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10 hours ago

Red trail + blue loop is about 4 miles. Good elevation changes. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the back stretch that is mostly old farmland that is now just grass fields. While pretty not my mo for hiking. Wide trails make for good running if that’s your thing.

One of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever done and it’s literally in my backyard. It’s definitely a more challenging hike and it takes a few hours if you like to check out the scenery. But man is it worth it. Waterfall and overlooks with caves, can’t beat it.

on Window Cliffs

9 days ago

Great hike the creek crossings were more like river crossing though would probably hike again if I could bring my dog but until then probably won't

Pros- serene setting, flora, rock formations, lake, waterfall
Cons- litter, unmaintained trail,
Overall- an enjoyable hike but the area/trail has untapped potential.

15 days ago

Really love this walk any time of year.

OMG! I hike every weekend and already done over 200 miles of trails since Jan 1 2018.
Been in Cherokee and the Smoky mountains and this is the best all around hike I’ve done. Charles Bunion and Leconte are better views but this trail in unique. Stopped counting at 15 falls, over 20 creek crossing, some very hard. U have to go thru small rock caves and the creek is part of trail, boots extra pair of socks a must, so worth it.
Colors of rocks and moss are mind blowing, if I die hope it’s hiking there put it that way. Leave dogs at home u less u drive to overlook, not for anyone who is afraid of creek crossings because there are so many. Have to use rope to climb down back part of trail.
Go Counterclockwise! Way easier!! You will see what I mean, otherwise will have wet feet.
Trail starts not where it says trailhead(that’s clockwise) it starts just passed parking lot up the hill. Way easier and The park rangers recommend this way on the website.
5 hours at least to do whole trail about 6.5 miles if u do overlook too.

Great in and out trail with varied terrain. Beautiful views. Woodland wildflowers in bloom. Use caution on one steep area with major washout issues.

Probably one of my most favorite so far! Loved walking down the creek and climbing on the rocks. Interesting dens for creatures to hide out in :0! Ladders to climb, rocks to stack, waterfalls to see! I think the trail was marked pretty good some areas could’ve been better, but isn’t that half the fun! :)) Definitely will be revisiting soon!

23 days ago

The trail is in great shape overall. The main loop is clearly visible and easy to follow. New Spring growth is just beginning to pop up along the sides, but mostly still just fallen leaves. Even after all of the recent rain, it is mostly dry, with muddy areas just in the low lying areas on the southern most edge of the park along the lake.

25 days ago

Echoing all of the other reviewers: this is a gem of a hike for this area! My boyfriend is not a hiker and I usually have to do a lot of teeth pulling to get him outdoors, but he loved this one so much he wants to come back and do it again--which is a HUGE success. It is such a fun, active hike with unique features, waterfalls, scrambling and creek crossings. I was a little worried about bringing our older dog because of the scrambles, but he loved it! We did have to pick him up a few times during creek crossings, but I think a more/younger active dog wouldn't need any assistance.

Do note: if you have a dog, you most likely won't be able to get to the overlook of the gorge from the trail. The only way up is a steep ladder, and there was no way the pup would have been able to manage. I luckily was able to go snag a peak while my partner waited with the dog, but it was a bummer it wasn't accessible for everyone. You can drive to the overlook by continuing past the Honey Creek Loop trail head, so if you can't do it while on the trail you could always go have a look before you leave--it's a lovely view.

The trail is fairly well marked, but there were a few sections where we got a bit lost and had to double back and find the markers again. Parts of this trail are marked only with the "Sheltowee Trace" markers, so don't be thrown off--it's the same trail.

I brought trail runners and trekking poles, and I think both were good choices. Your feet will definitely get wet past the ankles, so waterproof ankle boots aren't going to do you much good--they'll end up keeping the water inside your boot instead of out. The trekking poles really help with the stream crossings, so bring em if you have em!

This is definitely one of the best hikes in the middle Tennessee area. We'll definitely be back.

Will do it again. Enjoyed the ability to choose multiple trails of varying lengths. Trails very well maintained.

1 month ago

To top of fall is a short walk, to get to bottom of falls takes a little rock scrambling and coming back up is fun!

1 month ago

superb and inspiring.

Decent elevation change. A lot of streams crossing over the path. Great wooded getaway in the middle of the city! It was pretty muddy the day we went. Only drawback was that a portion of the trail backs up to a subdivision and you can see the houses. There is a way to cut off that section of the trail, but I didnt realize that until later.

Beginning at backpacking and used this trail as our very first one to hike. Kids had a blast with it and enjoyed the waterfalls. very easy hike but a good one to help ignite the hiking bug.

1 month ago

This is my all time favorite "quick hike."

I’d definitely rate this as hard if you do the full loop, though it’s also pretty balanced. Went during the late winter and it was a good hike. Not much reward at the end, but instead the majority of the hike as great views, and lots of wildlife! I saw two snakes!
I’d definitely make sure you’re in shape and/or well hydrated before doing this trail, as the incline can get pretty intense at times.

Wouldn’t recommend in the summer unless you’re just really hardcore.

This is one of my favorite trails I have ever done!! Better marked than I was lead to believe, certainly some rock climbing/scaling and creek crossing! My feet were SOAKED! All of the amazing waterfalls along the way made the trail even better than the overlook! We stopped a lot as my partner is a photographer and we really wanted to take the time to look at and photograph everything. Staked out some really nice campsites for returning in the future! I agree with other reviewers who said if you have ONE day to hike in the area, this is the ONE!

Beautiful waterfall on a little side-trip on our way home from Nashville! Totally worth it!

1 month ago

Enjoyed the path this morning. Good rise and fall. Very nice around the water. Smelled the bacon as path went near the campsites.

More of an alternative for mall walkers, especially considering it’s location, but it’s a nice walk at lunchtime or when you need a break from work. There is a park for the kids as well as multiple picnic areas and facilities.

Excellent trail in winter months but very muddy in areas. Beautiful views of the lake for much of the trail. You can hike down to the water in places though the trail does not lead to the water. multiple climbs. can be strenuous at times..just take a break. very beautiful and worth it. great park. friendly staff .

One of the best hikes in TN. Pay attention to the markers but the trail isn’t as poorly marked as other people say. Never seen so many different features on one trail. Really technical but not super difficult. Be ready to crawl and climb. If you’ve got one day to hike in Tennessee this should be where you go.

Stunning. Absolutely one of the best in Tennessee. My son and I had a complete blast hiking this trail!

Shanty Hollow after several days of heavy rain leaves plenty of mud and two spots where ankle-deep water crossing is required, but there are many rock overhangs to dry out under and the waterfall is much more lively. Definitely take the time to follow some of the side paths for great views and interesting rock formations (some very light climbing is required in a few spots). One of the best short scenic hikes in the area.

My and my dog went. Amazing trail and we went after all the rain so it was that much more fun!!

Good trail! I went in the winter months so there wasn’t much vegetation. It has been raining a lot so the trail was very muddy but doable. There were some fallen trees on the trail which I thought added to the experience and were several places with good views, especially when you do the Merritt Ridge trail (you basically scale a mountain.) I did this with my pup and we were able to do it in about 3 hours but we ran probably a mile of it so wouldn’t go in the afternoon, just in case you need some breaks. There’s a hunting area on the trail but I didn’t see anyone out there. Actually quite peaceful and it looked like it had been several days since the last person hiked it.

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