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It was fun kinda hard at first but going up but after it was awesome views. Be careful tho we found a rattle snake close to the houses by the little library!!!!!

trail running
1 day ago

It is about 6 miles total from the parking area. Very very rocky in the beginning. Almost impossible to run. It’s worth it as you get to the summit and then a great run back to the parking area. Running up to the summit is really hard at a high altitude! Beautiful area!

This trail is garbage. Over crowded, 2/3 of it is just up hill desert then you can arrive to the basic bitch selfie waterfall where your sure to find some bro tanks and hydro flasks. Make sure you write the proper hash tags you cunts. #wonderlust #getoutdoors . Oh and fat people you won’t even make it to the tree line the herd of cattle really thins about 1/2 way up.

2 days ago

Got pretty hot, pretty quick. we did the loop in reverse so the dogs could play in the water. great trail.

2 days ago

Easy to get lost on the way back cause of all the side trails, but overall great hike really felt it in the calves.

off road driving
2 days ago

It was a fun trail. It was a bit narrow for a full size truck, but still doable. I was disappointed that Hunter Lake was a green field. I would do it again in the spring.

Amazing wild flowers end of June through July

6 days ago

trail was good and clear . paradise lake phenomenal like always

on Donner Lake Rim Trail

7 days ago

I followed the advices and went on the real trail, not the dirt road. Definitely better, well worth it!

The trail starts of fairly rocky and smoothed out again until you get closer to the top. Very nice scenery throughout the hike. View from the top is a nice payoff. No water so bring what you’ll need plus food. Did it in early July and saw lots of wild flowers. Well marked. Hard to get lost. It took us three hours with stops.

9 days ago

Great trek today. Up and back in four hours. Stopped several times to talk with other hikers.

9 days ago

This was a fun hike with a friend. Lots of great views and the weather was perfect since we live in the valley. Nice day trip to get out of the heat and get in some fun exercise. Would definitely do it again.

It’s for the most part all up I have done this one several times always great but it feels like it never ends

13 days ago

I was worried that this trail would be too advanced for me, since it was my first ever solo backpacking trip. But it was AWESOME. Like Weston said (in the reviews), the wildflowers were in FULL AND AWESOME bloom. There were lots of people at the lake, which may have just been because of the weekend after 4th of July, but one of the groups was super loud. I'd go during the week if you're going on peak season. Oh, and I went through about an ounce of bug spray. The mosquitoes are there to eat you alive. But the trail was fantastic, the meadows were amazing, the hills were manageable and fun, and overall, it was a trip I would happily take again.
You can still hear the freeway from the 80 most of the way up there, and there are planes overhead. It's hard to dock a star for that because, well, life is life. But I'll be looking for more off-the-beaten-track trails in the future.

13 days ago

Easy short hike. Was a bit confused as to where the hike started so we had to walk up a road for a good while until we found the trailhead. Once we got out to see the lake it was worth it. Saw very few people on the hike which was nice but a lot of people on the beach, but it was Saturday so I didn’t really expect any different. Very pretty views of the lake and creeks nearby.

trail running
13 days ago

Shaded and well marked 10+ mile trail run. Super fun and not too technical. Loved being in the trees.

WARNING: once you get past Warren Lake the trail is extremely overgrown and difficult to find. I was tracking with the AllTrails app the best I could but ended up in some dangerous situations making a few bad, and really unsafe, decisions. Not smart.

So if you do this hike- and I HIGHLY recommend that you do because it is freaking gorgeous- consider making it an In-and-out from Warren Lake.

