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Loved this trail it was so beautiful ♥️♥️

I love this trail

11 days ago

Short hike (~1.2 mi round trip) for some spectacular views! Great photo opportunities and trail is dog friendly. I usually bring out-of-state visitors to Antelope Island and we do this trail - good hike for all ages and it is a perfect vista of the Great Salt Lake. I hit this trail this weekend and bugs were not a problem. Visibility was affected due to the haze from area forest fires.

Great for trail running! Mostly shaded by trees and a clear, defined trail. Keep running past big rock towards Rudy’s flat it’s beautiful.

13 days ago

We took our two young children in a stroller (the whole trail is paved) on this walk and they really enjoyed it. There was alot for them to see including fruit trees, some of the animals from lagoon, and a large bridge. The trail is well maintained including trash cans and picnic tables along the way.

paddle sports
14 days ago

Went to go try floating. Gross flies all over water. Walked .5 miles to get to water and paid 10$ to get into park. Was not a total waste as we got to see bison and antelope. If you intend on going in the water be prepared for tiny flies all over you couldn’t stomach it.

Fun trail (once you find it). The hike is quite challenging, due to the length of steep upward hiking. The footing is not technical our difficult, just the steepness of the hike. If you like the feeling of hiking straight up a steep Mountain, you will love this hike.

Super trail with occasional wooden bridges. Both a hikers and mountain bikers trail. I walked with two dogs so had to stop for bikers frequently. Very pretty with a few great view locations. There are a few “watering” spots for dogs along the way.
One final note. Please, if you’re walking or biking with your dog, pick up the poop and bags! I was embarrassed as a dog owner to see the messes included poop collection bags left behind.

15 days ago

This trail was ridiculous! It doesn't even look like a trail, just washout. It goes straight up the mountain and the first part after the sandy switchbacks, is completely exposed. Just rubble and small shrubs, no shade at all. You will need either a hiking stick or ski poles to make this hike, especially for the way down. It's very steep and very easy to trip or slide. I didn't even make it a mile before I was done, not a hike so much as a couple hours on a stair master.

17 days ago

Great trail. Saw frogs, a praying mantis and a deer rib cage. About half sun and half shade, great with kids.

This trail is really close to home so I use it a lot. It's great! You get a good leg workout on the steep parts and then a little bit of leisure when it evens out. I love it!

20 days ago

Great hike! Comes in at 7.2 miles. Spotted a few animals. Take enough water!!

21 days ago

Didn't know where to park because I couldn't quite find the beginning. Parked in a cul de sac and walked for a bit. Animals and pavement were nice for a walk but not a hiking trail at all.

trail running
22 days ago

Quiet, flat trail. No shade along the path but cool temperature along lakeside made it pleasant. Most stretches after the first half mile are suitable for running. Great uninhibited views of surrounding landscape. Although the presence of spiders on webs adjacent to the trail is immediately noticed, I did not have an issue with them or other bugs.

This trail is a lot of fun. It's fairly shaded if you start early enough. A lot of the uphill is at the end, which there isn't exactly an end of the 4.2 mile hike (2.1 one way). The trail keeps going. you'll have to monitor your mileage to get the 4.2 and not go over (if you dont want to go longer).

Waterfalls are low right now. Either I’m getting old or I forgot how difficult this hike is. Nonetheless it is a good hike and great workout. I would skip the “pretty valley” portion if we were to do it again. It’s not that pretty.

Great hike to a couple of neat sites, it's exposed the entire way but the mine is perfect place to explore & cool off before heading on up to the flag. It is fairly steep in a few spots but it's not really long so very manageable.

The trail is beautiful and well maintained as described here. As you go further up, maintenance deteriorates. The rest of this review is about the upper section.
If you go all the way up towards Thurston Peak, expect to bushwhack about the last third of the climb and the whole way to Thurston peak (or Francis peak for the motivated). It lets up only briefly in a few sections. There is one sketchy rock scramble too. Erosion seems to have taken a toll there. Navigation isn't too challenging with the overgrowth as the trail is pretty straightforward.
If you want to do the upper section, make sure you have thick long pants, hiking poles, and the patience to bushwhack for miles. If you got that, it's a beautiful hike and you will likely have it to yourselves.

on Lagoon Trail

26 days ago

Went with my son and dog. A lot of fun

trail running
27 days ago

This trail is part of the Elephant Rock/Big Rock trail.
I was going to run to the cave and back but since there are no markings for the cave, I past it.... so I just went on up to big rock.
So, I have idea wear the cave is or what it looks like. i might go back sometime and try to find it.
Beautiful trail.

Thus trail is beautiful and well maintained.
ylThe path is worn and easy yo navigate. I went around 7:30 and it was already busy.
There are a lot of hikers, runners and bikes on the trail. I didn't see any horses.
The elevation gain definitely manageable. There are several ups and downs to give you breaks.
Lots of shade with only a few exposed areas.
Some of the plants are already to starting to change color.

I'll be running this one again.


I love this trail, it's so easy to get to and doesnt take you all day to do it. Trail is fairly easy with a slight incline but doable. The only downside is this trail gets busy, runners, bikers, sometimes even horseback riders, so keep ya eyes out.

Went on this hike last weekend. I went up a different trail for about a mile that met up with this trail. the mine goes quite far until it splits off into two and that's where I stopped. it wasn't too far from the mine to flag rock, but a decent vertical. It's a great relatively small hike and I recommend!

28 days ago

Fun! Kids love it because they can ride their bikes or scooters. It’s fun to see the animals too!

Great early morning hike. You can see your target so that was motivating. The mine was a little damp, beware of low clearances if you’re tall. Lots of fun. The trail head is right under the light post and parking is across from it. Happy Hiking !

1 month ago

great views, rewards all around to the top and back.

1 month ago

that was amazing,but it's just uphill

I love this trail. Trail has slight incline most of the way but I think it's a good trail for everyone. Only downside is its a very busy busy trail, it's best to come early to avoid collisions.

trail running
1 month ago

I hit the trail at 0600 this morning. It was perfect! last night's rain made everything smell fresh and kept the dust down. No issues with bugs either. 1hr 10min up and 30min down. It's a decent climb, 2000 ft gain. The beautiful views along the way and herds of Antelope make the lack of shade worth it. Take lots of water and go early. Watching the sunrise was so awesome!

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