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It's not very shady and a pretty difficult hike when it's hot but of course worth it for the photo op! It gets very very busy so earlier better than later!

5 hours ago

Beautiful trail, but definitely not for inexperienced hikers wearing vans. Lots of slippery mud along very narrow, steep paths adjacent to steep drop offs. Don’t let the short distance fool you - this is a challenging little hike. Totally worth it if you have hiking boots.

Amazing hike to Potato Chip Rock, the wait wasn’t bad. People were very good about trading phones for pictures , if you took their picture , they would wait for your group to go out to the rock and take your picture. Some people complain about the wait, it’s not bad especially if you work as a team.

great workout at a fast pace. great walk with family and friends.

1 day ago

Simply one of my very favorite places in San Diego. A gorgeous trail around the lake great for walking, jogging or biking. Go before sunset and the air is crisp and cool. I love the smell of the eucalyptus trees here!

Beautiful hike, gave it only 4 stars because there was a ~45 min wait to climb potato chip rock for a picture.

Local suburban trail. Good for running and mountain bikes exercise. There was not much variety, not much to see.

Beautiful trail! Make sure you go all the way up to the lake-it’s definitely worth it, but watch out for horse crap! There’s plenty of it lol

5 days ago

Closed due to Federal shutdown. FYI.

8 days ago


Pretty sunset

Pretty views of the water

trail running
13 days ago

Disappointment. I was looking for a longer running loop in the area. Route is often on roads with traffic driving by at high speed, trails amount to drainage for runoff, there is litter, noise, etc. Likely better to go into the park and add on a section of a neighborhood.

Overcrowded. Overrated. And relatively boring most of the hike. A nice workout and a gorgeous wait in line at the top. This hike wouldn’t be so bad if not as many unprepared and rude people hiked it. Go extremely early if you want to enjoy yourself and the nature around you.

13 days ago

it's a nice back and forth. takes a couple hour to complete at a slow steady pace. saw an eagle!

Good hard hike for a nice workout. Did this during summer so I Started at 6 am with my dog and ended at 9/10 am. Start and end with a walk near the lake. Potato chip was a little disappointing and you have to climb up on to get to but still a nice fun hike.

Amazing variety in scenery!!

It starts out with lots of (different!) trees and a river that you can't quite see, passes by a picnic area in the woods, goes up to a massive gravel slope through a lot of switchbacks, then goes by a beautiful lake, and finally to the regular Mt. Woodson/potato chip rock views with the boulder-ey hills that San Diego has so many of. I don't know if it was because I had been hiking for longer than usual or if it was actually better, but the hills felt more breathtaking than say, at Mission Trails.

Definitely worth the extra miles starting here.

Try to go early in the morning. You’ll bit the sun and the line to take a photo at the famous potato chip rock.

This is my second time on this hike and is fun and challenging as always. I went with a ton of my family so we kept stopping to take pictures. This trail is definitely a leg killer but if you push yourself you will make it! People need to pick up their dogs crap and throw the bags away! I’m trying to enjoy a nice hike without worrying about stepping in dog crap! It’s also very crowded, but really fun!

Very crowded, kind of boring

Trail itself was great. People hiking not so much. Unleashed dogs. Poop bags left on trailside everywhere. Way to crowded. Worst of all was the amplified music, seriously invest in some headphones if you really need the tunes. And the mountain bikers, why even try on a weekend?

we loved this hike. Alot of people was on the trail and at the "chip". Rain made it a lil slippery coming back down but overall it was amazing.

Beautiful place..

Great place to get the dogs or kids out for a quick hike. Nice views of the surrounding area. Took us about an hour at a moderate pace.

This is a really nice hike. It is a difficult one though. There is alot of elevation change over a short period. Start early, understand it will be cold at the top. It had rained the day before and the puddles further up this hike were all ice.

The trail itself is extremely well marked. Just keep following towards Mt Woodson. The first few miles are about 10 feet wide, well maintained and as the trail progresses it slowly gets narrower but never much below about 3 feet wide. The very steep parts all have rock stairs on the trail.

As you're hiking you might be wondering where the peak is. Look for all the anteneas. They are just above potato chip rock.

If you don't want to pay for parking, you can park across the street from the entrance, but it adds about 1.5 miles round trip to your hike and a bit of elevation.

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