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15 minutes ago

Drove up to do this and it was ridiculously crowded. Definitely go early if you don't want to wait in a massive line of cars for parking. 360 views of Bar Harbor as you go around the loop and plenty of photo ops. Lots of rock edges where you can get different views/angles etc or just sit and have lunch.

Great little hike. A bit confusing because of Mt. Bald, I thought the trail would continue but u have to return back to the turn off and continue on the Artists bluff trail. Very steep up to Mt. Bald and not very dog friendly. I had to lift my little guy down a couple of times. Amazing views though, for a short distance.

Decent views; very crowded

Beautiful scenery, great mix of inclines flat trails and plenty of other hikers along the trail to say hi to or show a quick smile. Took my two teenagers with me, and even after a few huffs and puffs, they were eager to keep going and very proud to get to the top.
Even though they said they wouldn’t do it again(big surprise), I will gladly do this again and be as happy doing it like the first time.
Definitely worth the trip and exercise!

Easy hike with 360 views for stunning sunrises and sunsets!

The South Bubble is a short and steep hike that trashes you up to see the infamous hanging rock, with a much easier ascent on the side further from the pond than the one closer, which is a steep rock scramble vs a moderate climb. Due to lack of parking spaces, we took the shuttle from the main layer parking area then hired back along the shore, which turned out to be a short and pleasant trail in perpetration for that afternoon's drive.

Did this trail in an hour with 3 kids, and that included 20 mins spent at the fire tower at the top and 5 mins picking blackberries on the way down. Easy trail, mostly rock “stairs.”

Absolutely awesome trail! We took Bemis Trail and rejoined the Arethusa Falls trail, but came back down Arethusa and I highly recommend this route. After seeing the two smaller waterfalls on Bemis and heading up, it is a very steep climb, but we successfully completed it with a 4, 8, and 9 year old. It was challenging for someone a tad out of shape, but well worth it. As others have stated, I think coming down Bemis would need to be slow going.

short and sweet. steep in areas but its a short hike so its not bad and view of echo lake is nice. for those who like hiking sticks this is a good trail for one. my son was only 4 and daughter 8. They did it and loved it.

Great hike, great views! Definitely more highly trafficked, but still great.

Views! A bit crowded. Definitely plenty of kids, and we brought our dogs who navigated just fine.

This is one of my favorite things to do in Acadia National Park but again I missed the sunset or sunrise from here on this trip. The view from the summit of Cadillac Mountain and from anywhere along this summit loop is absolutely memorable. One thing I did differently about this trip is to bring along a nice 70-300mm zoom lens so I was able to bring far away subject closer on this latest trip.

great way to see the world beneath you..breathtaking. the trail itself is easy.

Beautiful views! The one very steep part on the side facing Jordan Pond was scary for me, someone scared of heights. Tricky to get up through the crevice on the ledge- but doable if you have experience with rock scrambles/climbing and probably easier for taller people (prob 5’6 and over).

15 days ago

We went Bald Mountain first, then Artist's Bluff with three adults (one novice) and a 7-year-old. It was challenging enough to keep my daughter happy (she loved the scramble to Bald Mountain) but not too tough for my wife, who rarely hikes. I would strongly recommend poles for this one, and it's definitely a fair weather hike. Varied topography throughout, some excellent views, and interesting scenery, including a lot of relics from long-gone loggers.

A Favor if you go: My 7-year-old lost a classmate and friend recently, and she built a little memorial to him at the top of Bald Mountain. If you pass that way, please add a stone and send a picture to swordsmith at gmail so she can pass it on to his twin sister.

Pretty good trail with some decent views. Relatively crowded for my taste as a bunch of folks come from the loop or the parking lot. The south side bubble is nice, but the vistas are pretty blocked with trees. The north side is much better and you get an incredible view of all of Jordan Pond.

I've done this loop three times now and will gladly do it again. On our last trip, we drove up to the summit and did this easy scenic summit loop. The view is the best in Acadia National Park. I can see far and wide, easily into Bar Harbor and all the ships nearby and the ocean beyond. You'll see spectacular Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond and part of Jordan Pond as well.

