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Trail had some absolutely beautiful views however was extremely steep at several points and was quite strenuous. My group was experienced and we have done a fair amount of hiking - we all felt it was probably the most difficult hike we have ever done. if you do this hike, bring extra water, count on climbing over rocks and plan extra time. It is not for the faint of heart!

Great hike. Took a little under 4 hours to complete. We went clockwise, I think that was easier with the elevation climb. Saw tons of banana slugs and salamanders (or newts?). Go early, the park fills up fast.

This was my first hike after 7 years break. I could able to complete the hike. Nice scenic view in between the hike . Definitely will go again..

Absolutely amazing trail to hike! Recommend bringing lots of water and snacks with you. Great if you want to hike solo or with a group. Met a lot of awesome and friendly people on the trail. Will definitely be hiking it again soon.

Definitely a workout! As for someone who isn’t in that great of a shape, it proved a little difficulty. There is some areas of incline and boy did it kick my butt. But I’m glad I decided to do this trail. Gorgeous falls, redwood trees and banana slugs! Took us about 5hrs w/a lunch break.

very steep and a great workout. Did this trail with my dad and 3 year old daughter, had a ton of fun. The view is beautiful and the arduous trip up the mountain.

Fantastic trail. Beautiful waterfalls and awesome redwood trees all along. Carry lots of water. Not for beginners though.

9 days ago

Hike clockwise to have lake views as you hike and easier descent. Be careful of poison oak

Hike was great. I would rate this as moderate to hard. Weather was so awesome today.

Beautiful hike, especially after the recent rains.

Trails are a bit of a challenge because of recent rains and the creek being a bit higher and covering some trails. There is extensive poison oak. Long pants are highly recommended.

Went back a week later with the grandkids to show them the cool fall and cave at the base of the trail. They had lots of fun and didn’t have to go on a trail to get there. This was a plus because there is a ton of poison oak.

The PGE trail is a service road, not a trail, so be prepared for steep, exposed, and not real fun, but some good views. The high meadow trail is beautiful, definitely will do again. This loop is hot and exposed, bring plenty of water. Was so disappointed to see lots of food litter on the trail. Leave no trace, please!!

Great Trail

This was an intense hike up a mountain! It’s definitely a strenuous hike—especially if you haven’t hiked “up” a mountain lately. Very narrow path on one part of the loop. Lots of poison oak—wear long pants! Beautiful spring flowers peppered the trail. Lovely views of Lake Berryessa. ❤️ It took my group and me 5-hrs to complete the loop, but we were the slowest group out there, stopped for lots of photos, and sat and had a snack at the peak for ~20 mins. Enjoy!

The view from the top was breathtaking and right off the start the waterfall is at the bottom. Directions were confusing. Lots of poison oak all around you and on the trees. Right above the waterfall there is a bridge it leads you up to two separate paths if you take the right it takes you to where the bench is and to the left overpassing the creek it takes you to the swing!
Easy to moderate but long loop we never completed

This trail was more intense than I expected, and surprisingly warm given that I did it in the winter! Stunning views. If you do the whole loop, you end up going up and down the ridge line. Sometimes the trail got pretty rocky but there are red markers all along it. We went counter clockwise, and ended up taking the stairs down to where we parked, and I preferred this more than having to go up them. We descended in the warm afternoon and there was plenty of shade cover that way down. Going up was steeper and more exposed. It took us 4 hours including photo and water/snack breaks, and will definitely be returning.

Amazing 4.5 mile hike!!!! There’s 3 miles of pure sun! Take fluids. Pack sodium. Snacks. Bring a mini umbrella if you can’t bear being in that hot sun while climbing up. It was 78 degrees when I went and it was pretty brutal. They have to rescue so many people each year due to heat stroke. Just be careful, please! But enjoy that view! Stunning. Beautiful. Worth it!

