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Walked this again last night for a quick hike and I came 4 feet within a rattlesnake. He saw me before I saw him on the trail Bamberger(sp?) which I assume is the main trail. Just something to keep your eyes out for. First rattlesnake I’ve ever seen out in the wild and definitely shook me up.

I will never do this hike again. Both times there were so many bugs, and gnats you can't keep off. We were bleeding all over from them. The views, volcanic arc rocks left behind and cap carbonates are something to experience, but only once.

Up hill. Very pretty and friendly people.

nice trail but almost dead, because of mother nature is closing the trail...

great for beginner/intermediate mtb. quick short and easy trails for after work

Utah Conservation Corp is currently creating a dirt trail that T's in near the paved end at Hobbs Reservoir. They've cleared quite a distance already on the East side, plus putting in log stairs in spots. We were fortunate to talk with 5 of them and thank them for doing this. They said they will continue working on that section for a couple more weeks & the goal is to complete it around the reservoir next year. It was our first time hiking Kays Creek and that was a delightful discovery. Along that shaded dirt section it was fun to hear the bull frogs bleating loud & see the rope swing with the 'Beware of Octopus' sign. We accessed from Canyon View TH off Hwy 193. The paved section past that point was nearly level & had yummy ripe cherries & plums in easy reach. Another unexpected bonus... so after, went to a fruit stand and bought some great local cherries.

Nice quick hike to lookout for awesome views of lake and surrounding mountains.

Definitely a lot of uphill especially the first 2 miles but overall a good trail run!!

truely enjoyed the trail and like promised it was rewardingly difficult at times. the last little bit towards the peak was pretty sketchy and I was fairly uncomfortable as the trail was incredibly narrow tilted down towards the quite steep hill (as in if you messed up, youd fall down said hill) beautiful view from the top tho and was well worth it.

on Lagoon Trail

10 days ago

Great family walking trail that we've been using for years. Wide and paved, can be used for strollers and bikes. Added bonus, passes by a section of the Lagoon zoo. Wild berries and fruit trees along the way. A couple of bridges over a stream with no water access. Great place for a photo shoot.

We hiked this starting around 6:15pm. The trail is not clearly marked for some time. We found ourselves “stumbling” onto the trail. My GPS said that it was around 1.5 miles up, 1.6 down. We did not go to the mine. Took us around 2 hours to get to the flag (it was super hot, and we were slightly creeped out thinking we kept hearing rattlesnakes...although we never saw one) we took multiple breaks and sat at a bench 1/2 way through the hike. We spent a good amount of time up top, watching the sun set

13 days ago

The views are great, but it was hot out there! The terrain was a little rocky, which was murder on my ankles. Otherwise, it was a nice little hike. It may not be the best for small dogs, as mine got worn out.

This was a beautiful trail. We had 5 kids ages 5-10 and our dog with us, they all handled it beautifully. Everyone wanted lots of water on the way up. The trail is nicely shaded the majority of the time. Cons: the amount of dog poop on this trail is ridiculous, why the heck can’t people just pick up their dog’s poop?! Pretty soon dogs won’t be allowed in such beautiful places. Not cool.

14 days ago

Quick hike. Great breeze made it nice in the heat. Kids had fun at the top.

Great hike for a beginner like me. The view of the valley at the top was beautiful! I started around 6:30pm and it was still pretty hot - there is little shade on the trail...

Don't get me wrong, Francis Peak is amazing. The view is breathtaking. It's a great hike, but DO NOT TAKE THE ROUTE ON THIS MAP! The Wolverine Ridgeline Trail does not exist at all. Take another route up. Adams Canyon is the most popular; I went up Bair Creek Canyon and that was a very strenuous but enjoyable trail. Just make sure you take plenty of water because it's easy to underpack and run out.

on Lakeside Trail

16 days ago

Absolutely stunning if you go when the sun starts to rise. However, I won’t go back until fall as I was eaten alive by flies and mosquitoes everywhere.

Great well maintained trail! Pretty the entire way through!

It was a bit rough for my out of shape family but it was a great view and I loved the mine. I’m a bit scared of heights and the narrow steep trail had me a bit anxious, especially on the way down. However I didn’t have too much trouble and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Utah

A wide road trail - Need to bring up the Jeep next time. A constant climb, enjoyed the hike with my wife.

This was a really good hike/walk. It was very easy and very pet friendly. The view is amazing highly recommend going during sunrise or sunset. People you meet along the way are very nice. If you want to make this hike a bit harder I say run up and down it. It was just plain amazing, loved it!

24 days ago

Lots of cotton! Like coated everywhere, looks like spider webs, and being next to lagoon it sounded like people dying screaming! Kinda hysterical except my 2 yrs Old was scared!

Walking trail not a hike. Well shaded.

This is the best trail on Antelope! (My opinion) I have done this trail 3 times in the past month. The trick is going early....gates open @6:00am. This trail is moderate for the first 3 miles to the radio towers then after that it can be a bit tricky but nothing too bad. Yes if you are a first time hiker I would look at maybe doing lakeside trail. But this opens up a hidden side of antelope island. The first time doing this trail it took me 2hrs 49 min today I did it in 2hr 19min, not the fastest but I would say I’m a slower hiker but I jogged down. If you can do waterfall you can do this hike. If you are worried about the last half mile just go to the radio tower! Don’t miss out on the awesome views!

Attempted this today, most was gated off and cows on the other side. Not a single other human was in sight! We didn’t get to do much because the no trespassing and gated areas. Also on here says dogs ok on leash, but there was many no dogs signs posted. All the birds and fowl was amazing! We loved it! We hope to go back on a cooler day. Was nice and flat so my kids LOVED it and loved the huge variety of fowl.

Did this trail yesterday. It was the second time I've done it. 1000' / mile. It took 2 hours up and 50 mins down. It's a hard climb but very worth it.

Short hike but great for kids. I came here on 6/21/2018. Lots of spider webs to walk through while I was climbing the rocks but to start your day on antelope island with this short hike is a must!

27 days ago

Great hike! And better views! Saw 3 bison on June 21st,2018. My GPS read 7.2 miles total though. From start to finish this hike took me a little over 3 hours. I stopped once mid way up and once at the peak. Descent took about 55 minutes but I was running most of it.

Some suggestions for first timers like myself:

1. Bring bug spray and lots of sunscreen. The bugs can get pretty gnarly at some points toward the beginning and end of the hike. If you have any open wounds (like me) make sure to cover them up. The bugs are attracted to this and will not leave you alone. Make sure to cover properly.
2. When you reach mile marker three stay right . Do not try and climb the rocky trail that looks like the right way. It’s dangerous and the trail needs to have a marker advising people that this is the wrong way.
3. Bring a hiking stick. You’ll thank yourself on the way up.
4. Wear proper footwear. Sneakers will do fine but beware there is some rocky terrain. If you have hiking boots or trail running shoes I would use though.
5. No shade on this trail. All sun which is what I prefer.

I would not recommend this for the first time hiker or somebody with mobility issues. This is not a beginners hike. The last .5-.7 miles was a bit challenging and quite steep.

LOTS OF WATER. I went through appx 2 L of water on this hike and wish I had more.

My kids loved this! We did it in early spring before all the bugs and it was perfect.

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