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very fun trail. there are beautiful views coupled with excellent exercise.

5 days ago

Hiked half dome on Saturday after drawing 48 hour permits. We arrived late Friday so hit he trail at 7. The lower portion to Nevada falls was busy but not crowded, good time of year to hike! The hike from Nevada Falls to Sub dome was my favorite. Sub Dome was SO difficult for me, granite switch backs straight up the end of sub dome. Once up sub dome the cables felt easy! I agree with past comments-good grip on shoes and gloves. There were several people sliding down the cables in tennis shoes. Everyone was really nice, encouraging, and communicated really well on the cables! I Loved this hike, although it ended up being 20 miles from the half dome village tents. Hike JMT back down, misty in the dark because we left so late. Headlamps were a good choice! Have an easy dinner ready, you won’t be in the mood to cook!

Trail is open.

Great Hike, though very long and difficult! Amazing views of Vernal and Nevada falls, the half dome of course and other landmarks if Yosemite. We started 4:30 AM with the mist trail, which was very challenging. Came back through John Muir Trail, which is longer and has lots of switchbacks. The sub Dome is a very challenging part. The Cables required lots of hand and legs work. be sure to bring gloves with rubber side, for good grip. I had to stop and sit few times going up the cables, I got dizzy and weak. I had to regain my forces every few feet, in the mid section of the cables. Worth the effort! Amazing view from the top. Make sure you take at least 1.5 Gallon of water per person, and good snacks. Enjoy!

7 days ago

I attempted this climb several years ago in January/February time frame. It was my first mountaineering trip, and definitely a memorable experience. I went with four guys, one got strep throat, one got a bad knee, and then the two of us that were remaining got stuck in a wicked snow storm. Ended up digging a snow cave up near Helen Lake, and turned around the next day. Hope to return some day and reach the summit.

beautiful hike

10 days ago

On Saturday September 8, I returned to this hike solo, starting before 7am this time with 5 liters of water. This hike is a good test of my fitness as you gain 2000 feet in the last 2.7 miles after you leave the fire road and head into Los Padres on the trail. And I am not talking switchbacks here, the last 2.7 miles to the Divide Road go straight up and can be a little treacherous as the trail has eroded in places. And it was HOT. I finished my water coming back when I hit the fire road and I had five miles to go! Lots of trucks surprisingly on a weekend. Love this hike, as I stumbled off the trail some nine hours later, I was exhausted and exhilarated.

It’s the best!! Night hike is amazing.

12 days ago

Bucket list hike. Plan to hike in the dark early to avoid the crowds. You’ll be so much more relaxed on the cables with less people.

13 days ago

Came back via JMT to save our knees from going down all the stairs on mist trail. Great views at the top. Definitely bring 4-5L of water and some kind of water purification wouldn't hurt so you can top off on the trail. And don't forget to hydrate and eat. I'd try to get to cables as early as possible. We got there around noon and came down around 1 and there was a lot of traffic both ways which made it... interesting.

worth every step. bring gloves, lots of water, and a water filter because you may still run out of water even if you pack a lot.

Hiked it in 2010. Proposed to my now-wife at the top. She was cursing me most of the way up, but the view cemented the deal. It’s one of the most beautiful views on the planet, and boy do you earn it. Recommendations: Start early (before 5am). Cooler, less crowds, earlier time to top means longer stay. 6 is too late. Bring lots of water. Seriously. Bring bandaids and catch blisters early. Bring gloves. Probably won’t need your own as there’s a pile at the base of the cables, but just in case, ‘cause you 100% gonna need gloves on those cables. Bring the right food. Be forewarned. When you’re at the top, basking in the glow of your amazing accomplishment, remember you still have 8 miles to go back. And no, going downhill doesn’t make it easier. My legs were on fire for 3 days afterwards. But so worth it.