Gets really hard on the ridge side of the trail. But the view is amazing

22 days ago

Totally family friendly. My 5 and 6 year old daughters completed this hike in a little over 5.5 hours. Beautiful scenery and trails. The falls were flowing great after a week of rain. Came across a turtle, banana slugs and “troll” rocks close to the falls. Great hike

Just finished this hike today in under 4.5 hours. I enjoyed it but I do not think I will ever do this trail again or recommend it. While the falls were great, the overall trail felt repetitive.

Try to go early if you can because there is rarely any shade at all. It’s an uphill battle the whole way so be prepared wear a hat, take waters the whole deal. Took us about an hour and a half going up to the top but we kept stopping might be able to finish faster if u can go nonstop. I’ve been on many hikes and this has been the hardest.

Must be in shape or you will pay the price. Great workout, uphill challenges... rock obsticles before the shade. Must start early and have water n snacks.

Its tricky so pay attention to your map/gps on alltrails app. I took the wrong route and ended up uphill and I did 16 miles roundtrip in 7 hours. I was soooooo tired I couldn’t handle it anymore the last 3 miles. Falls are gorgeous!

Also if you take the skyline trail you will see a gorgeous treehouse. Would do it again. Take lots of water/electrolytes for the boost.

Great trail, step-ish climb on both side going up or coming down. Trail is kept maintained pretty well. There are a few low hanging trees but all it good on a hike! Probably not a great spot mid summer to the heat but spring and fall for sure!

Really fun. Going in early spring really is best because in the summer it would be way too exposed and hot. We took Blue ridge/Annie’s trail up, and Homestead back down so we had the stairs at the end. Views over the lake were very nice, and the trail coming back is so cool! I did see a lot of poison oak so just be aware of what you’re touching.

1 month ago

I hiked this loop trail on St. Joseph’s
Day, and I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. If you have the chance to hike this trail, now is a great time to do it (once it stops raining). The mountains are dressed in green with pops of color from wildflowers and blossoming trees. The butterflies and bees were out as well enjoying the last day of winter. Look for the trailhead on the back end of the larger parking lot. I recommend taking the Blue Ridge Trail going up and the Homestead Trail coming down. Thus, when you get to the intersection of the two trails shortly after you emerge from the tunnel, follow the Blue Ridge Trail on the right. Then, you will have to cross the creek; head towards the trail marker sign on the opposite bank. Going this route, I would classify this hike as a solid moderate. Budget 4 hours for this hike if you go at a leisurely pace, stopping occasionally to take photos or a sip of water (bring at least 40 oz on a mild spring day; you may want to bring more water if you go during the heat of summer). Also, start the hike early so that you can do much of the uphill portion (without much shade) while you’re still fresh and in the cool light of morning. Then, you can reach the scenic view of Lake Berryessa quicker and enjoy the shade and calming sound of flowing water as you take the Homestead Trail back to the parking lot.

This is a great and scenic hike. I would recommend doing early in the day before it gets hot as others have said. At least half of the hike is completely exposed with no shade, which provides for some great views, but it also gets hot. I would also recommend taking the trail clockwise so you are walking in to the views while you are on top of the ridge, instead of away from them.

Nice moderate hike with lots of interesting wild flowers along the way. Scenic view of the valley. The Deer Hollow Farm at the end was a nice touch with all the baby goats and sheeps. Overall, great hike for family!

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I have ever done.

Outstanding day. Started with a slow walk up the north end. Once on the ridge it was on. Like riding a dirt bike on a mountain side. Get off your but and do it. Push your self. Get out of your comfort zone.

Many were saying to do this hike counter clockwise. The Ranger said to do it clockwise because of the stairs at Silver Falls. Glad we listened to the Ranger and went clockwise. Those stairs are steep, and glad we went up them instead of down. There was a sign warning of a strenuous 6 hour hike ahead at the beginning. I really didn't think it would be strenuous for me since I hike every weekend, but boy was I wrong. It was a little strenuous, especially the last 3-4 miles. My legs just ached at this point I really just had to push through. Beautiful hike and I would totally do it again. Took us about 6 hours, including a long hour break at the falls to eat and take pictures.

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