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so wished I had read these comments first, went counter clockwise. Took me just under 5 hours and that was with quite a few stops just to catch breath.

Had my 85lb german shepherd with me. some spaces prove very difficult with a large dog. trail is narrow, only wide on the creek side.

On the plus side it snowed, views are great.

1 day ago

Great hike!

great for newbs and experts alike. a little muddy but hey its oregon and its January. couldn't ask for anything more.

4 days ago

Love the falls! Saw WAY more people than expected on this trail. If your car can't make it up to the gate, just find a place to park on the highway. That is what we did as we were in a Jetta. About 3-4" of snow in the deep parts but trail wasn't really covered much. Overall hike was almost 10 miles with the extra 4 because of the closed NF Road.

I wanted to be impressed but honestly it’s not worth the drive. I followed Matt’s directions (listed below my review) not the all trail directions and found the trailhead fairly easily. The logging road does split off a couple times, however ~ just stay to the right and you will find it. The trail was nicely maintained and there were only a few hikers out. The Siletz River has some pretty cascading falls as you drive along the logging road. The trees are beautiful but as I’m an avid hiker and Oregon adventurer, I think there are hundreds of better options for a day trip.

Big hill to start but then it is pretty flat.
the beach is very rocky on the second half of the hike. Amazing views. we had a great time.

Went on a Cold Sunday morning hike. We took the Kopetski trail loop and came around the back side of jawbone flats. No worries you end up on the same trail you start on. We started our hike at 11 AM and got done at 2:15 PM. We only saw two other groups of hikers until we started to head back, then it was a bit more crowded, but no problem as it’s not nearly as bad as the summer time. Dress warm/layers as you are hiking in a canyon that gets very little sunlight and it’s cold until you warm up from hiking. We stopped for a small lunch at jawbone flats and had to layer back up before we got going again. Love this place. BRING CASH OR CHECK for parking. And if you can spare it, the town takes donations too, and once you see how pristine they help keep the town and trails you’ll want to donate. Great hike for all ages and skills but the Kopetski Loop is a little more rugged and step, would not recommend for little ones or people with old knees. Enjoy.

Hiked the trail on Sunday 1/13/19. It was chilly but not too cold with a blue sky. Recommend using trekking poles and shoes with good grip. Take snacks and water too. It’s definitely a hard hike up but even kids were doing it with their parents. Pace is key. Worth the view.

9 days ago

easy hike with a wonderful ending!!!

9 days ago

The trail is in great condition right now, and the warm winter means no snow (just a little frost at the summit.) Lots of people had the same idea, and met a lot of nice people on my descent.

The weather tracker as part of Alltrails is spot-on accurate. Make this hike while the weather is good.

9 days ago

One of the most beautiful hikes in Oregon. Jawbone Flats is an incredible site to see.

Nice walk and a beautiful waterfall!

Great views. Do not go counter clockwise.

Great hike, beautiful views up Elk mtn. However, my gps recorded the loop distance at 8.12 miles, NOT 7. I thought that was an important correction to make!

15 days ago

Went and hiked out to the waterfall with my wife on 4 Jan. Trail was muddy is some spots, but nothing severe. The suspension bridge was fun to cross and I enjoyed the lower view of the fall, which is going strong this time of year.

The hike was short and easy, even with the optional North Loop trail. Boots recommended.

This trail ranks among then most picturesque my spouse, dogs and I have hiked to date. It is well marked. Fellow hikers were pleasant. As a novice photographer, I really appreciated the abundant photo opportunities along almost every foot of this trail. As always, being near the water was a major plus.

Very difficult hike indeed with a steep terrain (great for cardio and calf work). There are some spots with views along the way to catch your breath. Took me about 1h30 to get to the top. I hiked in the rain and fog so no idea how the views look like on top (going with clear sky definitively recommended...). Enjoy!

Beautiful easy hike. The elevation is gradually and comes on at a steady pace. Took my wife and kids. Ages 5 and 6. My one year old went into my Phil and teds carrier and onto my back. Highly recommended.

16 days ago

nice alternative to grind. but exercise not much to see.

17 days ago

Beautiful hike to a very close up view of the falls. No snow either!

17 days ago

Hiking this trail in the winter is the way to go if you want to skip the crowds. It was the perfect little hike for a winter day.

Easy and beautiful hike! Simple access. visitors from Australia loved it!

19 days ago

Short hike but more than worth it! Beautiful waterfall! My girlfriend and I went during winter and it was a little chilly but the walk was short and getting soaked by the falls was worth it! The hike in was beautiful!

20 days ago

Awesome winter hike to get your heart rate up. Bring micro spikes!

20 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. I did it completely un-prepared in casual shoes. Wouldn't recommend that at all, but this hike changed my life. Awesome views. I did this hike back in 2007, and now that I have a family, we are all planning a trip there this summer to hike even more.

Awesome views on this easy hike. Loved every minute of it.

22 days ago

Great trail to do when the Grind is closed for the winter.

Long rugged road, all wheel drive and ground clearance recommended. Plan on an hour drive from Falls City, it’s relatively easy to find though. From Falls City take Bridge Street and essentially stay on the road from pavement to large gravel road to small single lane logging road. At the road marker “100” turn right and follow till you see the tiny brown road marker with “vog” for Valley if the Giants, it’s about .5 miles from the sign to the trailhead. Phenomenal short hike through pristine native forest. Definitely worth it.

A little dicey coming off the summit. I can’t imagine going counter clockwise, waaay too steep. Overall a gorgeous hike and it’s nice to end with an easy walk down by the water.

12/27/18 - I drive an XV crosstrek and was not able to make it to the trailhead. So we parked along the road and snowshoed the last portion in. We did not actually hike the trail because there was at least four feet of snow, but got to see great views of three fingered jack, beautiful snowy scenery, and enjoy some time by the snow covered lake right off the trailhead.

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