15 days ago

Great hike into the Donner/Castle Peak high country. Beautiful open meadows and views of Granite Chief to the south.Once up at the saddle between the overlook and Castle Peak you are presented with unspoiled Sierra back country. The view of Frog lake is a nice resting area. On my way back down I noticed a single track moving toward Castle peak and decided to try and link up to the traditional Castle Peak trail via this route. The track was hard to follow once in the forest but did take to the base of the peak. Could not find a solid route to Castle Peak Proper but it added a few more miles and more beautiful views. A+

Checked out this trail and did an overnight on 4 July. The trail itself is very good. Well marked and easy to navigate with a few uphill moments that’ll get you sweating. Not many viewpoints, but the trail fully immerses you in Tahoe National Forest and there are three meadows with tons of flowers. My issue was the end state at the lake. The campsite is free and pretty small so it fills up quickly. They also have fire pits and bear canisters so that’s nice. But the campsite is also accessible by car, meaning that over holidays and long weekends it becomes a party. There’s also an off-roading trail that goes through the campsite so expect to see lots of trucks and jeeps kicking up dust. There is also a strange amount of traffic that comes in and out of the site throughout the night. And overall it was a pretty dirty campsite, with cigarette butts and dog crap all over. If that’s your jam, then party on Garth. But if you’re like me and want some solitude after a long day on the trail, check out other lakes like Aloha, Echo, Clyde and Paradise.

Awesome completely picturesque hike — tons of scenery and views. I love the start from campground on south side of 80. Frog lake overlook is stunning! (Trail signs don’t say Frog Lake — they say summit and warren). Only ding is noise from 80 as a distant backdrop — but still a solid 5-Star review.

I linked up with Castle Peak. As others have said, the trail across the ridge is not easy to follow starting about halfway (no big deal because there’s the ridge-line and the terrain is easy) — but then it disappears at the big rocky step up to the plateau on which the 3 towers sit. That part is absolutely sketchy and dangerous due to scrabbly rock on steep slopes — and no discernible trail. Worse, several bits look “trail-like” that lead to exposed moves which lead to dead ends — and backtracking those same exposed moves.

I eventually cleared the first bit (30 mins hunting around, contemplating risky moves, considering going back), then climbed down and under the second set of cliffs and then regained the path by scrambling up through a broad chute. Either go with someone who knows this section or be prepared for a challenge.


After that — smooth sailing. Great little climbs up the towers (the east tower is climbable on east face (exposed class 4 for 50 feet). Middle tower easily climbed from the center as you face from the south. Great views, exhilarating drops on the back side.

Hike down is OK - good views but sun-exposed and loose footling at places near the top.

Great hike as advertised. Lots of wild flowers and spectacular views.

Great hike !

Relatively easy walk, with a few rocky places. The waterfall is worth the trek.

Great trail; not for beginners. Shady towards the end. I clocked it at 8-mile in & out hike to the falls. The Falls were awesome and well worth the uphill climb!

Beautiful hike! Good workout. Stunning views.

23 days ago

Uphill almost all the way. Well marked until you hit dusty Jeep road, then it isn’t. A loud motorcycle joined me for the dusty Jeep road part. Some parts of hike are lovely with great views of Donner Lake. I didn’t make it all the way to Summit Lake - too much dusty hot up up up. Some freeway noise for about half of hike.


25 days ago

Great views of the lake, easy hike

26 days ago

I hiked this but it looks like a great mountain biking trail. The first half was easy, second was moderate (more easy than moderate). I started at 8:30am on a Saturday and only ran into one other hiker and ~7 bikers so there were less people than I expected since this trail is so close to Truckee. Only one view point, but it's a nice walk through the trees. Perfect amount of sun/shade for hot days. Nice long hike but I was ready for it to be over due to the lack of views. I'm glad I had the AllTrails map since there are a couple tricky trail turns that aren't well marked.

27 days ago

Nice enough hike with some good views of the surrounding mountains.

It is a single file track for most of the trail so some basic trail etiquette would make this hike more enjoyable for everyone. But no such luck. Yielding to uphill traffic, packing out dog poop or even a simple "hello" seem to be altogether foreign concepts on this trail. We did this on a Monday when it was relatively quiet, I would definitely not do this on a weekend when lots of people compound the trail etiquette issue.

The notable pleasant exceptions to the above we encountered were PCT hikers and a handful of very friendly Europeans.

Who this trail is for: people looking for a workout instead of their usual gym and do not care about hiking as such.
Who this trail is not for: Anyone looking for inspiration or who enjoys hiking. Keep looking elsewhere because you are not missing anything by skipping the Mount Judah Loop Trail.

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