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Hardest hike I've done since Yosemite few years back. Highly recommend hiking poles due to the elevation climb; little to no switchbacks on the trail. Note that you need a recreation pass visible in your car at the trailhead, and that there is a registration box a little ways up with a form that needs filled out. Other then the copious amounts of black flies at higher elevations, the hike was amazing. Still got some good views of Mt. Hood even with some smoke haze in the air.

Completed this hike yesterday and was very impressed. We did the full loop through PP and GPS'd about 14.2 miles. Bugs were manageable. Sun exposure for the first 3 ish miles out of Zig Zag something to be mindful of, especially on a hot day. Sandy trail in areas so wear your boots! And conserve energy for the climb back out to Timberline. I ID'd approximately 15 flowers/shrubs along the way. Great time!

3 days ago

#1 favorite hike to show friends and get them excited about hiking.

5 days ago

This is one of the shortest hikes I've done that still gives you high-up Gorge views. If you exercise regularly, it's an easy climb. The trail did get fairly crowded with families around 11 am (I went on a Friday), so go early or during the week if you don't want to be passing someone on every switchback.

Great hike, really cool history, and beautiful views.

This trail is pretty tough. I left early hoping to beat some of the heat but that didn’t really pan out. I followed the map posted above. When I left the parking lot from the Top Spur trail I headed up a bit to a second junction. Left will take you down the PCT towards Lolo trailhead, right takes you to a nice little head scratcher of a junction (which is where you need to be). After you fill out your permit you can head left and get right into the hike or do what I did and take what I thought was the direct trail - but it’s a side trail- WITH AN EPIC VIEW. This path leads around the side of a ridge and is so worth taking either in your way in or on your way out. This meets up with an trail cut off that put me back on the proper trail that heads up to McNeil. I took the long way round, instead of the questionable looking side trail that ends up taking through quite the scramble (I’ll be honest I didn’t know that was the trail that takes you straight up) I opted to take the slow painful workout that goes along the back side of the ridge. I was better for it, there’s 3-4 water sources which were essential on a day like yesterday. The flies were $&@!?@& terrible. Don’t take your pup unless you have pup shoes, that dirt in direct sunlight can be really tough on them!

Nice hike with a beautiful view of Mt Hood. Quite a bit of elevation gain, but much of the trail is pretty gradual. Took us a little under 2 hours round trip.

Pretty solid hike overall. It took me 45 minutes to get to the top. I would say I am in good shape, but not some elite athlete.

12 days ago

This is a hard trail. Very rewarding views. Flies are horrible! We did the rock side down and it was really difficult. A scramble that never seemed to end.

Arguably the best views of the gorge are from this trail. Located on the WA side of the gorge it's grown in popularity since I first hiked it. Yes, I'm terrified of heights. Yes, I went suuuuper slow but once I got going the hike became easier and more enjoyable. On a cloudless day the view is out of this world. I found the history of the rock very fascinating and it blew my mind that I was climbing the exposed inner core of a prehistoric volcano. Read the signs when you go if you have little ones. It adds an extra dash of fun.

17 days ago

Hiked it on 7/29. Enjoyed the flowers and the amazing beautiful views. Didn't have any issues driving a Prius slowly through the potholes. Flies are still there. They're everywhere and they do bite. As soon as you stop, they swarm you. Some of us accidentally swallowed some. Bug repellents with DEET or Picadirin didn't help at all. Someone please report when they're no longer there, so we can go back and enjoy the hike fly-free.

For great views of Beacon Rock, try the LITTLE Beacon Rock trail across the road; be sure to scramble to the top of the peak on your right at the end of the easy trail

20 days ago

This was my first time going and it was amazing! Beautiful views and all of the other hikers were friendly and said “Hi” when going past. At the top were a few squirrels who came up to me while I was munching on snacks! They were a little hungry.

trail running
21 days ago

Hiked/ran this on 7/22. Beautiful views and forest. Started at 8:30. I recommend doing the top loop counterclockwise. We did it clockwise and going down was tough on the steeper section. If you go all the way the McNeil point, it's around 10 miles total (not 7.7). Lots of flies in the lower forest on our way down around noon.

