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Such a beautiful place, pet friendly, on the cliffs next to the ocean

Great trail leading to fun waterfalls. Very kid and dog friendly.

Great little walk! Beautiful view from the cliff, even in the fog. My only complaint would be that we came from the opposite direction as most people and there was no warning sign before the cliff drop off... had my dog been off leash at that point he may very well have run right off the 150 foot edge in the fog. This would be a cool spot to swim in a hot day.

This is a wonderful walk around a small island. Easy footing. Swings and benches follow this trail with a tiny fairy village and beaches along the way.

Will be back! :)

nice hike Ringo loved it.

A very pleasant hike with a great payoff as the cliff lookout oversees the bluegreen Long Reach, great for a leisurely morning or afternoon stroll.

Also, one thing I'd like to correct is that dogs aren't required to be on leash here, just under control of their owners (by voice, collar, leash, etc.) so this is a great trail to bring your pups with you as well. I would recommend leashing them around the cliffs however, it truly is a cliff, not a steep embankment, so be extra careful at the lookouts!

13 days ago

Great place for a nature hike! I came across a Porcupine in the wooded area.

16 days ago

Local favorite. My dog enjoys this walk tremendously! Absolutely beautiful in all seasons.

Definitely more miles then stated above, but a fun walk. Beautiful water views.

trail running
16 days ago

So beautiful. Dogs must be kept on leash, even on the beach. Perfect walk with family & friends and close to Portland! Great trail run as well!

17 days ago

Dog loves it, we love it, and it was right in our own backyard the whole time! Will certainly go again.

would definitely do it again but it is 5.5 miles start to finish not 4.7 and it is on the heavier side of moderate and barely trafficked. things to keep in mind before you head on out, and keep your eyes out for the blue blazes, it is easy to wander off.

I can’t believe I lived here 18 years and never hiked this trail! It’s absolutely lovely! The trailhead is located behind the town office. As you look to the woods the trailhead will be to your left. There are two options to get to the granite summit: a white path is 2.5 miles and the yellow path which is 1.5 miles. The beginning of the trail is for both even though it’s marked white. A little walk in and the trail separates. I took the longer trail. The view from the cliff was lovely as you can see the bay. I would suggest you check the tide chart. Going 2 hours either side of high tide with give you a nice view of the tidal basin. The cliff is not a misnomer - it is a sheer drop off so be cautious with risky and impulsive children and pets. It’s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours of the day. Enjoy!

Nothing to see here folks, good place to walk the dogs

Great trail to hike! Offered some nice views of the ocean and had easy to follow markers. The fairy houses were fun to look for!

Seem good

Great hike. I agree with the moderate rating. Nice views and plenty of parking at the town hall

Very nice, flat gravel walk. Very busy with lots of bike and foot traffic on this beautiful August Saturday.

Excellent short hike with good views

28 days ago

Have hiked this mountain several times!!! Love the new Sherwood Libby Trail on the Limington side of the mountain, its in the woods and you go by several rock walls. This is a a newer trail and it's very easy to follow, marked really good. Not a great view at the top but overall a nice hike.

29 days ago

Cute place to go for a simple trip or to test new gear! The island has a few miles of easy trails, would be a great place to bring kids.

nature trips
1 month ago

Not my favorite hike. It was mostly wooded and more of a nature walk than a hike (nice but not what I was expecting). The views at the peak were limited but pretty. Might hike again someday to check out the waterfall and explore a little more. I wouldn’t recommend this trail for running as the trail has lots of little rocks.

An enjoyable trail! light to moderate in terms of intensity, is extremely private, and it winds through a relatively untouched forest. Some attractive ponds, a small waterfall, and several small streams to rock-hop across. NOTE: The actual route differs from what is shown on the All trails map (the actual marked route strays from what is shown in the app), and it is 5.2 miles, not 4.3.

1 month ago

This was a great find, we took our 4 month old lab, he would rate it a 5 plus. We are 70 and did about half way great hike, wish there were more spots to enjoy a dip!

road biking
1 month ago

Ride date 8/15/18. Pretty good ride. Great views once you get closer to Bug Light Park. A couple of busy intersections (to be expected) with cross walks and signals. Fairly well marked route. This trail is paved and wide enough for all users of the trail. Some trail maintenance is required as some bushes are overgrown and are in the trail. There is a small detour which is well marked as there is construction. There are a few bumpy spots from tree roots. We will definitely ride this trail again. There are some restaurants and stores along the route. Enjoy.

road biking
1 month ago

Rode it from Bug Island lighthouse to Rt 1 Scarborough (bout 10 miles),... The greenbelt itself was about 2.5 stars... too many intersections (some very busy) which breaks down your ride... It's also confusing at some points to continue in the path.... The ride gets better after about 3 miles into the path as you approach the landfill/recreation area... Uninterrupted, flat, well paved roads. The greenbelt then connects Rt 1 where shoulders are wide and rode conditions are very good... You can go for miles.... So to recap... First 3 miles or so ok, the rest awesome

Good trail beautiful views. I love the fairy house!!

The day I went was a little foggy and misty and made it feel like an enchanted forest. I LOVED IT! I really loved all the Fairy homes and different benches you could sit on to rest and contenplate. Definitely going to come back again when I next visit Maine.

Enjoyable hike but not much variety to it or views. Did find a bunch of different kinds of mushroom on the path and saw the occasional chipmunk and toads.

Really nice trail that has a couple of easy inclines here and there! Couple of places where I’m sure you could manage to take a dip on a super hot day or just stare at the tiny fishes in the water! Beautiful trail!

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