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Beautiful weather accompanied our beautiful hike today! Followed the trails down to the beach to be greeted by such a stunning view of the Olympic Mountains. The trails were well marked and gorgeous to say the least.

Great local hidden gem. Trail is clearly mark along the way. There are about 6 different trails in this system. You can hike down to beach, or along the river in a forest of maples.

Good trail. It's a complex system of about 20 trails so take a picture of the map at the trail head. Very easy to get disoriented. We took the trail in the east side of the road up to sugar loaf view. Stunning! Very dog friendly

11 days ago

Took my dog hiking on sunny day March 5th,2019 from Rosario Headland to the Lighthouse at Bowman. Gorgeous views all around. We did about 5 miles go and back. It was lovely.

Short easy hike, with amazing views went last weekend when it was super clear out.

Recommend going on a clear day otherwise I don’t know how the views would be

Perfect short hike for kids and/or dogs. Nothing difficult, with beautiful views, so it's not easy not to want to stop regularly to take it in. some cliff areas for those with height issues.

Fun in and out. Not too many people on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Passed a cub scout pack which was nice to see. Some of the trails were manageably icy. Some were sloshy. Overall, though, very scenic view of the Olympics and Hood Canal. Spring will be beautiful as the wildlife awakens. I’d consider it a one and done with so many other paths to find. But worth the trek.

3/2/19 - Perfectly Clear day and Amazing views. It a great training hike. The trail systems is pretty extensive and not terribly marked I add in #21 on the way back trying for a tiny bit more distance - all in all I got 6.5 miles; partly because I wandered to all the lookouts. I wasn’t wasting the trip up and clear day.
If you drove to the top of Mt Erie the road is still REALLY icy- I watched a Subaru slide back down when he gave it a go.

Great short hike for views! Best for sunrise, great incline workout with minimal switchbacks!

1 month ago

This was a wonderful little hike. Muddy in spots due to the time of year but stunning views.

One of my favorites! It was pretty soggy today. I wore rain boots and my fiance wore some sturdy hiking shoes. We were both just fine :) The only difficulty was directly after the bridge was under a couple inches of water, but there were some logs laid down for you to walk on. Beautiful!

Its a beautiful hike, short, steep great views. Really nice at the top. My only negative is all of the off leash dogs; they aren’t cute, please leash your dog or leave them at home.

Lots of seals. Great spot to photograph the bride

mud boots recommended for occasional ankle deep water and mud today. thanks to the person who made this suggestion.

Really easy hike! Most people go for the stump house but the beach offers beautiful views, as well. Especially in the fall.

Trail was soaked in water

forgot to write a review, went when it was a sunny day and made it down to the stump house, looked around saw the beach cabin that was used long ago, trail was easy to navigate and it was a nice walk in the woods

Decent little walk through the woods. The stump house is pretty cool, the trail is basically a road though.

4 months ago

Excellent views at the top and then drops into a tree dense hilly trail. Trail are very good workout.

Beautiful and easy family hike. Make sure you check the stomp house!

Walked up the Erie Mountain Drive to trail 26 and took it. Branched off at trail 216 to go to the Mount Erie lookout. Walked the road all the way back down. Round trip, it was 5.7 km. Nice short hike. I'd say the trail is maybe moderate in difficulty..? We didn't have any trouble with it. Views from the top were incredible. We hit it on a sunny day with low-lying cloud below the lookout - just gorgeous!

Hiked the trail today and it was an absolutely beautiful day. Trail was in great condition and was a nice moderate level. Would highly recommend.

Beautiful view. We even saw some seals in the water at the bluff overlook. Definitely a leg workout! Took along kids ages 8-18 and our dog. Great hike!

The beach was such a pleasant surprise.

Uphill but paths are nicely maintained. It takes about 30 minutes to get from the parking lot to the Sugarloaf viewpoint.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I had some trouble finding where to start on this trail. Essentially, you start by a Porta Potty. I had to have the trail map open in this app to make sure I was in the right path, but once I got going it was pretty straight forward!

Hiking by a lake in the summer is ideal because I can take a dip while stopping for lunch. I would say go for it!

Took my daughter on this hike and it was doable for a 10-year old. The last part of the trail up to the top of Erie is a bit tricky for the less experienced. Also, as others have said, the trail system can be very confusing if you have not been on the trail before. Views were good, but not great because of smoke/haze.

Did this hike today with my 4 yr old and 6 month old. My 4yr old walked almost the whole thing. Fun to swim at the end. Millions of tiny crabs. There where a few people on the trail down. We hike the trail down and took the road back to make it a loop.

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