This was my 8 year olds favorite hike this summer. Very cool to see how it was made and go over all the Bridges and switchbacks. My 3 year old walked to the top on her own, so it's not a overly difficult, just all uphill.

22 days ago

My friend and I both loved this hike and it's the best I've ever been on. The drive up isn't too bad, but like previous reviews have said, drive slow and watch for potholes. We took a MINI Clubman up to the trailhead and had no problems, but if you aren't paying attention, or if you're going too fast you will bottom out in lower clearance vehicles. The bugs were pretty bad, and you will have to deal with them for multiple miles of wooded trail, but most of them didn't bite. We were using 40% deet and it didn't deter the flies in the slightest. Picadarin would probably be a better alternative. The trail is definitely rough, I wouldn't consider myself to be in the best shape, but I did it with a few breaks for pictures and snacks along the way. It took us about 3:15 to the top and 2:25 back down. The view is definitely worth it! Words honestly can't express such sights. 5/5 would definitely do battle with armies of flies again.

A nice walk to a very cool view of Mount Hood. Nicely maintained trail, but took a bit to find the actual trailhead. Steady climb to the top, which is worth it. Beautiful forest with lots of shade. Passed a few people but the trail wasn’t crowded. Check it out if you can!

26 days ago

Super easy quick trail. Lived in the pnw all my life and have been on many hikes but just never managed to come here. Finally did it and it was a piece of cake.
I would understand if someone afraid of heights had a hard time but it’s very much worth it!

29 days ago

On the way up we stayed right to Bald Mountain and could see all of Mt Hood before taking the shortcut trail back to the main trail. Did the loop at the end clockwise up to the point. The descent from the peak is quite steep for the first 1/2 mile as the elevation drop is 1000ft, with a little scree. Phenomenal views all around.

Xefd diff

1 month ago

this hike was spectacular, by far the most rewarding hike i’ve done in oregon. was a bit of an ass kicker though! have to go all the way to the top and do the little loop. the views are unreal. only down side was the flies were REALLY bad at the bottom portion, but they don’t bite. enjoy!

1 month ago

Started from the Top Spur trailhead Saturday afternoon around 2PM and started hiking to McNeil point to camp for the night as our goal. We soon encountered the worst swarming of »BITING« flies I have ever experienced in my life. They were unrelenting and unphased by bug repellent. The entirety of the Top Spur trail and the short section of the PCT you hike for a second and the Timberline Trail as well was completely plagued by the pests. It wasn’t until we got above tree line on the McNeil Point trail did we find any respite. If not, we would’ve definitely bailed. The flies didn’t seem as bad coming back down which could’ve been due to our faster pace because they still did swarm if we stopped or slowed down at all.

Oh! And to top it all off when we got back to the trailhead we discovered our car had been broken into and everything, even just stupid stuff had been ripped off— yay...

Really too bad about the flies and the theft because McNeil Point is beautiful and we enjoyed a rather spectacular sunset and time above treeline. However, I don’t think I’ll be coming back to do this trail again anytime soon because of the flies on the approach and the criminal acts of others.

Incredible hike except for flies on lower part. Views were amazing and you must go to the end up to McNeil Point. So close to Mt. Hood.

The bugs were hard to get over. It was difficult to enjoy the hike while getting eaten alive.

Great views, easy hike

Great shaded trails. Excellent for summer.

1 month ago

Amazing hike!! Some of the most majestic views of Mt. Hood I’ve seen yet! Total trail was over ten miles and it was an ass kicker but so worth it.

Great views! A bit frightening for someone that doesn’t like heights but the payoff was well worth it.

1 month ago

Quite a vigorous hike! 2 hours 20 minutes in/out with the 8-year-old kid and a pup. Gorges view at the end!

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