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Ummm, after looking at the map here it looks we weren't even on the real trail?? That makes sense now. My friend read about this in a photography book, it said there are 3 waterfalls, we only saw two.

Hidden! The entrance is not marked at all. We parked at the kayak launch site at the bottom of Seneca and walked up the road on the hill side (East) to get to the trail.
Some large trees fell recently (I'm assuming?) that blocked the path to the middle waterfall. There is a beautiful waterfall right away if you go down and to the left immediately after the trail head. Seems very rarely traveled, very overgrown trail.

beautiful waterfalls

beautiful hike, poorly marked and maintained trails

Waterfall after waterfall after waterfall! The gorge trail delivers endless beauty. Our dog loved it too. Took the rim trail back which gave great sunset light through the trees. Overall great walk in in the park lots of majesty for minimal to moderate effort.

Great trail for locals to appreciate fall!

Great trail! I wouldn’t classify it as moderate closer to upper easy than moderate. However it was very beautiful the entire time! We started with the Rim Trail which merged into the Bear TrIl, then loops around the Lake and got back into the Gorge Trail. Took about 1 hour and 35 minutes or so. We had our dogs with us a long the way. There weren’t too many opportunities to let them off leash because of the occasional drops from the river or service roads but they still enjoyed their time.

WOW! the steps for buttermilk Falls up are pretty strenuous but definitely worth it. The whole gorge is made up of waterfall after waterfall cascades. I would say moderate/easy. I am four months pregnant and we were able to do the hike. We went a little slower than normal with some stops but it was absolutely do able. I did get stung by a yellow jacket so if you or someone your hiking with is allergic bring an epi pen.

A lovely hike that ended up being a little over 5 miles. Nicely maintained trails. A bit crowded in the beginning but it thins out eventually. The plethora of stairs provided a nice challenge.

I find this a Beautiful spot to visit as it's relatively close. The trails past the falls get pretty muddy pretty fast. I recommend good hiking boots and big spray.

The address took us to a place on the road, there was noting there :(

3 months ago

Hiked it twice in 7 days. The best family friendly hike in this area. especially is you have a CANINE! The history of this park is remarkable and the scenery is beautiful.

Over grown, narrow trail and bug spray is needed for mosquitoes. However it is vey pretty once you get to the water. Took our dogs and they enjoyed it!

3 months ago

Beautiful views of the lake!!! But the walk back is rather boring. The terrain is very flat, which makes it easy for anyone! There were a few people walking their dogs and a couple riding their bikes along the trail! Would do it again!

3 months ago

Decent trail but not much to see

well marked trail with a decent climb at the beginning.

nature trips
4 months ago

I hiked the Snakefoot Trail yesterday. Pretty farmlandlike scenery while walking away from the parking lot towards the lake - amazing views along the lake and even some spots where I was able to go down to the water with my dog. A heads up: there’s no swimming allowed due to the strong current. The walk back along the swampy marshland was a little boring but thankfully no bugs but a lot of pretty butterflies like swallowtails...

great trail...lush, maintained, quiet. not too hard. but is hilly!

Absolutely beautiful views!

Here for the Cayuga 50 with lots of great people. Beautiful area.

Amazing hiking trail! It rained for the whole time we were on the trail but it was worth it. There are alot of elevation changes, just when you think you're at the top, you're not. We ended up missing a trail marker (our own fault) and hiking along the Finger Lakes Trail for a couple miles. Beautiful scenery though.

Love it here. Great hiking for dogs, even a separate swimming section for them in the large falls swimming area. Busy but not so crazy busy that it’s unenjoyable. Apparently you are not supposed to swim in any other area than the large designated area but we did and so were a lot of other people. It was super fun. Just be aware that you can be fined for it as we were told by a policewoman on the way out.

Depends on if you stick to trails or go down the stream. Stream is very slippery, but a blast to go through

We liked this hike just fine. It does have several points where you are just walking along a road or through parking lots, which isn’t ideal when looking for a good nature experience. There’s lots of water features and a lot of fun places for kids. The biggest drawback is probably the number of other people on the same hike and in the same area.

busy in the summer. you can get to top and bottom of falls, it's a nice spot.

5 months ago

Great views of Lake Ontario, and the shore line. The trails are very well maintained. We walked the Snakefoot Trail (about 4.5 miles). Ample parking. Bathrooms at the Visitor Center.

Best maintained trail i've been on in a while. A little touristy and as it got later in the day it got more crowded, but not too terrible. A really great day hike & I'd highly reccomend.

A short hike (.2 mile) walk on a wheelchair/stroller accessible trail will take you to a couple of overlooks. The gorge trail (a very steep side trail) will take you down to the riverbed, for a look at the base of the falls. The area around the falls is restricted; meaning the you are not permitted to get up close to either the top or bottom. What you can see is still worth the short hike. You can continue on the river trail beyond the falls. We attempted this but found the trail too wet and too buggy. We turned back after about a 1/2 mike. Ample parking, no bathrooms.

Trail is well marked up and down on the Appletree Rd side of the water ... if you go up or down the other side be prepared, difficulty increases significantly around the lower falls areas .... slippery, steep, not well marked. Great hike no matter how you attack it, just be careful.

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