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22 hours ago

This is a lovely out of the way little hike, very steep but short and simple. Incredible view! Te life on this mountain after a rain is astounding.

Amazing views! Lots of stops with water ways if you have a pup in tow. Quite a few off-leash dogs though, just something to watch.

only went the 1.1 miles in. stopped at the falls. a lot of up. good for active people. beautiful views

Very beautiful hike. It was my wife's first hike, it was equally strenuous and pleasant. I would recommend if you are looking for a moderate challenge!

5 days ago

I hiked this on a Wednesday and saw a total of about 10 people. I had the west view to myself for a good thirty minutes. I’d agree that this is definitely on the harder side of moderate...perhaps just hard. The cascades were beautiful and perfect for my pup to cool down in. I only went to the west viewing platform, as I had read that the summit’s views were not as stunning. So many mushrooms!! I have never seen so many mushrooms of different shapes, sizes, colors. I found the trail to be very well marked and easy to follow. I highly recommend this beauty of a hike!

Great family hike with our teens. Trail loaded with various mushrooms and beautiful pond view at top.

Well marked paths. Rocky moderate incline, that our dog could walk. Beautiful streams and views up the hike.

It’s one of my personal favorites but probably because it’s a regular for me. I prefer snowshoeing up it as the view at the summit is not clear without trees if you are not 6 feet tall or taller during the spring/summer, but Pikes Peak has a gorgeous view on one side. It’s a great training mountain for working on longer steep mountains as it has a continuous and moderately steep incline almost the whole way.

12 days ago

Nice trail with okay views. Trail markings on back side are sparse and hard to find.

This trail is amazing, with several small cascades and one very tall one before turning right to keep climbing up. The west view is the ticket, and the summit is less so, but there is a view if you climb the tower. I would not rate this trail as moderate, but hard. I am comparing this to WMNF trails labeled moderate which are significantly easier, as well as comparing to Catstill mountain trails labeled hard and rightly so. Just be prepared for a big workout.

Nice trail, took side trip to fall. Total time 5 hours. Trail was wet and slippery after heavy rain for a few days.. Saw group with young children going up.

Good little trail. The parking lot is right on route 126 and can be easily missed. It’s more of a dirt pull off site. One of the trees to the left of where the trail starts has a sign. I hiked this after work on 7/23. It had been raining for a few days and on that night it was drizzling. First 1/4 Mile, after kiosk climbs steadily. It does level out after that. The rock slabs can be very slick when wet. The red Trail blazes were faint, keep an eye out for them as the trail tends to split into different directions. When you get to the junction where the link sign points left, look right. The trail continues up and past the stone wall. If you are not watching for the red blazes you could walk right past the turn for the summit. I used the app map on here to double check I was staying on the right trail as it was getting dark and as I said, the blazes are faint. No summit view for me due to weather, but I may venture back there again sometime.

I went last week and it was great! nice little view!

27 days ago

First of all, it should be said that it rained much of our hike, which we knew was going to happen going into it. It may have been a five star hike otherwise... It’s a beautiful trail with lots of relaxing waterfalls and streams and it smelled like Christmas trees, which was great even in the rain. And, yes, it was a butt-kicker. The other reviewers got that right. But it’s not scary rock face, scrambling kind of hard (which is always what I envision when I see a trail rated as “hard”). It’s just the huffing, puffing kind of hard on the way up and sore knees kind of hard on the way down. I definitely will try it again when it’s nicer out and I can actually see something from the summit.

Amazing 360 view from the top. Could see many mountains we have hiked in New Hampshire and Vermont. There was a picture that listed the mountains on the observation tower. Hike was very doable for a couple experienced hikers. The only challenge is the continued steepness. There were some slippery rocks but nothing that couldn’t be handled. I’d say most people other than beginner hikers could complete the hike. Can’t speak for the other trails that take you up to the top but will definitely be visiting again.

