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Amazing place! Looking forward to a spring hike once the weather warms. Beautiful, tranquil, lush and rugged. Ideal place for photography!

Nice little hike with some elevation, but not much in the way of views. Trail was marked with signs and easy to follow. It was a bit muddy, but nothing you can't easily maneuver around. The trail has you go clockwise, which puts the creek views near the end of the hike.

19724 Stratford Lane is address for google map directions. Small parking lot plenty of signs to follow to get you to devils prop. Unfortunately as beautiful as the rock formations & creek are. The site has been vandalized and littered. There are no trails markings. If you are in the area stop by. But I wouldn’t drive far for this one.

I went early in the morning without any issues. No one was there besides myself. Due to heavy litter and vandalism I wouldn’t hike in late evening or at nighttime.

7 days ago

Really pretty area. This was hidden gem you would never find without online mapping. There are no trail markers, Park signs, or any information available at the site, but google maps takes you right to it. The road to get there is poorly maintained which can do damage to commuter cars if the driver is not careful. Falls are at the head of the trail with approximately 3/4 mile loop which leads down around the bluffs over bedrock trails to the base of the falls and cataracts. The trail is poorly demarcated in most places and is a struggle to find the correct path but it is not easy to get lost due to the trail following the canyon. Finding the loop was tricky, as it is a much more advanced climb than the trail leading down to the falls which involves scrambling over rocks and a ledge crawl over the top of the falls. Though it was passable with me and my 60 year-old-mother. We went on March 14th which fed the falls with snow melt providing beautiful views and a nice brisk hike. Though we were both a little winded after climbing up the backside of the falls, I'd definitely recommend this hike. Expect to spend 30 minutes to an hour depending on your speed and agility.

I started at the trail to the dam, ended up at a fork to where you could go see the dam or take the turkey creek trail. I went towards the dam and then went down turkey creek a little ways but couldn’t find where you cross the river so I turned around. It is a little rugged but my dog and I made it just fine. I would like to go back and try and find out where the crossing is.

on Burden Falls

17 days ago

Beautiful, excellent views, wish trail was better marked. going down wasn't to bad but unable to find trail out and had to back track up a very steep hill.

19 days ago

Great workout. Beautiful scenery.
Really enjoyed this hike.

Nice quick hike to with the added bonus of getting some All Trails points ;- ]
With: Donna Tomlinson and Matt Tomlinson

It's a nice, easy stroll. The bluffs are all at one end of the trail so depending on the direction you go, you're either waiting to see bluffs or wondering if you'll see any more bluffs.

The canyons and stream were beautiful. You're going to need to wear waterproof shoes after a ton of rain as the streams are not at all easy to cross here.

Great trail. Make sure you get a permit from the Crab Orchard visitor's center.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. On the strenuous side of moderate. So worth it for great features. No traffic noise. Seriously quiet, except for occasional gunfire from what I hope are firing ranges (heads up for those with PTSD). Water may be a challenge in the spring. Looking forward to it.

Most of the trail is moderate but does become a bit steeper and rocky as you climb up the ridge then it levels out. The terrain changes when you get to the west section of the trail and very pretty. I advise hiking boots and if you're not in moderate condition you might find this trail a bit challenging. It's one of my favorite trails because of light traffic.

I only did a mile and turned back because I have bad ankles. The trail was pretty but not out of the ordinary from what I saw. Luckily the ground was frozen because had it been wet or damp I would have been slipping and sliding all over due to the slopes and slants.

1 month ago

Lots of different trails from paved to bluff side.

I loved that rock formations and the view was breathtaking!!

I go here just about every other week and of you go in near Frank's tract, the path is marked well and there are wooden signs to guide you. awesome hike. after secret canyon I suggest following trail 457 to trail 481 and you can see saltpeter cave on your way back

1 month ago

Really enjoyed the trail. Beautiful

1 month ago

Great scenery in this area - make sure you do both sides of the river and go all the way to the dam on both sides - the one side will take you to an old mine entrance

Looks like it will be a cool trail, however far too muddy today to hike it.

Camped here as well. Good times.

One of my favorite hikes in Missouri.

Beautiful on 01/05/18
Ice falls are awesome

2 months ago

One of our favorite spots in town to get away & grab a quick hike.

nature trips
2 months ago

Beautiful creek with lots of crawfish, turtles & tadpoles.

Beautiful canyon with lots of little waterfalls. Unmarked trails

2 months ago

Jackson Falls is better in my opinion. Burden is really easy to get to, with parking literally 10 feet away.

Nice trail close to home. Great for a warm December day.

3 months ago

Nice trail that is very well marked. A lot of the trail is just walking through the woods but when you reach the bluffs they are pretty impressive. The sandstone rock bluffs have very unique patterns in them. The waterfall was dry but pretty and I'm sure would be impressive as well if caught after a good rain.

loved this trail but one of the trails was really hard to follow with all the leaves. trails are not marked.

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