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This is such a cool slot canyon hike! Went at the very end of November and a lot of the creek was completely iced over. But if you’re slow and careful, you can still see a good bit of the slot canyons! The road to get there is pretty rough, but definitely do-able in AWD.

8 days ago

Wow. Wow. Wow. We hiked on 12/1 and there was 2-3' of snow the entire length of the trail. There was a small 2' wide compacted path the entire route so it was nice and easy to follow the path in regular waterproof hiking boots. Saw plenty of hikers with snow shoes and plenty without. It was fine without. The views on this hike are absolutely insane. Honestly the waterfall was great, but frozen over, but the valley and mountain views are top notch. We are here on vacation from Florida and have so far done 3 hikes (Adam's Canyon and Waterfall Canyon near Ogden) and this was our favorite of the three. Unbelievable.

Great hike. Not many people. I saw deer both times I went.

14 days ago

nice walk with very cool canyons, it was a windy day when we went there, so lots of sand dusting, other than that it's really a cool place to hike.

16 days ago

An experience I’ll never forget. This backcountry is absolutely stunning. My friends and I signed up for the lottery twice. Got picked on the 2nd attempt. We arrived and made acquaintances with our fellow lottery winner and a volunteer hiker, Charlie. He ended up guiding us all the way to the Wave and giving us some lessons along the way. Best way to spend my birthday week! Try to grab a spot on the BLM page. If not, best of luck on the day you sign up at the BLM office!

Was beautiful one hard spot to get down and climb back up.

on Wire Pass Trail

17 days ago

Amazing walk with an awesome slot canyon and definitely worth it for $6 especially considering the price of other canyons nearby that you must do a tour to see and cost around $50 per person. Easy walk and pretty much flat the whole way (all trails gradient is abit wrong on this walk). Big car park which did get pretty busy around lunch. Toliets at trailhead but none along the walk. The road to get to wire pass trailhead is a gravel track and very bumpy so bare that in mind as does take abit longer to get there. Also do not go down the track if it’s been raining.

18 days ago

I won the Lottery! The lottery today was for Thanksgiving & Black Friday. 90 groups, representing 264 hikers, wanted the 20 permits. I feel like Charlie from Wllly Wonka and the Chocolate factory. I was the last one called for Friday. I got the last winning ticket. My first time in the walk up lottery. Did I mention I won the Lottery?

on Rattlesnake Gulch Trail

trail running
20 days ago

A great running spot. Easy access, not too hard, reward with a good view in the end.

There is some trail erosion. Can be crowded over the weekend.

on Wire Pass Trail

21 days ago

Very nice. The drive and the hiking were facilitated by it being pretty dry and uncrowded. I did not clamber down the funky log pile at the infamous drop and instead took the bypass that heads up over the rocks to the right immediately before you enter the slot canyon. Getting back down into, and out of, the slot at the other side is not exactly easy, but it was a safer bet than the risk of falling 8 feet.

I went down to the confluence and turned right, but quickly encountered pools of water that I could not navigate without getting my feet wet. So, being a wuss and all, I went back the other way towards the "less interesting" section, which was completely dry. After a while, you emerge from the slot canyon into a very nice landscape of colorful towers and cliffs. The fencing provides a hint that you are not supposed to wander around over in that direction. I walked a couple of miles along the wash, and then turned back.

A shout-out to everyone who uses this trail, and/or the people who maintain it. I walked over 8 miles in various directions and never saw a single piece of trash anywhere.

21 days ago

Great hike! We went on 9/18 and the trail was still perfectly fine to hike. Some points had snow and were a little slick, especially right in the beginning, but we were just fine in regular hiking shoes. The falls are partially frozen and gorgeous! The trail was not very busy either. We brought our dog, and she had a blast. This trail is rated moderate with some up and down hill, but probably pretty easy for more experienced hikers.

A real hidden gem, did this last week, got a little snow. I could see where the vegetation could block the views, but in the fall it was beautiful.

Hiked at sunrise on 11/15, went counter clockwise. I would say about 85-90% of the trail was a nice snow pack and easy to walk on but there were some big snow drift spots. Didn’t have any issues with ice and slipping. Wall lake was the only lake not completely ice and snow covered. Looking forward to returning after winter.

I don't know if I completed this hike because it seemed to end before 4.1 miles. I found a great lookout at the top and it wasn't too busy when I went.

29 days ago

Loved this hike!

30 days ago

Went last weekend to hike this trail. We started around 8:30/9:00. There was snow throughout the entire trail, but it wasn't too bad for the most part. Mid-way through the hike, there was some deeper snow and you lose the trail a little. But it's pretty easy to use All Trails app to find your way through this tiny part and get back on the trail. SO gorgeous this time of year! And the snow melted as the day went on - making the trail easier to see.

Stunning views of the Salt Lake Valley! Nice, moderate walk on decent trail over an interesting hogback ridge. Clear evidence of mountain biker tracks but I saw none this morning. I saw only four other hikers. Cold breeze. No precipitation. No mud. Many oak trees with nearly all leaves fallen. Best to remember natural markers because there are several unmarked intersections.

1 month ago

Just the right amount of everything!

on Wire Pass Trail

1 month ago

My wife and I did this hike November 6, 2018. We were surprised, after walking a bit to find a couple nice slot canyons. Once we arrived at the confluence, we turned left on Buckskin for approx mile. It was pretty cool with tall slots. we then turned around and walked the other way until we hit water

Highly recommend this trail. Getting isn't bad, but about 8 miles off of 89.

1 month ago

Not a hard hike at all !

Nice area, but lots of horse poop. If you're on foot and are terrified of stepping in horse poop like me, this trail isn't for you!

This is a great little hike. Though most the leaves have fallen, it was still super beautiful. We loved walking in a carpet of yellow and gold leaves. The arch is cool—such strange aggregate rock. Sweet canyon! We definitely want to check out more hikes in the area and camp nearby sometime.

1 month ago

Great day hike. Beautiful views. Good for dogs.

1 month ago

Fun hike, beautiful sights and great falls.

A great trail with beautiful views and a waterfall at the end. To avoid the crowds, go early.

Nice length (not too short or too long) and varied steepness. We spent time at the falls and hiked with a baby and it took us 2.5 hours

My first time there today. It was challenging but great. Very nice views when on top. Many people on horseback, I’m not sure it’s great for bikes though. For hiking, definitely it’s a go :)

60 degrees at 8:30am this morning. Was able to catch the sunrise. Easy trail to find with a gradual climb in elevation. Great views of Timpanogos, Lone Peak and Utah Lake. I was able to run all the way back down the trail without slowing down because it wasn’t too steep.

We loved this trail!! It is fairly easy the whole way. The steepest part is right at the begin where there was a little bit of snow, not much more than an inch and the rest of trail was very good. You get to the end and Ruth Lake is so so gorgeous! Not a long time commitment and so wonderful!

Loved this trail!

Pretty mellow hike. Nothing too steep and there are so many beautiful places to stop and admire the wonderful scenery.

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