Did this hike September 7th with my daughter. We started out of half dome village at 5am and we’re back to half dome village by 6. Beers tasted amazing lol Great work out and Great views. You must not be afraid of heights and be in pretty good shape . Met very cool people on the trail. Even if you don’t do the cables the views are amazing before you get to the park ranger who checks for permits. It was a Great adrenaline rush .Trail was very dusty and I would recommend bringing a bandanna. Lots of steps . Bring plenty of water at least 5 liters. Great Job Kelsie !!!! Proud of you

17 days ago

Loved this trail until SubDome. Bring 4-5L of water. Was shocked how many people ran out on the way down. Plan to summit before 1 pm - it gets very busy.

This is an amazing and grueling hike. Well worth the the pain felt during the final miles back to the trailhead. Spent the night at big magee lake under the magnificent milky way. left for the summit first thing in the morning, after coffee and stacks of course. Passing through the last bit of trees and shade you reach the endless granite graveyard. So many colors of stone. Approaching the summit gets quite steep with an exiting scramble to the top. Did this just before noon when the lingering thunderstorms started moving in. On the way down we realized that this hike was probably a lot closer to about 21 miles round trip.

18 days ago

Amazing views! We were 4 women of different ages: 15,20,29,37 and we got to where the cables start from Half Dome Village in 4.5 hours. We are in pretty good shape, that being said this hike was tough! Unfortunately a black thunderstorm settled above us just as we were going to start the cables and we decided not to take the risk (life is too big of a risk!) if you can get permit, do it! One recomendation is to start early, from what we heard you would have less chance of storms coming in the afternoon. Enjoy!

Beautiful trail and a great hike. was all alone on the trail in late August. I will give warning that I ran into a black bear at the trailhead enjoying some of the black berries there. Yelling and waving my arms scared him off, but still a scary moment.

20 days ago

Amazing view! Good workout.

This was my first summit! a beautiful and exhilarating hike.

20 days ago

Did this hike 08-29. Started off in Yosemite Village and made our way up to Vernal, Nevada Falls. At the fork, decided to complete Clouds Rest first. On the way back, saw that we have enough energy to tackle Half Dome as well. We averaged at about 25miles of hiking in one day with over 8,000ft elevation gain. It was certainly a challenge, but felt extremely rewarding.

Great Trail. Hike up is quite the challenge, but so rewarding when you make it. The steep inclines are difficult, but the views are amazing. Trail is marked very good. Bring plenty of water and take your time, to enjoy all the trail has to offer!!

21 days ago

You can quit when hiking up but you can’t quit on the return :)

I made it to the top about 5 days ago. Be prepared for a very rigorous and very long hike. Don’t even get excited until you get to the final rest area two miles down from the base of the cables, because you’ll still have a LONG way to go. People who did not train or were not in shape were miserable and I saw several people turn back because it was too hard. Make sure to bring a lot of water, about 1 gallon should do, and wear appropriate hiking shoes. Wear bug spray too because there are a couple of spots that are quite heavy with mosquitos. Once you reach the top make sure to have your permit and your ID, it would be a bummer to get turned around at that point. After the permit check you have to take a breath and then don’t overthink it- just start hiking. It’s very scary, because you’re right on the edge of the cliff climbing the rocks on a narrow stairway/path. Then once you see the cables right in front of you, it’s extremely intimidating and I saw multiple people turning back at this point, but don’t! Just go for it because it’s not as bad as it looks. Just wear very good shoes with grip and bring some good gloves to grip the cables. Once you get to the top it’s absolutely amazingly worth it.

Did this hike last year, attempted today but the trail is closed. You might be able to push through but from what I saw it isn’t worth it. Hopefully the trail will be open by the end of the year.
Again as of today, the trail is marked as “closed” when you get there and the road is closed on your way there as well.

23 days ago

Easy to navigate and beautiful lakes! Perfect time of year to hike it as well.

