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Great trail for the winter and plenty of elevation change. Trail has quite a few areas that could use some tlc, however it is looking better than last time I was here.

great waterfall right off the road

Hike along water almost the entire way! Beautiful!!

Really enjoyed this trail. It’s paved for the first .2 miles to a lookout that offers a scope for color blinded people then it turns to dirt. The trail was really easy. When you get the the bluff, there is a little trail that takes you to more of a drop off so don’t be afraid to explore around the trees and foliage. It was super windy the day I went and I was nearly knocked over from how strong it was so be cautious on the rock. I went in the evening when the sun was setting and it was really beautiful.

First time here on Jan 1. The falls and river after heavy rains, bouldering, and climb to the rim exceeded expectations. Old mining town ruins were an unexpected bonus. Will definitely be back.

16 days ago

Beautiful scenery. Trails weren’t hard. My family and I had a great day there and it’s our new favorite.

This is a great trail especially when the water is up. Watching the kayakers on the way up. Some technical up to the falls. Simply beautiful

One of the best in the SE!

(TL;DR As a workout, by itself, this trail is good for an easy day/recovery day. If you want some spice at the end, do it counterclockwise and charge the ascent.)

Doing it counterclockwise, the trail is a very smooth day-path until you get close to the ascent. Be aware, the first chunk of the trail is paved. There are a couple of fall-to-your-death spots on the way out, but otherwise very easy. The descent is very gentle and afterwards stays level until the ascent. If there has been a lot of rain, your feet will get wet, but nothing past the ankles.

The ascent starts where the trail connects to the Sawmill trail. There will be a number of scrambles, but all of them are brief. The ascent can be quite steep. Charging the ascent was very satisfying, and a person could have a lot of fun running the ascent a few times in a row, I think.

If you're looking to do this as part of the Stone Door Perimeter Loop, this will be the easiest part.

First time I have walked the trail and had no idea it was as close to me as it was. It has rained for a week so the trail was often full of water and or running water down the trail in a number of places.

The trail is hard mainly because of the many elevation changes and long uphill sections. There is also a sign missing that tell you about the optional uphill section of rerouted trail and because the trail there is so new it’s very easy to loose your way.

But beautiful lake views, stone walls, and old building piers along the way is a great reminder of pre lake property owners who scratched out homesteads on the hills overlooking the Cumberland River.

Know the trail splits and it takes longer than you think it will and you will enjoy the gem of a trail.

19 days ago

Stone Door is great and the views from the cliffs at the top are spectacular. Super easy walk from the parking lot to the Door...it's paved.

Amazing, beautiful, strenuous... this area is one of God's most beautiful creations!!! The place is awesome. Not for beginners. Like others, we started at the the stone door and took the trail clockwise starting down the Big Creek Gulf trail, to the Big Creek Rim trail, where we had to take a detour onto the shorter Laurel Falls trail to get back to Stone Door do to lack of day time left. The hike out of the gorge to alum gap/Big Creek Rim trail was tough, but doable. Temp outside was about 40°f and by the time we got off the BCG trail and to the top of the gorge, I was down to my short sleeves, no beenie cap, and sweating pretty good. There are so many trails to take here that we are going to be back for sure and do some overnight camping at the primitive campsites and do some multi day hikes. The climb out of Big Creek Gulf trail is definitely no joke. Very doable, but will work your legs and calves big time. Lots of rock scrambling, which was fun, and the Creek was roaring which made it even better. An amazing time in God's country and we will definitely be going back.

Nice trail with great lake views. The trail appears to be the primary drainage route so it is very wet and muddy following a rain. There is a good balance of climbs and descents and some interesting rock formations and a nice waterfall.

21 days ago

Great spot off the road. Came after some big rains in the area, so the falls were flowing big time.

Soft and slightly muddy all the way to the connector trail, but not bad after that. A couple of good views but not much to see other than that. There is virtually no flat on this thing, it is all uphill or down. Also it had the most coyote scat I've ever seen on a single hike by a wide margin. Maybe a world record.

