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1 day ago

It’s an easy hike but definitely busy and slippery. Wear proper shoes.

1 day ago

It’s a beautiful hike! The waterfall is gorgeous and the stream can be heard throughout the hike!

However, it’s muddy and can be very slippery so wear good shoes!

Was hard to get to, especially since there is some recent construction going on and they put up a few fences, but was an overall fun hike and the waterfall was worth it. Wasn’t very difficult, but you do have to cross the stream a few times.

Very easy hike with beautiful scenery. I went on a Monday when it was pouring which made it not so crowded.

The Brochure to Kamananui Valley Road.


4 days ago

My wife and I enjoyed this hike quite a bit. While the trail itself is a bit rough (rocks, uneven terrain, mud puddles), the views on both sides are great: green mountains on your left and ocean to your right. The hike ended up being a little more than 6 miles once you walk around the point a bit. As noted, sunscreen and water are critical. Also note there are no facilities here. The closest bathroom is back at Mokuleia Beach which is about 3 miles up Farrington Hwy. we also saw whales, monk seals and baby albatross nesting by the path (look for the orange/pink ribbons).

5 days ago

A nice quick run up and down the trail this morning. It was slightly wet and muddy in places. I can’t imagine what this place looks like after rainfall. There were families, including young and old, climbing and descending. Everyone looked like the were having a good time.

The view from the top is ok. Nothing to write home about.... but this is Hawaii and experiences and memories are what makes life so special.

Did this hike yesterday. Road was a little muddy but the detour took you along the coast down by some of the reefs. Nice tide pools to spend time in if weather had been warmer. In the nature preserve we got to witness some albatross chicks and 2 resting monk seals. Swung back outside the fence of the preserve up on the highway for the walk back, much quicker, much less mud, great views, less reef interaction. As mentioned it is in total sun the whole time. Bring sunscreen!

5 days ago

A very easy and relaxing hike.

This was a great hike and had a great view from the top. Simple enough to take the whole family.

Pretty comfy trail. Very muddy after rain

Good hike. Easier than the southern hike. Took about 70min each way.

Very easy, the whole walk is clearly marked and paved. Lovely scenery and such lush vegetation with botanical signage AND historic Hawaiian sites with bits of interesting history for those interested all along the walk to the falls. Bathrooms at the beginning and end, not very crowded in March.

Puka was pretty small but the views are magnificent! Stayed by the ridge the whole time. started at the right side of the fence coming from the Makapu'u Lookout parking lot.

8 days ago

First part is a series of switchbacks to gain elevation. This is a good workout up to the picnic area. The real fun begins after this though. The elevation gain up the old fire road is very peaceful and quiet. Didn’t see another person the entire time. At the junction with the Kuaokala trail, if you take it to the right then you will hit a fence that has a gate to open and go through. From here you are treated to views of Makua valley. You can continue on the trail which is mostly a ridge hike. It’s not an overly difficult one so it is worth going a little farther for more views if you have time. I did a little less than 10 miles round trip.

8 days ago

Fun hike, my 4 year old daughter really enjoyed it.

8 days ago

Family friendly, with great views of the north shore and Makua valley.

Easy trail. Some slippery rocks. Waterfall at the end was beautiful.

A lot of the previous reviews are pretty spot on. Fairly exposed ridge hike, Especially the first third of the trail. described as a roller coaster up-and-down which is pretty accurate as well. Definitely agree with wearing long pants. The views are fantastic. The trail is pretty narrow in some sections with steep drop off’s; however, it’s generally only on one side so you at least have some room for error on the other side. There are definitely places though that you do not want to have any mistakes or you would suffer an unrecoverable fall.

9 days ago

Very beautiful waterfall at the end but so crowded with tourists it was hard to get good photos. The actual hike is less of a hike and more of a walk, with beautiful views of towering trees and lush forest. It can be pretty muddy but nothing compared to actual hiking trails on the island - the only difficult part of this trail is having to avoid bumping into people on the narrower parts. Often you have to stop and wait for people to pass you. Overall worth it as a fun little outing during the morning or afternoon, good for all ages.

on Waimea Valley Trail

11 days ago

It was a quick and easy hike. Any age can do it and they provide life jackets to use for swimming near the waterfall. Must pay $17 to enter.

3/4/2018-Started our a little after 0800 and crossed paths with 21 groups/solo hikers. The weather was pretty good but the road was closed to vehicles due to the large mud puddles. (But easy for people to walk around without getting muddy.) There were a handful of albatrosses out and about, 1 young monk seal hiding in the rocks, and at least one whale spouting (possibly 2) that was being followed by a small boat.

It was good hike, it easy but gave you a sweat! And the end state of the hike is pretty.

Really rad hike that follows the stream up to and epic waterfall. Lots of bouldering and off-trail hiking through bamboo forests along the way. Had a blast in the pouring rain!

15 days ago

Hiked the trail this morning at 10 AM. Some muddy spots and slippery rocks but still an easy trail. And still fairly crowded. The waterfall is always a nice reward! Don’t wear flip-flops.

Took this hike on Friday, February 23. Only a few other hikers were encountered. The falls were running strong. Highly recommend this hike for anyone looking for a 2 hour hike through some beautiful tropical forests.

Awesome views. Be aware that, after a certain point, the All Trails route does not coincide with The Hiker’s Guide to Oahu. If you try to overlap maps, you may get turned around.

Looking to do this hike between 2/28 and 3/9.
Anyone else out there interested???


18 days ago

A significant number of rocks to negotiate that are slippery and the trail was muddy in many areas. A good walking stick would help and expect a large crowd.

Tons of tourists with bad hiking manners. Tons of slippery rocks. Lots of mud. Bring an umbrella. Falls were pretty though.

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