24 days ago

Beautiful, so quiet, just the sound of my footsteps and the soft trickle of water. The trailhead to the beach trail is 2.5 miles and the beach trail is 1.5, so more like 8 miles. The trail had just been brushed and is very nice. Take the trail behind you at the beach cutoff, it appears like the trail might be to the right and down, but that is just a scrabble.

We spent far longer than expected here! It was a very popular trail. Totally flat after a small paved incline to parking lot. We explored lots of small off shoot trails that were less travelled but still well kept.
Drive in is a single lane gravel road but has lots of turn outs for passing safely.

Did it yesterday .. Terrific hike but a very long hard strenuous hike...Started very early around 4 am .. great hike up Mist trail is very steep climb on rocky steps to Vernal falls and then onto Nevada falls about 2 to 2 1/2hrs up ( Be prepared to take a head mounted flash light for hiking early and be careful on your step when hiking up to Vernal falls from the bridge as during spring and summer till July the falls are reasonable full and u will get wet and the steps may be wet too so be careful and carry a waterproof light jacket or a poncho) and then some rocky trail further up after which the trail flattens with a good trail for about 1 mile after which u hit the switch backs which is about unending rigorous long for about 2 Miles when u hit the steps where a ranger will be there to check ur permit.. Make sure the group leader of ur group has the permit and an ID..Make sure to take rest here and also hydrate urself and reenergize as the steps are very grueling up the sub-dome. You r essentially walking straight up on the rocks with barely 1 way traffic steps . Some areas do not have any steps particularly the last part of the sub-dome hike where u see the people up there and just walk up the rocks. Once you reach up u see the half dome and the imposing hike up the cables many be be turned down just looking at it.. I was.. another point do not do not climb up if tit is s raining or signs of rain or sign of clouds and lightning... it is a no no to climb up...but once u start ur cable hike up the half dome it does not seem as difficult... but key to hiking up is take good rest before ur hike up, hydrate well, make sure u do not have fear of heights, make sure u have garden latex gloves which will do an amazing job , make sure u feel energetic, need good upper body strength, hike up sideways or holding both cables, have good footing on the rocks, hike up from each wooden slat to another when it is empty, keep ur foot on the wooden slat, key is hold onto the cables well, concentrate only on to the next pole or wooden slat on ground, do not worry about anything else, there are 68 poles up and u will be fine while coming down keep firm footing and hold one cable tight and hike down with ur back facing Down or holding both cables and hike down facing up with ur back down, keep a firm footing and let the hands tight on cables but Just enough to slide down to the next pole and wooden slat.. again concentrate on the next task that is getting to the next slat... you will be just fine... once u r down the half dome and on the top of sub dome take rest and hike carefully down the steps ... down the sub dome... then have a great hike back to the. Valley.. if u r late coming down to Nevada falls,, say around after 6:00 pm on a summer day then just hike down John Muir trail as it is good kinda paved trail down unlike the Mist trail which is very rocky..in any case will not recommend going down Mist trail from Vernal falls down to the vernal falls look out bridge when the falls are full in spring and early summer till July as the steps can be slippery.. In the end this hike is a strenuous hike and u have to be in decent shape ....Bring atleast 4-5 liters of water or other forms and enough protein bars...Have a fantastic enjoyable hike..

26 days ago

Amazing, difficult but mostly adrenaline inducing for SubDome and the Cables.

27 days ago

One of the toughest and rewarding hikes you'll ever do. Starting before sunrise makes the hike go by faster and you can have the Most Trail all to yourself; it's usually very packed and crowded during the day. The flat hike into Little Yosemite Valley is a welcome break and take note of the Merced River as it's a welcome respite on the way back down. the cables are just killer and getting back down is just as daunting. Go down sideways makes it easier than going backwards or forwards. just remember to take it one plank at a time and you'll be rewarded at the top and when you make it back down. Bring plenty of water; there is no potable water past the Merced in Little Yosemite Valley.

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