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1 day ago

My new new favorite hike in the Corvallis area. About 30 miles from town. Very well maintained county park with covered picnic area, clean restrooms. Historic markers explaining the history of the area, the fort, the pioneering families and Native American habitation.
Historic home and Captain’s house on the property.
Choice of loops from the first parking lot — downhill to the historic area about .6 mile. Fairly flat gravel pathway. Lots of blackberries and apples along the path. Hike uphill from the lot staying left through the cool woods until you reach the top and are rewarded with great views. Downhill portion of the loop mostly in sun. Well maintained gravel and dirt pathway about 1.2 miles.
Quiet, peaceful and not another soul in sight.

16 days ago

Did this trail this morning, started at Homestead and took trail 770 upto the small side trail to the peak. Once you start on trail 770 is is a steep incline. Side trail is even steeper but brief. Great views and more for a workout then views on the way. Other trails are more scenic to top but enjoyable and I recommend.
Grab a map in the beginning, trails can be confusing.

21 days ago

Most of the hike (that we ended up on at least) was on a big wide gravel trail. It’s doable but definitely took some breaks to catch our breath with the elevation rise. Beautiful view and even more beautiful coming down looking out west! Would do again

Stunning hike, with breathtaking views. It started out sunny but then I got to watch a storm roll in, which was beautiful. I did it back in 2015, very sad to hear it is closed.

Spectacular views. Great Family hike.

Pretty tolerable until you get to the end.. that's when the "moderate" kicks in. Even then, we did it with kiddos & dogs! Every drop of sweat was very much worth it for the scenery and the beach access at the end!

Pretty tolerable until you get to the end.. that's when the "moderate" kicks in. Even then, we did it with kiddos & dogs! Every drop of sweat was very much worth it for the scenery and the beach access at the end!

1 month ago

This is one of my more favorite hikes in Corvallis. It is a little bit longer than others but the feeling of remoteness when you get near the top is awesome. The final hike to the top on a steep single track is very memorable. And like most of the Corvallis hikes, you can do this during winter and fall as it always seem like there's less rain than in the Willamette valley.

great trail for a sunny day. if you take the extendo trail to the 600 road you add a couple more miles to the loop and stay off the fire roads for a portion of the hike. the peak is also accessible from the soap creek parking lot.

A Wednesday afternoon during the summer was a little crowded, but if you can break away and find the renegade trail the beach will not disappoint!

Trail closures force OCT hikers onto the access road from Ecola point TH to Indian Beach day use area. . There is water in the creek on trail to hiker/biker camp 1/10!mile north of Indian Beach.. There are several Adirondack style shelters and a vault toilet at the hiker/biker camp, NO WATER. There were some rodents visible when I shone my light into the shelters at night when I arrived so I opted for a tent site nearby. Nice secluded h/b camp

Gorgeous hike! Trails are well maintained.

The first part of the trail has large fallen trees and the trail is CLOSED! We ended up walking towards the beach and climbing down. We walked on the beach to Indian beach and connected to the trail there. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginner hikers!!! You are better off to start at Indian beach. The trail was nice and dry though.

decent trail. I usually end up way off coarse due to the trail being short. I combine other trails/ roads to try and get my goal of 20 miles a day.

Another recommendation to follow this trail as far as you can. You'll get stunning views of steep cliffs and sea stacks. Watch your footing!

Great fire road hike. Did one off shoot trail to get a little muddy. Good steady incline!

Good trail. Decent amount of people. Not really what I expected, but was still fun. Wouldn’t do it again but glad I did it!

Challenging at times, listened to owl talk to me and enjoyed the snowy view. I took a wrong turn and feel signage could be better. I will go again later Spring as too much snow closer to top. Lots of creek access for my lab so she was happy. 4 star because lack of signs.

4 months ago

Great views and a fun, challenging hike. Took me about 2:40 minutes to finish, I would have been quicker if it wasn’t for the 6” of snow on most of it! Crazy end of March weather.

First off its impossible to get lost. The loop basically climbs in elevation and loops the ridge. It was helpful to keep my app on hand to check how the trails connected. This is not aggressive riding but still very enjoyable. We were able to find some grade and water crossings to challenge our animals. I would recommend this for a good day ride. You could easily return for several trips and find new routes. Riding clockwise be aware the last stretch back to the start is on the paved road, approximately one mile.

So even though the trail is closed, I advise you go anyways and just go as far as the trail leads you. It is closed due to erosion but if you go past the closed signs, It is breathtakingly beautiful AND dangerous so be smart. One of my favorite hikes now and I definitely recommend it.

Great trail with great elevation gain.

Easy hike with pretty views!

half way. then erosion has closed the path.

6 months ago

I went back in early December of a sunny day. Bit unclear at times when I came to a couple forks in the road. I looped around the southwest side and the view of Mary's Peak getting swallowed by a storm cloud was awesome! Overall, challenging and enjoyable day.

Such a great park with awesome trails and views! Muddy in some spots so wear decent shoes:)

A nice little loop and fun historical information as well.

Bring good company

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