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De nueva cuenta pero con la mejor compañía: La Perla

24 days ago

Beautiful trek around the lake. Next time I’ll bring my swimsuit because there’s lots of private coves and you can rent boats and paddle boards.

Fuí un día después de llover. El arroyo llevaba agua. Caminé por el arroyo, ví venados, coatíes, coyotes y gatos monteses devorando a un cervatillo. Fue una gran experiencia.

1 month ago

Easy Trail, oak trees, pines etc just awesome

1 month ago

The main goal was to swim in the lake and we got started really late so it was already rather warm, didn't do the whole trail nut what we did do was easy enough.

Steep hike up to the cave entrance, but totally worth it to explore the cave! Well marked switchback trail with steps. The cave is about a 30’ scramble down to get in and then easy to wander all the way to its end (600’ back). Great stalagmites and stalactites (unfortunate that people over the years have snapped off most of the smaller ones from the ceiling. Grrrrrr). Even with outside temps of 85°, it is a cool 68° in the cave year-round.

Lights: we used headlamps (and brought two flashlights for backup). Definitely needed them. The cave is pitch black - your cellphone flashlight will NOT be enough.

Great trail, love the park!!

5 months ago

Good trail. Many nice little alcoves for the dogs and I to enjoy.

5 months ago

Nice hike around the lake. Plenty of places to stop, relax, eat some food or what have you. We had 2 dogs and our 6 year old on this one. Trail gets a little narrow at times, but no real issues.

Took the kids today for spring break 2018 and they loved it! The cave was awesome and any trail with lots of climbing rocks is a hit with them. The are 7 and 9. We did the whole thing in about two hours(including exploring the cave)

Beautiful lake hike!

What a beautiful hike. The creek was flowing thanks to a recent snow, and we were serenaded by gurgling water the entire way. The trail was nice, rocky in spots but easy to follow. Highly recommend this hike.

One of my most favorite spots. It is amazing! Bring sunscreen!

7 months ago

We hiked around the entire lake today, 2.87 or 2.97 miles according to my friends GPS tracker., I think entire hike only took a couple of hours, maybe slightly longer. The first half of the trail was pretty easy. After we crossed the dam it got a little trickier, definitely some slippery spots with lots of loose rocks, etc. We (4 adults, 2 large dogs), found our way around the entire lake staying near the shore. The trail was mostly easy to see & follow. The water level was quite low, I’m not sure we would’ve been able to do this if water level had been higher. Though our dogs did great & loved the adventure there were times we had to send one adult ahead, release the dog to manage the terrain on their own & then the other adult would follow. Maybe other hikers are used to this but we weren’t so I’m not sure I would recommend this hike with dogs & I definitely wouldn’t take younger children on the 2nd half of this hike. All in all we really enjoyed the hike & it was beautiful.

This trail is more like 7.5 miles in and back, and a bit more if you clamber up the tailings and get to the mine head. Watch your step though. It can be very slippery. That aside, it's a great trail through some fairly unique rockscapes. First mile or so is very gradual, with great views as the gulch starts to close in around you. After that it's a steadily increasing uphill until the bottom of the ore chute, which is a sight to see. Last few hundred feet, as I said above, are very steep and treacherous, probably should avoid if you have a dog, but if you do go up, keep a sharp eye for the old dugout cabin. Great views of the valley below, and interesting remnants of a fascinating former world.

Really cool cave...trail is short but steep at parts. Brought my four year old and six year old daughters did well. Rocks in the trail can be loose and footing slippery at times but overall not too bad.

Beautiful hike with stunning views. Best hike in southern Arizona.

Really short hike, but the cave is great! Definitely need to have flashlights with you.

10 months ago

Beautiful views.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One of AZ' best

Monday, May 08, 2017

Great hike! 500 ft elevation change over a short distance. The cave is fun to explore. Remember to bring a flashlight and watch for bats.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

not many other hikers out during the summer hours.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trail is closer to 4.91 miles if you take the lower trail that hugs the lake coast. Walked it with my dog and 20 lb pack in about 1:45 minutes taking a few shortcuts where the lake had receded around the coves. When you get to to parker canyon marina and are facing the lake, if you go left it seems as if the trail is a little easier but it veers away from the lake so there are not as many spots to go fishing. You will arrive at the spillway sooner. If you go to the right, there are many more coves and trail is closer to the lake overall making fishing access easier. Seems the fishing crowd thinned out after about 2 miles when heading to the right.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

I did this hike a while back as I could see the waterfall running from my house, which is about 8 miles away as the crow fly's. This is a seasonal falls, which only runs after a good rain or lots of winter snow melt. This would be the only time it's worth going in here too, as the off trail section is kinda rough. You start by driving down the Proctor road in Madera Canyon about 1.6 miles and there will be a place to park on your right. We parked there and began to walk. There is an old road that you will follow first as you head towards the mountains. We walked the road for about .6 miles and then broke away towards the ridge to the south of the road. I picked the path of least resistance so to speak, in an effort to get to a place where you would have a nice view of the falls on the other side of that ridge. This is the stretch that is a little difficult and not for everyone. I also listed the dates to hike as winter months, as I would not want to be out here in the heat of summer, whether the falls were running or not. I also listed it as difficult due to the cross country section. The first part on the road is as easy as it gets. Once you round the ridge top, the falls will come into view and are worth seeing when they have a good run off happening. We sat on the south facing slope and took in the view for a while before returning the same way. There had been a pretty heavy snow fall prior and that's what produced the run off. This is for the adventurous type, and you can see this falls with binoculars from Green Valley, so scope it out first to see if it's running before trekking in here.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Narrow trail but well worn. We didn't see another person the whole hike. The trail could be dangerous but we did it with our kids aging from 10 to 15. Spectacular views.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

A great trail and easy-moderate hike. Has varying terrain, and wonderful views. We took a dog and had no issues whatsoever. The beginning of the hike from the marina had more visitors, but once we passed the first mile we had the trail to ourselves. We were lucky to have great weather. The only tricky part is getting around the spillway, but its not that bad.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Trail is pretty easy and decent once you get closer to the lake. Weeds are tall, don't wear shorts lol. Past the damn however, it gets kind of dangerous especially if you have your dog with you (she almost fell into a ditch). Trail gets difficult, not well marked, narrow, rocky, inclines, etc. Would not go past halfway around the lake again! It was challenging getting back. Had to find a dirt road above and walked the main road instead after a long while.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

nice hike good for kids

Monday, September 12, 2016

Beautiful views!!! The lookout cabin is not there anymore, it burnt down a few years ago in the last forest fire.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Great camping and mountain biking!!!

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