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Waterfalls everywhere. Snow everywhere. we were the only ones that made it to the lake and made fresh tracks. About ankle deep sometimes knee deep. The road was pretty brutal. I wouldn't tow anything (we did) but fine on a 2wd just tons of potholes

I camped at Lion Lake with a friend in early October. There were about three inches of snow on the ground once you got to the lake, but the views were breathtaking. We were the only ones on the trail and at the (small) campsite. The last mile or so was tough, but worth it. If you have winter gear I definitely recommend hiking this trail and camping when there’s a bit of snow.

This was an upsettingly amazing hike! It takes a while to get to via the dirt roads leading up to it and we were the only ones on the trail (first week of October). AWD would help in getting there but we made it (slowly) in a Jetta anyway.
The very start of the trail at Brownes lake is just silly nice and the rest of the trail only gets better from there.
This is listed as moderate but there are sections that would border on difficult. It’s not a long trail but it is a pretty strong incline most of the way. It ends at Lake Agnes which is tucked away neatly and also just gorgeous. Great hike with a large dog but smaller pups might have some trouble.
Couldn’t recommend this one any higher!

horseback riding
2 months ago

Rode my horse to Hyalite Lake and it was beautiful. Easy trailer parking, friendly folks on the trail, and very curious dogs! Trail was muddy in places where the stream flowed but the falls along the way and breathtaking views makes this trail stunning. A must see!

2 months ago

This was our big hike near the end of the season and it didn’t disappoint. We had been to Hyalite Lake before, so we didn’t need to stop at the beautiful waterfalls or take a ton of pics. The weather was perfect - sunny and 34 to 70 degrees. A light rain the night before knocked some of the trail dust down. Near the saddle before the peak, the wind became quite strong. Views of the Spanish Peaks, Lone Mountain, Paradise Valley, Absaroka Mountains and Bridger Mountains were breathtaking. We were surprised the peak was grassy and fairly flat. We would’ve had our lunch there if not for the wind. Trail runners appear to really like this trail but we mid-fifties hikers took about 8 1/2 hours for the entire trip, including a break by the lake. A woman heading up the trail mentioned seeing a young black bear, so don’t forget bear spray. Bring at least two liters of water per person.

2 months ago

Fantastic hike. We did an overnight at Pine Creek Lake (windy and very cold at night in mid-Sept) and went up Black Mountain the first day. We went in on a Thursday and were the only ones camped at the lake. ~3.5 hours to the lake with packs, set up camp, and made our way to the summit by late afternoon. Lots of snow due to being late in the season. I would recommend having some climbing experience: parts of the ridgeline are very exposed and there is a short stretch of exposed technical climbing. The views are worth it though. For those interested, the fishing is good at Pine Creek and Jewel lakes.

Less busy trail. The portal creek road is challenging, best to have 4x4 or AWD with high clearance. Worth the drive and hike. Bring water, bear spray and your fly rod.

Beautiful views. At the right time of year, the wildflowers are amazing. Bring water and bear spray.

3 months ago

Beautiful. Do it.

Great views, saw a Moose and two black bear at the lake.

Great trail - very scenic, easy at times and hard at times. It’s worth the view at the top. Our group consisted of 4 amateur hikers ages 46-72 and we made it. We earned our beer at Moonlight Basin afterward!

Absolutely gorgeous hike! Take the time to visit the many waterfalls that you pass on the way. It is completely worth it! Much harder trail than Grotto due to the length and the rocks. We didn’t make it to the lake due to us losing daylight and the rain. But definitely intend to start earlier next time and finish this trail. Ended our journey at Chasm Falls which has the little bridge. Pack lots of water, you’ll need it. Saw a few wildflowers on the way.

3 months ago

Overall amazing hike! We took our dog up with us, plenty of water access on the way for him. We hiked up Saturday (9/1) and came back down Sunday (9/2). Overall well maintained trail that is pretty lightly trafficked and not terribly steep. TONS of wildlife visited our camp overnight, make sure to tie up food for sure. Lots of fish jumping in the lake, we caught some nice trout. The trailhead is easy to get to, you are on a dirt road for awhile but it is in pretty good shape.

It was cold at the top - bring long sleeves to throw on once you’re up there! It was stunning as usual. Moderate hike with light traffic.

My dad, my 14 year old daughter, and I hiked in for my dad’s 62nd birthday. We spent two nights at Lion lake and fished both lakes. It was the perfect trail, with just enough difficulty to make it challenging yet enjoyable. We’re already planning another trip back!

