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Once we left Hidden Falls (Sunday afternoon) the amount of people on the trail dropped away significantly, and after 1 1/2 miles saw no one until the first campsite. We camped in the second. Hiked to Phelps Lake the second day. Unbelievably beautiful. The view from the Hurricane Pass looking ESE was one that will remain with me. I consider myself to be lucky to have been there in that moment. It started snowing at Sunset Lake. We were behind schedule, and had intermittent snowfall all the way to the Static Pass. Going down into Death Canyon was glorious in the afternoon sun after the cold, snow, and wind we had just been through. Camped at Phelps Lake. I was grateful for the flatness the majority of the way to the intersection with the Amphitheater Lake Trail the next day. Saw a black bear just off the trail first thing in the morning hiking back up to the main trail from our campsite.The hike up to Amphitheater and Sunset Lakes was a good workout. It was just below freezing when we got in about 4pm and there was snow on the ground. The water in my bottle was partially frozen the next morning. It was all down hill and flat back to Jenny Lake.

This is one of my all time favorites! Definitely a two-nighter to enjoy it! Very busy on the weekends! Start the summit very early, thunder and lightning storms come from out of nowhere in the afternoon!

Went in on September 28. Really windy. Great spot at the lower lake. Didn’t see the bear, but at 6 pm Saturday night a forest fire to west threatened to blow in. Got the heck out through smoke and darkness. Check the fire conditions before you go!

Went in July. Snowpack was very light and the views were amazing!

This is one of our all time favorite!!
We did the loop down devils staircase..this is a long day but worth everything mike of it ...FYI we try and hike at least once a week and usually 12t Miles so if you have not been hiking maybe hike a bit before you go ...

15 days ago

Hit the trail in late August, little two day outing. Day 1 to the top was fine, great views from the top on the morning of the second day. Day 2 pretty rough on the way out, trail hard to follow with down timber, no water, long out to highway 130.

18 days ago

Great hike!! Planned on doing the loop in one day. Recorded - 19.2 Miles in 8.5 hours. Going sack to overnight it.

Awesome backcountry camping!

What an amazing hike! We had a late start and set up camp the fist night at about 5pm. We found a great area at about 300ft from the trail. on day two we reached Lower Red Lake. it was beautil. we set up camp the second night just by the lake at about 400ft from the trail. After we had fallen asleep, we woke up to a bear circling our tent, ended up leaving maybe after half hour. Talking about being scared!! we had our food on a bear proof container and inside a smell prood bag away from the tent. the scenary on this trail is breathtaking. the switchbacks are long so it makes the elevation gain easy. the hike was overall challenging for us (we come from.florida). def will do it again.

20 days ago

amazing trip... 4 days/ 5 nights. started at top of tram. Fox Creek Pass first night. Alaska Basin Lakes next night, with dayhikes in the area. (possible day trip to static peak - i recommend if you are up to it!), the next day we did a day trip to table mountain from hurricane pass. we went off trail up this steep slope of rocks. kind of sketchy. took my breath away being my 3rd day at this high elevation (from ATL - sealevel), we camped at South Fork Cascade Canyon. awesome views. this last campsite was stellar. Then we camped at Outlier the last night. decent views of jenny lake looking down paintbrush canyon. Next time i would try to camp at North Fork Cascade. and possibly at holly lake so we could try to do a daytrip to grizzly lake. amazing trail and the best mountains in the lower 48!

This hike is rated as moderate, but it was very easy. There is hardly any elevation gain and the switchbacks are long making what little you have to gain a breeze. Plenty of water along the trail to filter, or for your dog to drink. As noted by the previous review, lower red castle lake is picturesque but definitely not pristine. We camped in the site with the heart shaped rock. It was nice until we noticed all the human waste that was not properly buried. We had set up our tent not realizing till the next morning how close it was to utter grossness. Leave no trace is important. If your not sure what this requires look it up and please respect our wilderness.

Scenery and setting are truly spectacular. Really a photogenic place. But you’ve gotta embrace the poop smeared toilet paper fluttering in the wind, fire rings...everywhere, footpaths through delicate alpine meadows...and dogs barking at sunrise. Pristine? Not so much. Leave no trace? What’s that?

24 days ago

An absolutely amazing hike. We did this over 4 days / 3 nights, starting at the top of Rendezvous Mountain and camping on the Death Canyon Shelf, South Fork of Cascade Canyon and Lower Paintbrush. Some of the ascents are challenging, but the views are unparalleled.

