look for, from a Sedona trail: enough cardio to call it a hike :), views, red rocks, and open sky.
Downside: Parking. Always with the bad parking here in Sedona! ...but it's to be expected because it's such a gorgeous place that so many ppl want to see. So, considering, instead of attempting to park at the trailhead, maybe park at a nearby business and Uber the rest of the way.
There aren't any parking options outside of the trailhead's parking lot because this trailhead is smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood with NO PARKING signs allllll over. I anticipate the residents are quick to call towers. So, again, Uber.
The first half of it feels more like a tour because you walk past a sinkhole, which has placards explaining the science behind sinkholes; and, the occasional pink Jeep drives by. (Hence my 3 stars.)
You'll see the 7 sacred pools, which weren't very pool-like when I was there due to minimal rain; but still, they were interesting nonetheless.
Once you get out of the initial part of the trail, it becomes more like a hike. This is the stretch that felt worth it. You climb a moderate slope to the top, all along the way rising to pretty views of the valley below. Once you crest the ridge, you can no longer see signs of everyday life.
For me, I prefer a more remote trail - something that makes me feel like I'm deeper in nature. So, again, this is why I give this trail 3 stars. I didn't get that feeling until I was 1/2 way through.
Nevertheless, one is hard-pressed to walk away from a Sedona trail unhappy. I mean, c'mon...it's Sedona.

Need a pass in advance. Fun little trail. cool to say you did it but it's very short.

Great hike with an awesome waterfall to play around or near. Fun little "pool" area at the base of the falls to cool down in. Our dog loved it too. If u do bring your dog go early because of the heat....and plenty of water for you and your pooch. Hike back wasn't too bad, the last .5 mile back was probably the hardest. Only saw one snake..

1 month ago

Alot of great scenary pretty breathe taking, you will have to follow your nose to get around but you won't get lost. Def go

1 month ago

A nice/somewhat easy trail with beautiful, photographic views in every direction. However, the trails are not marked well... I was lost a few times and relied on the direction of other hikers/cyclists, as well as the downloaded All Trails map. It was clean and I didn’t see too much garbage. Not too busy during the AM weekend hours. Plenty of shade but make sure you pack sunscreen and water anyway!

Fun trail, found the sink hole, but the rest of the path to 7 pools were not marked well

1 month ago

Absolutely loved it!!!

Beautiful views. Make sure to purchase a permit. One permit for 5 people. Bring plenty of water and food. Don't forget your hat and sunscreen lotion because there are no shades. It was easy on the way down to the water fall. Yet, on the way back was a challenging. There was a little snake in the water. Be careful. I was there last week, July 1st.

1 month ago

Great views
Poor trail signaling
Not too steep, not too long...
The file on the app was a loop with a "line attached to the loop" I followed that line and the trial ended, and pretty much had to turn right to followed the trail and before I knew it I was in soldier pass spur, which connected to mesa brin , and decided to turn around.
I was expecting to pretty much have the arches jump out in front of me.

Also, parking lot fits about 14 cars I believe...

Do some research If you want to get to the arches or caves, the pass, etc...

1 month ago

Offroad permit required in advance.

1 month ago

Good hike and great views

Fantastic day-hike trail, will post again once I’ve walked the whole thing!

Didn’t get to the falls (couldn’t get a $10 permit) but nice hike nonetheless

The trail was a good challenge especially in the heat but the problem was our group could not locate the trail at the 8.5-9 marker .... too much shrub!!!
On top of the shrub there was a “friendly” rattlesnake in the way, so we went back.

More of a one time hike but great views and won’t go back until shrub is cleared away.

Great hike. Get there early or bring plenty of water. Not much coverage till you reach the peak

Love this hike! Good amount of parking, scenic mountains on the way down and decent work out on the way back. Wear a bathing suit and pack a lunch and hang near the water for a bit. I swam before hiking back to help beat the heat. There is zero shade besides down by the water so be smart. I went last week and there really was just a trickle vs a waterfall but definitely still worth the hike. Oh and get your permit - they checked mine at the tent before entering and then again after I had already done ~2 miles.