Awesome hike! Saw a deer and a moose. The “lake” at the top is very much a small pond, but it’s worth it to hike up to the top of the rocks at the end for the beautiful panorama! Big and beautiful blue sky yesterday (8/26) but was pretty chilly at the top, make sure to bring layers!

Gradual grade with occasional slightly steep climbing. The views at the top are spectacular.
Small parking lot but that means it’s not terribly crowded though there are plenty of people along the trail.

This is always a great hike. Haven’t been here for several years. Beautiful lake at the top and clearly the results of a very good snow year there were still some wild flowers.

Five star hike with waterfalls around every corner and serene lake at the end. It is incredibly gorgeous. There are still some wildflowers at the top. The smoke was bad, but not terrible.

It is a steady climb, so not too difficult. If you want to cut it short, go 4 miles to see a waterfall that you can sit under. As you cross the bridge over a smooth rock base, look up the hill! walk up the hill on the left, you can go right up to it and hang out underneath. This was my favorite part!

Good hike! Lots of people. My fit bit tracked it at 8.75 miles round trip. BRING WIND PROOF COAT FOR SITTING AROUND LAKE IF TAKING BREAK. Saw a really Nice 4 point BUCK on way out. Others on trail reported moose but we never did see it. Wildflowers are awesome especially at the base of upper pond.

3 months ago

Great hike. Got there about 9am, there was only one other car in the parking lot. The wildflowers are still out in full force. Smoky views from the top looking toward Lone Peak due to all the wildfires.

shady, no mile markers, lots of pesky flies! lots of beautiful waterfall options. bring plenty of water, you'll need it.

Amazing hike. Very popular so get there early.
A small lake near top with some swimming in it. We hiked about 1/2 mile further past a rock cliff for more views. Wild flowers everywhere. Most difficult part was past the lake, but very doable.
Was a little hazy the day we went, most likely due to wildfires in California/Oregon?

Did this hike at the suggestion of a local we chatted with at Beehive Brewery while traveling through Big Sky. It was great! So many wild flowers! It was beautiful. The reward at the top was a splendid little lake. We continued past and enjoyed a picnic on top of a small mountain area over looking the lake. Although this is obviously a very popular hike, the trail did not seem overly crowded.

Ran with my two girls (11/9). We each carried a full hydro pack and brought a lifestraw along. We had plenty of fuel as well. The hike was amazing. We didn't hike to the top of the peak. We hiked to a lower one as I didn't feel safe enough with the last mile with my kids due to terrain.
The girls ran out of water at the peak and used the lifestraw on the way down. The waterfalls were amazing and so were the wildflowers! I would do this hike again in a heartbeat! It took us 5 hours to run/hike/enjoy this. I stopped and took a zillion photos and we spent about 20 minutes at the lake.

4 months ago

Great hike, nice trail, easy, incredible scenery. the Dearborn was running very high and fast, wildflowers are blooming, really stunning. The trail continues past Devil's Glen to the divide, so you can hike as long or as far suites you.

Nice n easy hike. Quite scenic. Stay on the trail marked NFS 83 at the bifurcation to hidden lake cutoff. Ran into hikers that made the mistake of following the arrow pointing right rather than straight and ended up in the wrong location. Moderately trafficked with people at the destination. Road conditions leading up are tremendously bad.

4 months ago

The trail was awesome!! Absolutely breathtaking once to greyling lake and lionhead lake fished both lakes. The girlfriend and I had way better luck at greyling lake for fishing. But all of it was breath taking. We loved it and are planning next trip with our two boys for a longer stay. We also had trouble finding the trail using altrails direction which took us to lower canyon road. But other then it was amazing!!! Also 5 miles carrying packs may start to feel like 9miles.but we had a blast!! Also Lion head is not 3mils more from greyling lake it's more like 5mins or a 100 yards

The many waterfalls and streams are beautiful! We detoured off the trail to see each of the falls, including Grotto, and ended up walking about 13-14 miles. Silken Skein Falls is at least 1/4 mile off the trail and despite climbing up a narrow trail through the trees never got a good view. I will skip it next time. We were able to manage all of the stream crossings without getting wet feet. Closer to the lake, there is a large stream crossing but you can take a trail to the left up the hill along the creek to connect back with the main trail, thereby avoiding two big crossings. The trail has a flour-like dust, so a beer and shower at the end of this dusty trail is advised. We hit the trailhead at 7:30 am on a Tuesday and saw six people ahead of us and about forty in the way back. We didn’t haul water for our dog due to the abundant creeks, but I drank 2.5 L.

The trailhead was inaccessible due to road closure and we were not able to get to the trail.

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