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This trail was great and had breathtaking views! It took us about 3 hours total. An hour hiking up. An hour at the top having lunch. An hour hiking back down. It is VERY steep coming up and down, we needed a 5 minute break going up. Also very rocky the entire hike. Make sure you have the proper shoes! When you reach a giant rock pile with the wooden sign that says “View” make a left by the blue dot trail and follow that up to see the view!

Fun trail! Great views and has a little bit of everything. Make sure to pack lunch and water. The waterfall was beautiful too. Enjoy!!

I started out hiking to Sam's point which was maybe a 15 minute hike to get to from the parking lot and of course had spectacular views. From there we hiked to the ice caves which isn't A long hike from Sam's point. The ice caves were need to see if you've never been there before like myself. It's cool to feel how cold it is in those caves. We then hiked to the falls but unfortunately there was just a trickle of water coming down them. I would definitely say the best part of the hike was the ice caves and some great views on the way to the falls.

Did Sam's Point, Ice Caves, Verkeerderkill Falls which takes you through the dwarf pitch pines, and then High Point Trails (don't know why the name of this is just Sam's Point Verkeerderkill--missing the other 2 trails in the map on Alltrails.)

Sam's Point trail is very short and easy. Ice caves is also short. Spent about 20 min there. Low ceilings, low light, some steep stairs.

Really fun caves, I could see my breath in the caves and it felt chilly even when its at least 80F or more out. Strongly recommend a headlamp or flashlight, although there are motion detecting lights installed it's still very dark in the caves--watch where you walk and your head if you're tall. Nice ledges to rest at the end. Lots of horseflies biting me, bring DEET.

Verkeerderkill Falls trail through pitch pines was a fairly easy path made difficult and uncomfortable by the many rocks in the path that can be sharp. Overheard a family with small children having a difficult time who didn't seem so happy that this was described as a 'moderate' trail and they felt it was challenging. Pretty with lots of shade once you get there; couldn't find any spot along the trail that lets you see the whole waterfall; maybe people are taking pictures along the Scenic Path?

The High Point trail was very challenging. This was described by the park to me as 'some scrambles', but it was pretty steep at times, nearly vertical and sometimes requiring some thought as to hand/toe holds so it's more like 'all scrambles'. You will also be very close to the edge of ledges high up. This is not a trail for dogs or children and there is no shade being on a ridge. Bring more water than you think you need and a hat. Heat exhaustion/fainting and high ledges aren't a good mix. Excellent views though! Was eye to eye with a turkey vulture that was coasting on a warm air vent--wild.

Got rattled a lot by timber rattlesnakes though I never saw them, on the Verkeerderkill Falls trail when you go through the blueberry bushes after the pitch pine. Twice, they sounded close but I was just careful to look at the trail in the bushes, move slowly and used trek poles to probe the path/bushes. Other place I got rattled at (but much farther from me) was in the forest path just before the Verkeerderkill path meets the Long Path/High Point trail.

Took the High Point Carriage Road all the way back to visitors lot. Not scenic but easy after more difficult High Point Trail. You get a glimpse of Mataranza through the trees and pass by berry picker shack ruins.

The Park is nice, well kept. The trees are fairly dense so on a hot/humid day like today, it provides some good cover. The M-M trail cuts through the park, and there's nothing tricky whatsoever about the trail.. no climbs, just a couple areas where the inclines could be described as steep. There's some old ruins up near the north end with a fire tower that is blocked off by a fence... someone of course pulled the fence back so the tower can be accessed... not that I would ever do that; I assume it's some great views. I'd summarize this as a good place for someone not looking for anything too consistently strenuous, but provides some work. Access to the park is $5 for MA residents; $10 for non-residents. You can access the M-M Trail outside the park off 141 - there's no loop however there are a series of trails you can drift around a little and arrive back to the M-M trail and get back to your vehicle... this is worth a 30-40 minute drive to get to if you want to stretch it out a bit... enjoy!

This is a great hike with some great views and things to explore. We first stopped at Sams point which had great views. From Sams point we went at ice caves which was really neat to see if you've never been there before like myself it was nice and cold in the caves which was refreshing being so hot out and there was ice in one spot yes ice. After the ice caves we went to the falls but unfortunately the falls only had a trickle of water coming down it. On the way to the falls the views where spectacular. If you've never been here before it's definitely worth checking out, you won't be disappointed.

8 days ago

I started off at route 515 in Jersey. there begining is flat and easy on a boardwalk most of the way. when you cross route 94 you approach stairway to heaven. it's a steep climb mostly rocks zig zag top the top. beautiful views when you get there

Nice hike, in total it was closer to 6.5miles and had nice views, but unfortunately the waterfall was a mere trickle. Bring LOTS of water especially if you’re brining your dog. I thought I brought enough and ended up having to ration it the whole time.