1 month ago

Hiked Solider’s Pass to the sink hole to 7 Pools and went on to find the caves. My only complaint is that the trail is not very well marked. At times I felt a little lost but relied on the downloaded map to get me along. I had to ask fellow hikers for directions a time or two as well. Compared to other popular trails in Sedona, this trail was very clean (free of trash, not a lot of dog droppings). It was lightly trafficked- there were a few other cars parked in the dirt lot when I arrived at 8:00am and I only passed a few groups of hikers the whole day (I got back to my car around 5:00pm). I would definitely hike it again. Bring water and sun screen, as there is not a lot of tree shade.

2 months ago

Great trail to hike for families with children 9 years and up.

Beautiful hike!! But be aware that you need a permit. They have a tent pitched at the trailhead and wont let you go past without one. The way down was easy, but the way back up was tougher. Its not steep, but if its hot the granite makes it extremely hot and there is no shade. Bring a gallon per person, youll definitely need it. The water was trickling today, but there was a decent amount in the pool. It looked too stagnant to swim in, but people were in there anyway. Id definitely do it again, or try the two trails that branch from the north and south.

Good workout, but hot hot hot in the afternoon. Had planned to be 5000 ft higher for the day.

If you go over the pass, you see an immediate change in the flora and find more shade. Descended on Brins Mesa, which I think had better views.

2 months ago

Getting to the waterfall was a piece of cake, but coming back was draining. The heat didn’t help matters either. Make sure you bring LOTS of water!!! The waterfall had trickling water but the pool was full. The sight was worth the hike. I would definitely come back. Overall, it was a great hike!

2 months ago

I highly recommend this hike to anyone in Sedona for a brief amount of time. It's quick to get to the trailhead but it's not very busy at all. The trail is very obvious except for a few places but even then it's easy to figure out. Initially heading out the views are not not super obvious but as you start climbing you look back and see amazing panoramic views of the valley. I also advise you to turn onto Brin Mesa Loop and go back on Jordan trail. There were wildflowers at the top where they merged and a fun little ruck formation to see the valley from and feel the wind. No trekking poles needed as footing is really sturdy, just lots of rocks so wear at least sneakers. Between this and Devil's Bridge, this one by far!

Went early at 7am. The hiking in/out was great! There was no creek to cross and the waterfall didn't have a lot of water but it's still very pretty! Cool weather today, out by 10:30 in the morning. Perfect day for a hike.

Get a permit beforehand. This trail is pretty easy as long as the weather is nice. There is no real climb; it is mostly switchbacks. The waterfall was awesome.

BTW... We saw a dead rattlesnake on the trail. Someone had smashed it with a rock. Yikes!

off road driving
2 months ago

Starting spring 2018 the gate is locked and there is a 12/day permit limit for off road vehicles. Permits must be reserved 3 days in advance. Lame.

Did this trail 2x already. The first time I went we had some rain over the weekend so the falls were flowing really nicely. The 2nd time however, we haven’t had rain in a while (light drizzles) so there was no water flowing and the water was stagnant & gross with moss on top.

Still, it’s an easy trail to walk on.

You have to buy a permit for this location. $10 for every group of 5

You check in at the tent before you start your hike (they clock what time you start and check you out when you’re done)

Getting to the falls is easy since you’re going down. You’ll get nice views of the area on the way. Once you get to the valley, you’ll be walking over a lot of rocks so watch your step. If it rained, and water has been flowing, you’ll be crossing 2 little creeks and climbing a rock or 2 before you get to the falls.

At the falls, if the water hasn’t been stagnant, you can swim out to the tree and swing on a top someone left behind. Make sure your bags and food are sealed or the squirrels living there will take your stuff. They’re cute but sneaky little critters.

I’d say, only the hike back up where you’ll get tired. Always bring lots of water especially if the weather is hot. There are rattlesnakes in the area so be on the look out for them (so far I’ve been lucky the few times I’ve been there) I’ve seen people bring their dogs on the trail and this last time, a couple went horseback riding.

I’ll definitely have to bring some my friends back to this trail after we’ve had some rain so they can experience the nice waterfall I got to see my first time there.

Awesome! Made it to the caves

Way down is pretty easy, seen a snake and a big salamander. The water fall is pretty thin right now and the pool is getting merky. The way back SUCKS, zero relief from the sun. Bring water duh! Sun block and a straw hat. We started a little late at 9am, try and go early as possible.

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