Nice day hike. Trail is fairly marked. Rocks at the top and overlook well worth the trip. It took 3 hours including 15 minute lunch at the overlook.

Bearwaller Gap is a really fun and rewarding trail. The first part is pretty technical, watch your footing. Especially if it is wet, icy, or muddy. After that, it's pretty straight-forward, and the trail is marked really well.

Be safe and enjoy!

Nice trails and would be beautiful during the fall.

This was an intense hike but was awesome. I took the SD to the gulf and up to the rim. The climb down was rocky and you just have to be careful you don't sprain anything because it would be a long way out. I did not see any snakes on my hike this summer but with all the rocks I was constantly looking. I took the ranger trial to the falls and it was absolutely beautiful.The creek bed was dry so it was an easy passing. I passed a hand full of people on the trail so it wasn't too busy. I don't know if I would take my dog on this trail as I would be worried of them coming upon a snake or spraining something on the rocks. The gulf trail if you did an out and back would be fine with pets.On the trek up to the rim the river and the bottom of the gulf looks fun and inviting if I had not been doing just a day hike and camped out I would have loved to have spent time there. The trek up was pretty rough some spots with loose gravel and then there was a section that warned of bees. The bees were fine but I did get chased up hill by a hornet that wasn't happy with me. The rim was awesome. At the first overlook I sat down and ate my long awaited lunch. It was peaceful and beautiful. I watched a few of the birds just soaring over head. Once you're on the rim trail its pretty much flat. I did notice there was some soil erosion around one of the bends and overlooks on the trail that looked like it needed some tending to. All in all I loved this trail it had a beautiful waterfall, amazing overlooks, and a good demanding hike.

Great hike, the ground was mushy in more than a few places. We did not see another person the entire 8 miles. The weather was a perfect 40 degrees.

Easy to follow moderate trail to beautiful overlook, old house chimneys, spring house, Windless Cave.

If you like rim views, this trail is for you. I recommend the short extension off of this trail to Greeter Falls too. Adds a little mileage but it is definitely worth it.

1 month ago

Beautiful! Wear a good pair of hiking boots or shoes to get to the bottom and back as it’s slippery. Sadly no pictures documenting my sister falling on her a**, but this occurred and was the result of poor footwear ;)

Alternatively, the hike to the top is very short and flat.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! One of the best views i have ever seen

amazing trail if your up for a challenge

What a gem! Finally made our way over. It's got the best of everything - creekside trail, nice switchbacks, history, waterfalls and bridges...went out on a nice cold rainy day so my boyfriend and dog and I had the whole place to ourselves. Watch for the sharp turn right up away from the river - if you get to the little dam you've gone too far. Didn't realize the trail continued after Laurel Falls but the rocks were slippery enough to make us forget. Beautiful tall fall! Hiked our way up the ridge towards Snow Falls but had to turn back as we were fighting daylight. Finally made it back to the car before pitch black only to realize we were locked in. Guy who let us out said to be careful after dark as there is supposedly a momma panther and two cubs back in there. We didn't hear or see anything thankfully...Some nice campsites along the way! Can't wait to go back. I'd bring some trekking poles and snacks and a headlight in case you get drawn into hiking farther than you planned!

This trail is great. It has beautiful overlooks and cool natural features. It isn’t very hard either.
Also near the beginning of this trail, there is a short trail that leads to a waterfall. This trail is kind of hard but worth it.

on Ozone Falls

1 month ago

Great hike, little toasty this time of yr but still a great hike.

Nice less traveled trail with a lot of elevation changes which at times are very steep. I suggest Spring winter or fall as it gets a bit overgrown in the summer, although if warm enough there is a great place to swim in Center Hill lake about 3.5 miles in as you turn to start back. Just make your way down to the rocks on the lake 15 yards from the trail. Also nice half way point to have lunch.
Wildflowers are beautiful in the Spring.
This is not a beginner trail run or hike. Runs more like 10 miles but is a blast to run.

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