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Hiked this as part of a two day trip this weekend. We hiked up to Icewater Spring shelter to overnight, then went on to Mt LeConte (and down the Alum Cave Trail) the next day. I think this is a total ascent of 1500 feet, rather than what’s listed: check other sources. Some great views along the way on a fairly strenuous hike. There is a nice spring available for water near the shelter, btw. Trail was in good condition. Few people on the trail, at least at this time of year.

4 days ago

Great trail to backpack, did it in 2 nights but can easily be done in 1 imo. There are a few views which are really nice, plus not too many people, plenty of camp spots and ton of water to filter makes this a great beginner backpacking trail . On the second night me and my friend had the shelter all to ourselves which was great, and a short spur from the shelter leads to a beautiful lookout. There is one stream crossing that you cant rock hop over , so youll have to take your boots off, roll up your pants and cross.

Excellent trail. Gorgeous views. Challenging, but by no means brutal.

This place is an awesome hike. It gives you a variety of terrain and surroundings; from pines, to rick out-croppings, and a beautiful stream. Trail is well marked and easy to follow even with leaves down. There are two loops both with some elevation gain, but with switchbacks so they are not bad. Round trip both loops 4.75 miles. Will make this a regular one!

Great views and I enjoyed the fire tower. The negative side was how bad the jigers and mosquitoes got me despite spray! I went back in August and got eaten alive, weeks went back and my skin was still healing! It was the worst in my life!

This was a great trail ... 5 hours and done

Just completed this section this week as my first foray onto the AT. Spectacular views from the balds. Last 6-7 miles to 19e were difficult and challenging. Spent night in Overmountain shelter. Great spot. Plenty of water available on the trail. I agree with other posters that the distance is more the 13.6 miles posted. Absolutely worthwhile trip

Favorite place to hike!

Surprisingly hard. I wasn’t expecting that from OH.

trail running
16 days ago

Ran all 31 miles of trail in about 9 hours with friends. We used pine creek outfitters and got dropped off at the rattlesnake trailhead. Very wet this time of year, and lots of stream crossings, downed logs, etc so it took a little longer than expected. Pumped and purified some water, ate and used restrooms at Bradley Access point, which was perfectly set up about halfway thru our run. Lots of vistas but we missed some of the best ones on the north side because it was dark by the time we got there. Great trail for running this time of year!

Great hike. Nov 03, 2018. Dark and cold start but beat the crowd. Very foggy, pretty cold ( about 22 degrees)
Snow at higher elevations, really pretty. Great hike because it’s up and down. Kinda easygoing and pleasant because it isn’t straight up. Fog cleared lots of great views. My new favorite. It was a Saturday traffic coming out was bad. Peach season Saturday.

16 days ago

Kind of a busy trail, especially for this time of year, parking lot was full. Easier to follow than people are saying here.

16 days ago

Very busy trail, especially for this time of year. Decent campsites, trail wasn't as hard to follow as people are saying here. The night trek in 2 miles was a tad difficult but daytime had no trouble.

19 days ago

Very flat and hardy any rocks or roots on the trail. Very well marked with blazes, but you need to pay attention when it crosses other trails. One note, some of the photos listed are not of this trail, but other parks in Toledo area. There is a camp area on the trail that requires registration and payment ($20/$16 members in 2018) to camp overnight. Free firewood, indoor toilets, a pavilion with a fireplace (can be used unless someone else reserved it) and a dish washing station. There are a lot of boardwalks installed by local boyscouts. However, if it has rained, especially in the spring, your shoes will get very wet.

Love it.

Ran around the lake along the trail last weekend. Was a nice trail. Markings are clear except for north section. I went off trail a few times. Tricky when you come out at Sunday Creek Rd. You have to walk 20-30 meters to your right to see the creek crossing to get you back on the trail. The north section is quite muddy from horses but that is part of trail running. Will go back to run this again.

poorly marked. it would help to be marked some how with all the creek crossings.

Beautiful hike to explore. Great to hike in the fall! Watch your footing though lots of roots.

Awesome trail.

awesome trail, beautiful views. definitely not a beginner hiker's best option. some of the hill climbs are steep, but the trail is well marked and very easy to follow. we took our time & it was about a 4-1/2 hour hike from hells hollow falls to the covered bridge at mcconnels mill. also, we didnt see ANY litter along the whole hike, not did we see many people!

I thought the Alum Cave trail would still be my favorite route up when I planned the Boulevard ascent - I was wrong. I love every minute of this mostly solitary walk in the woods (very little traffic after peeling off at the 2.7 mile mark). From Newfound Gap parking to Myrtle point in 2:45. Spent a considerable amount of time there with the place to myself. Then from Myrtle Point to the Jump Offs (added on my return) and back to the parking lot in 2:40. I was beat by day’s end, but loved every step of my GPS’d 19+ mile day.

29 days ago

Hiked this overnight on 10/13/18-10/14/18. I saw more hikers than expected, but not a ton. The already made campsites were nice. We camped by Jack's Run Creek and the water flow was pretty good. We got a bit turned around about halfway back the loop and got into some beaver damn areas. If you do the same, you've gone just a bit too far if you take the south route where the trail splits. Anyway, very nice trail but be mindful of where you're going and look for trial markers on the trees.

Ran gate to 11 and the trails were perfect as technical trail can be. Be ready to do some climbing

Did this trail as a day hike starting from Rt. 56 and going counterclockwise, saving Mar Har for last.

I consider myself in pretty good physical shape and hoo-boy, did I get my money’s worth. Those with knee issues descending should consider doing Mar Har first (going clockwise from Rt. 56). There a significant evaluation climb and limited descending. Going down was just brutal. My middle aged knees are feeling their oats. Also, this clocked in at 14.3 miles.

If you’re looking for sunny vista views along the AT, make sure you watch the weather and arrive when the weather is best. I did the vista in the morning when it was overcast and then the weather cleared. It was still terrific, but was looking for sunny views.

Overall, this trail is definitely worth the work. Start early and make sure you celebrate appropriately when you’re done.

Really pretty trail with a lot of changes in it’s ‘atmosphere’. There are hills, a lot of different trees, rock formations and a decent size creek. I really enjoyed this trail a lot.

Holy moly - what a hard trail - so fun though! Great hike into the shelter area, camp overnight, and hike back out the next morning. THERE IS NO DRINKING WATER AVAILABLE AT SHELTERS! There is a nice stream very close by though, lots of water available just make sure you bring tablets or a filter and you’ll be good to go :)

Just did this hike Oct 17-18. Took a shuttle from Mountain Harbour B and B to the top of Carvers Gap and hiked back to our car. From the beginning this hike is excellent!! There was a lot of wind so be ready! Great views on several balds to start! We hiked past Overmountain Shelter and over little hump and camped just past little hump in the woods where there were several sites and fire pits! Water sources close by as well. It did get into the upper 20s at night so we were a little chilly! Got up early and headed up Hump Mountain and the 360 degree views were amazing!!! The worst part of the hike was the 5 or so miles after hump back to 19e. Fairly gradual but it was pretty tiring! Would highly recommend this hike!

Tough hike, but gorgeous views make it worth it. The AT isn't marked that great at the spilt with it and grassy knoll. For a first timer it's easy to miss.

Nice day hike with views

The Gorge Overlook was a pleasant, easy trail. It gets crowded by Old Man’s Cave. Recommend to go early morning to beat the crowds.

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