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trail running
14 days ago

First I would like to say that the map here is incomplete. The trail is about 10 miles altogether.

I wouldn't actually call what you do on the main trail "trail running," because it's wide and flat and easy peasy (but "running" wasn't an option in the menu). But it's one of my favorite places for a long, easy, pleasant, pretty run. I usually pick up the trail at Mertensia Park on Mertensia Road in Farmington. I have not found the trail to be poorly marked as another user said it was. When you reach East Victor Road there is an option to follow a more rugged foot trail by going straight (this includes a stream crossing and at the time of this post that section is currently closed due to construction), or you may bypass that by turning right and following East Victor Road and Break Of Day Road to the next trail head. (There is signage that indicates this.)

There are several side trails that you can take once you reach Victor (and west of Victor) if you would like to mix in some more rugged trails and avoid the village streets (the main trail follows streets for a bit in the village).

The portion of the trail west of Victor can be a bit isolated and boring for a while until you get to Fishers. The portion between Main Street Fishers and Railroad Mills Road is extremely pretty, with streams and bridges and a horse farm. The mural in the NYS Thruway underpass is coming along nicely.

All in all a favorite trail of mine.

Decent trail. some of the bridges could use some attention. It was muddy the day I visited but it was still a pleasant walk. I would visit again.

This is a great trail, very diverse. Several ponds and streams open area stocked with bird houses, the trailer eventually leading into a dense worded area. The trails are very clearly marked and well maintained.

trails are icy but all around good hike!

I started in the parking lot behind Panorama Plaza and the trail is not that pretty (behind businesses and an apartment complex) until after the 441 bridge, which is where Linear Park/Channing Philbrick Park is. The trail is well marked and has red blazes while inside the park. This trail is busy! It was very cold and drizzling and I saw at least 10 people. This would be good stroll with kids but I prefer less foot traffic. The trail just ends randomly (see picture). I would recommend starting at the park, not at the plaza like I did.

Did the whole orange trail again - skipping the first part because it was under water last time. The frozen ground mad it much easier and drier. Even though it was in the 30s there were quite a few other people on the trail. It's a great way to explore around Fairport. I especially like the part that is near Indian Hill. Good way to get a bunch of miles under the belt if you are working up to a bigger hike.

3 months ago

Not sure where you pick this trail up near Mertensia but the best place to start is at the end of Mickey Finn's parking lot. This is NOT in Farmington. It's a double wide gravel trail. Very easy. Keep your dogs on leash. You pass backyards and at least one good course. It really quite pretty.

a nice pleasant hike. Very nice scenery and quite. I will definitely be back.

4 months ago

trail is very poorly marked after east victor road. You cross into a drainage ditch to a wooden bridge that leads to nowhere. will never walk this trail again.

Not sure if I put this in the right crescent trail one but the recording I did is one of my favorite parts of the trail. It goes around a bunch of ponds and there were ducks, geese, turtles and a couple either white herrings or egrets. The plants are tall so you feel like you are away from others. I love it. Looking forward to doing another long crescent trail hike.

So where it is marked is a little miss leading. You will park at the Pathways entrance but a little down it splits off to this one which is a side trail running closer to the water. Other than that the trails (Pathways and Double) are nice. I wouldn't suggest taking young kids on the Double because you have to cross part of the river/stream but it is actually nice.

5 months ago

Good shade, not too tough. Bring a fishing pole!

Great trail took my 5, 7 and 13 year old kids. They did it easy.

The main trail is alright and the water is pretty, but the side trails are full of graffiti spray painted on trees and garbage on the ground. Also, if you bring a dog, be careful as there is broken glass in many places on both trails.

Nice small trail. Great for dogs!

went with my little dog and it was beautiful.

The east side is nice, west side a little rough for handicapped senior.

Trail was nice with the waterfalls but we were disappointed that it just stopped. I would have rated it a "5" if it circled back.

6 months ago

The path seems to disappear at times. Some steep areas, so make sure you have hiking sneakers.

7 months ago

This was a nice hike/walk to take with my son.

7 months ago

It's great when you aren't being stared at. I just want to enjoy my hike. Let's not make it weird as if brown ppl don't hike

7 months ago

hiking portion is very narrow definitely NOT maintained and is covered in posion ivy. Not recommended for small children on the hiking portion past the bridge and stairs.

7 months ago

We took the kids and enjoyed the hike around the small lake. One side of the path was wide open and an easy trek. Once we rounded the end of the lake and passed the house then went up the stairs the trail thinned and being a bit more difficult. Most concerning on the thin part of the trail was the poison ivy on the side of the trail.

easy hike, nice views, good for dogs and kids.

Super easy walk. Not so much a hike. Perfect for running and for kids. Lovely stream and beautiful woods. Nice and relaxing. Perfect for a picnic.

could widen the one side of the trail or at least cut the branches and over grown plants

9 months ago

I am 100% out of shape but am working on myself. It also didn't help I was in flip flops.The easy part of the trail is nice and wide go up the stairs to the other side it's very hard at least for me. We ended up turning around to go back to the easy side. But it was definitely beautiful hike! Would do it again!!

9 months ago

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