I only wish I had a binocular on my last trip. I had a decent zoom lens on my camera, a Nikon 18-200mm lens and that was what I used to see distant subjects. My wife and daughter took a relaxing nap after our picnic. It was an absolutely memorable experience.

Great trail for a quick hike! Three females in our late 20s - we found the moderate rating accurate considering some parts of this trail are very steep but very manageable for us three. We are all in decent shape and had to stop twice to sip some water and catch our breath after the steep sections. There is the Bemis trail that rejoins the Arethusa Falls trail - Bemis was much steeper than Arethusa and it also included a section where you have to climb up tree roots about ~15 feet. I would NOT recommend going DOWN Bemis. (We hiked up Bemis and down Arethusa). It took 1 hour to get to Arethusa Falls including our stops. We also stopped for a minute or so at two different smaller falls that were just as beautiful as the large waterfall. We ate lunch by the large falls and spent about 20 minutes there. It was fairly crowded at Arethusa Falls with all the hikers basking in this natural beauty. This was on a Wednesday the first week of August. About 40 minutes back down to the trail head, so about 2 hours total including lunch. Will be hiking here again!

on Artist Bluff Trail

22 days ago

Went clockwise. Took the spur out to bald mountain which had a scramble that was challenging for the little ones but worth the view at the top. Fairly steep at points. Could be marked a little better at spots and path from bottom (across from echo lake parking lot) to the trailhead parking lot was through a field (next time will probably walk along the road instead). View from artists bluff was also very nice. Took about 2 hours

We took the Bremis trail going up and we totally enjoyed the 3 smaller Falls on the way. But we were unprepared for the steep hike up to join the Arethusa Falls trail and the long way still to go to get to the Falls. As older hikers and photographers, we took our time and were rewarded with the most awesome of waterfalls. Well worth the aches and pains. FYI- Sat morning- to afternoon, the Falls / trail were extremely crowded with kids dogs etc., maybe because it was the first sunny day in a long time.

This hike was short but steep. Took me and my son almost 2 hours. Well worth the view. The wind on top was crazy and hysterical!

Cool views from the edges of this trail. With the mist rolling in it felt like a different planet. Definitely a must-visit for visitors to Acadia.

Pretty views, virtually no incline. Narrow areas between bushes in some spots. Saw a few water snakes. Nice easy hike.

Great hike, but definitely a moderate rating. Very busy at mid-day Saturday. I took the Bemis Brook "Yellow" trail going in, and the folks behind me were similarly mistaken: we both thought it was easiest for dogs. There is a decent rock-scramble that will kick your butt. I would say I'm on the slower side and took us round trip about 3-4 hours that's with stopping once on the way up to feed a baby, and a good rest at the falls. Well worth it, absolutely stunning falls. I cant wait to go back in the fall. I did see small children doing this trail, and they were doing a lot better than me!

Would not try this trail when raining or following rain. It was slick in spots but hadn’t rained in 24hrs. Path was challenging and fun but not a lot sightseeing due to a lot of fog may be better on a clear day.

Quick easy trail, awesome insights to the area history on the posters along trail.

Spectacular views. Easy walk & fun to jump from rock to rock!

Took the blue trail up to the falls and the yellow trail back. The waterfalls were wonderful. However this is not an easy to do trail. Very steep in areas and the trails go up the whole time. Great trail if you really take your time and bring water, some people did not have water. The yellow trail was like climbing down a cliff. Water was very cold but felt so good on sore muscles. This one totally kicked my butt.

Great easy hike around White Lake. We saw a pair of beautiful Loons on our hike this morning.

We hiked up after doing North Bubble. Beautiful summit area and cool to see the “bubble” rock. We wandered around but couldn’t find our way over to the more difficult section of the trail to complete the loop, and ended up going back the way we came, so I definitely recommend that if you are looking for a less strenuous hike. Amazing views of the interior of the park from the top. Our dog did great on the hike too! Parking was limited mid-afternoon when we arrived so be prepared for that.

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