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5 days ago

Absolutely fabulous hike! Not really difficult, but can be a little muddy and slippery at parts. I highly suggest going all the way to the turtleback waterfall. Also, try going on the rocks (dry ones) that are a little bit off-path to get really good shots. We were warned about copperheads, but did not encounter any.

I proposed to my wife on Babel Towers 25 years ago. Went back today with our daughter and her finance. Beautiful day!

Went after a heavy rain and waterfalls was amazing!!

This trail starts in Gorges State Park (but eventually leaves the park property). Drive past the Visitors Center and down the hill to the large, paved parking lot. Downhill from the trailhead the trail splits - left is the Raymond Fisher Trail and right is the Rainbow Falls Trail. Go right. On the trail there are two creek crossings. The first is a shallow and easy two stepper but the second is a deeper six stepper. I made it across without poles. Rainbow Falls has two nice viewing areas (one farther away to take in the full view and one up close to feel the mist). Turtleback Falls is where all of the swimmers go to slide down the falls. There is no formal viewing area there but the large boulders are easy to climb and navigate and afford great views. Both waterfalls are particularly picturesque.

One of my favorite hikes. Busy in the summertime, but well worth it for how short it is!

19 days ago

It’s goes up and then up some more! Then up more!

Great hike to see two amazing waterfalls, Rainbow Falls and Turtelback Falls. Moderate to strenuous 3.9 mile trail beginning at Gorges State Park. Rainbow Falls is a super beautiful fall and incredible to see, while Turtelback is a great swimming hole area and water slide for the adventurous.

Great family hike! Moderate difficulty - mostly downhill to the falls so more difficult on the return. Bring water shoes if you plan to take a dip at the base of either falls . We slid off turtleback falls (which is not for the faint of heart) - and we swam at the base of rainbow falls. Lots of hikers and swimmers today.

The Rainbow falls trail was amazing. Plenty of waterfalls to be seen, a few are found off the main trail. The actual trail is wide enough to hike in groups. There are a ton of swim holes, as long as you are down from Rainbow. The main attraction is a great waterfall with a large cliff and high walls next to it. Trees appear to have been cut down to block the trail to the top of the falls, and signs are posted for safety. Over all a great day of hiking, swimming, and picture taking.

beautiful trail would go again

Has a nice visitors center w/ a gift shop. Life size Lincoln logs area. Several picnic areas around the hike. Steep climb but has sturdy steps & structures to get you to the top of the waterfall

28 days ago

Very nice trail! Great scenery and fine rest spots. There are some great camping spots along the trail but not on it.
I did it bare foot, as I do most trails, I'm not sure if I'd recommend that to everyone but give it a shot.
The road to the trail itself is also a lot of fun... I did it in a 20 yo 4 door sedan; everyone else in the parking lot had a truck. If it was wet at all that day I would have been stuck there so keep that in mind.

Fun hike. The waterfall portion gets a little crowded, but views are amazing. Did not run into anybody on the HQ portion.

Great Hike, would definitely do durning the hot summer months. So many creek crossings and small spots to swim!! I never really got hot and I started about 1 pm. Technically I’d rate a 6, the first mile is the hardest. Toughness I’d rate a 5 due to low elevation gains. Keep in mind I’m in great shape, logged 45 miles of trail in June and so far 28 in July so someone who maybe doesn’t hike as much might find it difficult. Plenty of beautiful fonta and flora in July. You can get a sense of the hike on my YouTube channel HikingFumbles. Happy Trails!!

Beautiful falls, great hike!

1 month ago

This trail leads to the North Harper Creek Falls about 1 mile down the trail (tr. #266, blue rectangle marked). I would rate this trail as hard because it's mostly downhill with lots of exposed roots, slanted rock outcrops to carefully cross, and four Creek Crossing. When you get to the top of the falls make sure you go straight across to the south side to the trail that leads to the bottom of the Falls. But definitely worth the hike!

Very hard hike and the waterfall wasn’t amazing to me. But it was probably just because the time I went.

Great hike. Kinda busy on a hot day but I wouldn’t have considered it crowded at any time. Falls were impressive. I definitely went over the falls for a nice refreshing 55 degree cooldown lol.
Tons of places to peel off and just sit by the rapids and find your inner zen.

Excellent trail well worth the hike. Go during the week. Early morning is best. If not be prepared for large crowds of swimmers. Hiked it in about 2.5 hrs and that was with stopping for some pics. Make sure to hit both falls as the 2nd one is only a short hike from rainbow.

Great afternoon hike with a spectacular view of the falls. There are a few stop offs on the way to the base that are excellent for swimming.

Beautiful waterfalls! Lots of people...

This trail starts with a bit of a muddy and rocky decline, but soon you’ll start to hear the rapids before you come upon the AMAZING rainbow falls. Wow. What a force of nature. Go to the viewing platform to get a good misting before continuing on to Turtleback falls. These falls are also beautiful and can be fun to play in but beware! Unfortunately people have been swept away doing this. I would like to note that this is a HIKE to waterfalls. Please bring water and appropriate footwear. I saw many people without supplies and wearing flip flops on this trail and they were struggling.

Easy to moderate. Great views.

Great trail with difficulty but worth every bit of it. Be prepared with proper shoes and water supply. Had a wonderful day!

Non stop push, and then there is more if you want to keep going on along the crest. Amazing viewpoint about halfway up. A few small campsites before you reach deep gap. Signs up of recent bear activity at deep gap, I didn't see any. Rocks make it pretty technical toward the top of the ridge. Water source around midway was flowing but cant guarantee in dry conditions. Rhododendrons in bloom, moist conditions had the newts and salamanders active. Got hammered by a heavy downpour about 2.5 miles up, trail was still manageable. Don't expect much better time than about 2 miles an hour at best. Past 5500' you can feel the temps drop. This climb will keep your eyes straight down and heart rate up. Not a beginner trail so come ready.

Love this hike. I have been on this hike numerous times. Many things to look at along the way. Took it with a group from our church. Love the falls and the water. It was great for hanging out for the day in the ENO.

On our way back to Pittsburgh from Atlanta we stopped to go hiking and swim at the falls! It was really hilly but definitely a good work out and not difficult. Sliding down the falls was so fun and the people there hiking were all so nice. The views of both falls were amazing and definitely worth the walk! Bring your bathing suit!!!

1 month ago

Really great hike, beautiful view of falls

Loved it! Go early in the day on a weekday.

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