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Great family hike with our teens. Trail loaded with various mushrooms and beautiful pond view at top.

Well marked paths. Rocky moderate incline, that our dog could walk. Beautiful streams and views up the hike.

3 days ago

Great, well marked trail but don’t let the rating fool you! Almost immediately, we went straight up and it did not relent until we reached the top! We followed red to the top. Coming down was also well marked and groomed. We followed orange down to the 2nd white junction and hung a left to head down white. White took us to a dirt road we took a left on that and we walked the road the rest of the way to our car! (The road was easy) I would say this aired on the side of moderate!

Challenging trail run for the distance. Feels like you’re running uphill the whole time. But great midway pond with beautiful dam and waterfall. Very muddy trail with lots of bugs

Great workout because it goes straight up! Nice view at the top as a reward. Easy trail with no rocks, just some roots. Fun!

Great little pit stop to break up a drive. Short loop hike right off rte#9 with a small rest area and parking lot

23 days ago

typical Bellknap range hike, easy to moderate effort for great views.

24 days ago

I love to do hikes alone but sometimes get a little nervous when it is not marked well. No problems with that on this trail, very well marked! Bring some empty containers in case you time it right with the wild blueberries. Still some small ones at the top but definitely at the end of their season.

The beginning half is definitely the most challenging, with a lot of rocks and a steady incline. The second half is much easier and beautiful. Make sure to continue up past Lake Solitude to get the view from the cliffs—it’s amazing. And bring bug spray.

1 month ago

Nice and soft on your feet, rolling hills, beautiful lake supporting loons;we sat on a rock and watched the loons flew circles around our heads. a real show off.

Very narrow trail with higher grass on either side. Also a bit buggy for us even with very much bug spray.

1 month ago

Agree this trail is not quite easy. Steady uphill with only a few spots that leveled off. Nice trail clearly marked and decent view, shaded the whole way, but the bugs were brutal so don't forget the bug spray (as I did!). The trailhead is located within a state park, requiring a fee ($4 day use). Bathrooms and water spigot available close to trail head.

1 month ago

beautiful views

Be prepared for buggy conditions this time of year! Well maintained and marked trail, nice views. Took us a little over 2 hours round trip.

Great little hike, just enough elevation at the end to make you feel like you really earned the view!
This view would be amazing at sunset...obviously how the trail got its name!
Now back to the lake for a swim!

Definitely moderate on intensity as initial climb can get rocky, but nice tree cover as I did it on the 4th of July and was fine with the heat. The Overlook of Solitude was the highlight of the hike. Wonderful view of landscape and Lake Solitude. Lastly I walked to Summit of Sunapee and was disappointed, not the best views as the summit is next to lodge and ski run. However definitely recommend the hike to Lake Solitude and the Overlook. Lastly well marked and good signage within the trail if you want to go out a different way.

1 month ago

This was a beautiful hike! But it is NOT EASY. I took my partner who is very new to hiking and she had a very difficult time with the very steep inclines.
Even I was surprised and thought we may have gone to the wrong hike.
Additionally it is quite buggy in late June.
Great work out if that’s what you are looking for.

I have done this walk many times. Refreshing on a hot day, wonderfully cool down in the gorge. I would not call it easy though. Going down is easy, coming up, not so much. It takes some work if you are out of shape or older. Do it anyway, but take water and take your time climbing back up.

Spectacular hike! Trail was lightly trafficked and the dragonflies at the pond were numerous. Not a cloud in the sky.

1 month ago

Nice little hike. Stays somewhat close to the road so you can hear cars driving by for the first part, but then veers off and ends with a nice view! Took about an hour there and back going at a moderate pace.

Great hike ! Relatively busy with lots of dogs. Lift was running at the ski area. Great views from the overlook at 2/3 to the summit.

This was the perfect way to stretch our legs while traveling home to Upstate NY from Laconia, NH (and there were a lot of picnic tables to use for our lunch break, too). The trail was well marked, and the gorge is beautiful. It's pretty steep in some places, but absolutely not a problem given the length of the trail. . . that's why I've recorded it as a "Nature Trip" vs. hiking (I don't think it truly qualifies for the latter).

Find little hike with the family and pet friendly

Super fun hike on a mountain with lots of character. Actually decided to take a dip in Lake Solitude. Not very deep and pretty mucky and log strewn on the bottom. :(.

The view from the Ledges were beautiful as were the views from the summit. Great hike.

Great trail! Lovely creek, pretty vistas, well marked! But I would argue with the easy rating! Steep climbs both up and down.

The trail head location as provided by AllTrails did bring us to the right spot but there is no actual parking there. We ended up driving around to the other side onto Brown road and finding a pull off there that we were able to easily hike in to. The trail itself isn’t too glorious but the falls over the dam and walking down through the gorge was awesome. Possibly saw bear tracks down by the water.

2 months ago

Good hike with young kids. Took my two daughters (ages 4 and 7) today and it was just the right distance and elevation. Saw a few salamanders along the way which was fun for the kids. Bring bug spray as the mosquitos are out!

2 months ago

Great hike. Challenging a bit for us 'old folks' but it's about the journey! Not a fan of the last part being a paved road (that hurt the most). Black flies were relentless but to be expected. A great day overall!

Great. I'd definitely do it again. nice hike.

Recent trail work is nice.

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