Epic run with amazing views on a well maintained trail!
As good as it gets!

Hiked with scout troop over a course of 3 days. Don’t go down the side of the main peak the back way, go down the way you came up... we learned that the hard way.

A great summit. Don’t despair when you hit a false summit - the real one is close. We took the shortcut. From the pass, follow the cairns to hikers right. Lots of rock hopping. Trekking poles are nice to have. 40Mph? winds made standing on the summit block a bit challenging.

Loved this trail! I added an excursion to Lake Imogene for a night. Also camped at Twin Lakes on a point that juts out into the water. Had the lake to myself. Woke up to a beautiful snowfall.

beautiful place to go I have done it in one day don't recommended if your not fit for it. it's better in 2 days so you can enjoy it better

Awesome hike. Beautiful scenery. But the fire in Spanish fork canyon smoked me and several other groups out. We left before our original departure date because it was raining ash. Fire is over 100 miles away.

What a great adventure. Encountered plenty of wild life, the beauty of the mountains, and a killer hike. As usual the weather in the Uintas was unpredictable. The window of 3pm thunder showers quickly turned into noon thunder showers. We hunkered down for about 20 minutes until storm passed over. This ended up working to our advantage because it allowed us to enjoy the Peak to ourselves for awhile. So glad to finally have this one under my belt.

Spent three days. Hiked toward the end of lower lake ~10 miles in about 5.5 hours. Lots of horses and horse dung. Don’t fret if you don’t find camping before the end of lower lake. There are a few spots in the woods past it as well as on the opposite side of the lake. Labor day weekend had tons of other people. By the time we hiked out sunday, the parking lot was overflowing with cars. Lows were about 30-35. One person claimed their thermometer said 28. Very rocky at some points in the trail. I’m not currently in running shape but I wouldnt deem it a difficult hike. There are only a few times that really feel like you’re hiking up. Upper red is worth the extra couple miles. Saw over half of a dozen moose.

Cool hike! I did something similar in a single day but instead went all the way to granite canyon, and also did avalanche divide. It's a hard hike - probably in the 35ish miles, but well worth it! The trick is to not do the valley - instead I was able to hitchhike from granite to jenny lake fairly easily.

1 month ago

Absolutely amazing. We went on Labor Day weekend and were bummed when we saw how crowded the trail head and trails were. but when we got to the lake we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves! There are lots of little coves and many camp spots all around the lake, so even when there are a lot of people there is room to spread out. We must have picked a nice time of year to visit because we didn't experience the mosquito problems others have mentioned.
If you don't backpack often and aren't used to carrying heavy packs, leave early and give yourself plenty of time for breaks. It basically gentle uphill the entire way with some slightly steeper parts near the top.
If you like fishing, this is the place. We caught one with a piece of floss and a safety pin so I'm pretty sure anyone can get something!
Ill definitely be back sometime to summit the Matterhorn and see some more of the lakes Eagle Cap has to offer!

1 month ago

Personally Island lake is way better than any hike in the wind river area. Its easy, theres a ton to do, and the views are breath taking. I brought a rod and fished part of the day and hooked up with some cutthroats.

1 month ago

One of the prettiest places I've ever been. fairly easy hike with some steep areas, but nothing to be afraid of. When I went their were tons of mosquitos. The fishing is good if you have the patience for them. overall, I would recommend this as one of the best places to go in the US.

1 month ago

This is an awesome trail with great scenery and lots of wildlife. There is a lot of elevation change, so it is best done as a multi-day backpacking trip. In the mountains, the weather can change rapidly, so be prepared for sun, rain, or snow. Wildflowers bloom like crazy in August, so that is a great time to go! Here is a full report of the backpacking trip I did along the Teton Crest Trail this year (lots of pics, maps, and other info): https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/teton-crest-trail/

Was an intense yet wonderful day hike/run, stayed at the campground at Petit lake after, wish I would have brought backpacking gear to stretch out the scenery over another day.

The elevation is a killer! Great views, plenty of water until the summit. Watch the weather, it can turn quickly.

I rate it moderate! Very beautiful easy hike! The scramble was fun except watching people drag their dogs around. Not dog friendly. 2.5 to Henry’s lake 2 to summit. 2.5 down. Great weekend backpacking trek with 15#. Be prepared for the elements. Pack accordingly!

1 month ago

we hiked this the first of July and got snowed out near the top. creek was running super high and made it difficult to cross.

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