1 month ago

I grew up hiking this mountain at least every year, now I take my son up here at least a few times in the summer. He’s 8 now and we’ve been doing this since he was about 2, I had a kid carrier backpack for when he got pooped out, now he practically runs up the whole thing. The blueberries were amazing on little blue job yesterday, we picked huckleberries and raspberries too! This is a very accessible little hike for families with amazing views and on a clear day you can see Mt Washington.

Good trail for practice. Went on rainy day, so couldn't see the views, the rocks on top were slippery so that was fun, all in all still a pleasant walk.

What I hiked was beautiful. Just as I crossed a wide-open path by the trail markers, I saw a bear ahead. I was only .4 miles into the trail, but thought it best to leave the rest of the hike to the bear. Next time, if I have a hiking companion and/or some pepper spray I would be more confident to carry-on. It was about 815 in the morning when I saw the bear. It was just moving through the forest, ambling up some rocks.I sang my way back to the trailhead so as not to be mistaken for pray, if its meanderings took it back in my direction.

The beginning half is definitely the most challenging, with a lot of rocks and a steady incline. The second half is much easier and beautiful. Make sure to continue up past Lake Solitude to get the view from the cliffs—it’s amazing. And bring bug spray.

Views are SPECTACULAR! This is going to be a little challenging if you aren’t an experienced hiker or in good shape. Gets steep quick after the mini falls. No water running down the mini falls, and just a little trickle running down the big cascade falls but it’s very pretty if you hike around to the bottom and look up! The rocks on cascade falls are very slippery and steep please use caution if you look over the edge. Personally I didn’t even get close enough to look over and I was slipping, so I just walked around to the bottom. Best view was west peak for sure. Beautiful platform to enjoy the view from and eat lunch. Also Gus’s lookout and the other west lookout are just as rewarding, I recommend hitting them all!! You have to go up The tower at the summit to get a 360 degree view- I will definitely do this hike again!

My sister and I hiked it and we had a great time. We got caught in a thunderstorm which was pretty awesome/scary with lightning flashing right above your head. Definitely recommend bug spray, don’t really need sun protection with the trees around. The trail is very well marked and maintained. We made it to the top and back in about 5.5 hours. The way down was slow going in the rain and my sisters knees were bothering her. The waterfall was more of a babbling brook but the view was nice, I imagine it would be a lot better with the snow melt off in spring. The observation tower was cool too but the best view of the valley is from the Wester Vista where there’s a wide open clearing. Didn’t see too many people, just a mother daughter who had driven up to the summit parking lot and walked over to the summit. I would recommend it!

I went last week. Usually I enjoy this trail because it’s easy and beautiful and lightly hiked. Last week, I pulled about 20 ticks off my dogs after the hike. It’s the only place in New Hampshire I’ve been that is absolutely loaded with tIcks.

1 month ago

Hike is moderate to difficult. Plan for the day. Trail does not offer any views but panorama at the Summit makes it worth it! Lots of friendly dogs.

wow. nothing like hiking in the northeast. aside from the bugs buzzing around my head, super beautiful. almost all shade. waterfall was awesome. good workout lots of elevation gain. saw some Hawks nests... no inhabitants that i could see. as a lone hiker today, pretty isolated, might consider traveling with someone.

1 month ago

Great hike- quiet and clean with a great view from the top! The view is a little past the summit. The bugs weren’t bad here too.

Be prepared for buggy conditions this time of year! Well maintained and marked trail, nice views. Took us a little over 2 hours round trip.

Definitely moderate on intensity as initial climb can get rocky, but nice tree cover as I did it on the 4th of July and was fine with the heat. The Overlook of Solitude was the highlight of the hike. Wonderful view of landscape and Lake Solitude. Lastly I walked to Summit of Sunapee and was disappointed, not the best views as the summit is next to lodge and ski run. However definitely recommend the hike to Lake Solitude and the Overlook. Lastly well marked and good signage within the trail if you want to go out a different way.

Well... The views were not as amazing as major or blue job but it was not as easy I thought. We got off trail 6 times.

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