Excellent hike! Very strenuous and at the 3/4 mark I questioned why I was still doing it hahaha, but totally worth it! The view was great and we met a lot of great people, religious hikers and through hikers. There’s a farm across the street, a small farmers market with a bathroom. Good for quick stop.

12 days ago

Very comfortable and short hike. Definitely recommend for beginners.

Very cool hike. Ice caves still had ice in them! There is almost no shade offered on this hike. Bring plenty of water, sunblock and a hat!

awesome views, great waterfall wish I had more time to do the whole trail. We will be going back!

14 days ago

Very nice hike with rocky parts. Amazing view on the Greenwood lake, also lakes on the way make the trail more interesting.
Can be challenging when it's 94F ;). The hike itself is beautiful.This trail was a
little bit too crowded for me.The parking is tiny, so it's better go there early in the morning.

Nice hike even though trail gets crowded. Don't go when it's hot!

Decent hike, and although the view was beautiful, it wasn’t breathtaking. No waterfall, more like a cute stream. Also, the lookout isn’t super marked. We continued past the lookout and realized we had overshot. Others had also done the same and thankfully we finally figured it out...after an extra mile +.

Did a stretch of the NET Metacomet-monadnock heading north from the west cherry street entrance next to revolver range. Right off the bat while I was fumbling to set up the map on my phone a black bear was headed down the trail. He spooked and ran off! Also saw some Ravens, vultures and some type of finch that was black, red and white...all the animals pose when you don't bring your camera. 8.5 miles later I was at route 5 in east Hampton where there are many other trails including the manahan rail trail but no continuance of white blazed mm trail....and that's because of the Connecticut river! You have to either walk the main drag and over the bridge or drive...was kind of bummed that it's disjointed suddenly. But it was a good hike. I was shot so I thought it would be easier to walk the main drag back to the vehicle...not recommended...little shoulder and big trucks. Happy trails.

Hi guys my cousin and I will be wanting to climb the stairs. She’s visiting the island and would really love to accomplish this beautiful place. But we would love to go with someone that has done the hike? For tomorrow Tuesday June 26 if anyone would love to go let me know my IG missy_cask:)

Went up to Sams Point overlook then did the loop to the left passed the Lake, up to High Point, down to Verkeerderkill Falls, and the Ice Caves. 360 degree views at High Point. Falls were a trickle. Ice Caves were cool and still had ice in them.

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27 days ago

Its a very well maintained park, the trails are perfectly marked. The overlook has a great viewing point. Its a nice place even for picnic near the river.

27 days ago

Multiple views to do, i would recommend take the left route first so you wont get bored. I took the right route which takes you to sams point right away. A lot of scrambling from the rocks which is fun. The path is well marked and i dont have to use this app to guide me. I enjoyed the ice caves the most. The trail took me like 3hrs to complete. Bring extra water and a hat, theres not much shade at the top.

Awesome walk with a variety of terrain. Good pair of hikers,Water ,snacks, and good weather is all you need.

Awesome view on the ledges. Don’t forget to stop at the memorial for a B 17 flight crew and service members that perished in a crash in 1946

Perfect hike. Trail is very well maintained. The flowers blooming in June are stunning

Its a long one. but may now be a Hudson Valley Favorite. I clocked it at 12 miles but i did absolutely everything along that loop. I went right at the start and saw Sam's Point first. What a great view and I had a perfect day! On to the ice caves which was pretty cool on a hot June day. I then ventured the 2 miles to the waterfall. This stroll was kind of cool. I have a nice view the entire walk. There was a big fire in this area a few years ago so. The burnt trees seem to be trying to come back but it was a very interesting and surprisingly beautiful view with the green that is now growing and a gorgeous blue sky. The waterfall (supposedly a hike highlight) was a bit underwhelming by comparison of the rest of the hike but nice enough. The next 3ish miles is along a ridge which gives you a lovely outlook the majority of the way. The last three miles is a straight shot back to the visitors center. With the small exception to a small lake, this is a fairly boring walk but i nice break after a long hike. Most people seemed to have done the loop the other way and see all the cool stuff last, but i liked doing all of that when I was well rested. Its a touch too long but its just a gorgeous hike.

1 month ago

Cool hike to the view. But, where is the waterfall?

Was a lot of walking. The verkeerdill falls trail took us a while to complete because of all the jagged rocks.

1 month ago

A really nice hike. Rhododendron forest. Some rock scrambles. Some nice views. Took about 2 hours.

One of my favorite all time hikes. I included the little detour to the ice caves as well. For me the best part about this hike comes after the falls, as you ascend onto the High Point Trail and get one amazing view after another. Long hike but there are not a lot of really steep sections.

It's a moderate hike. The views are fairly good, but not striking or impressive compared to any number of hikes in the Catskills (which are relatively close). Trail can become crowded on weekends.

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