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Hiked back in June 2018, and previously in 2013. Great trail, train bridge is fun to go on but sketchy if you are afraid of heights, something like 175' over the creek below

Beautiful hike!

13 days ago

Beautiful trail with a variety of landscapes and views. Challenging with some of the inclines but overall a lovely hike. I tracked it, and it ended up being over 9 miles.

14 days ago

Also tracked it, closer to 10 miles.

26 days ago

My big sister and I hiked the trail today. What a great hike, up and down for work, and then a portion paralleling the creek at the bottom. I am From CA and hike in the San Gabriels or Los Padres and so, so very dry. Here, water, water, everywhere, nice change. Loved it.

This trail is a nice hike! No overgrowth, a little muddy in some spots but you can walk around it easily, initial uphill but then it lelels out. The hugging tree is so serene and so beautiful. Excellent hike to bring your dog with you.

Inaccessible due to complete overgrowth. Take a machete and bug spray!

Great hike! Nice trail but easy to miss the trail in the logging roads that are mixed in...

Lovely moss covered trail with a bit of work at the beginning. Bring bug spray. Be sure to borrow the trail guide (and return it) it has thorough tree and plant identifications. Fav thing was the hugging tree

Great place to hike! Very nice!

2 months ago

Beautiful trail with a good dispersement of terrain and a nice lookout with a picnic bench for lunch. Would do again!

Great trail, wonderful sites to camp, crisp clean water - amazing in 100 degree heat!

2 months ago

Did about 8 miles. Started off at mima cir. The trail was pretty muddy and some part and grass wet from the morning dew. Waterproof footwear recommend. Trail was in good condition. Marked fairly well. Lots of wildlife great scenery. Going to complete the other half in a week or so.

2 months ago

Did this trail 6-24-18. Was muddy but maintained. Great work out. Is close to 10 miles, not 8.

We started on Michigan Hollow Road, where there is a nice parking area. The trail was very diverse with varied terrain and plant life. You will hike both the valley floor and the hilltops. We went the day after a heavy rain and it was muddy in some spots, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We saw no other people on the entire trail. I do agree with other reviews in that the trail is more like 10 miles. There was really only one section- a pretty steep hill about 6.5 miles in- that I found difficult. Our dog loved this trail, but if you take yours make sure to check for ticks afterwards as ours had several.

on Abbott Loop Trail

3 months ago

Great trail, as another reviewer mentioned the loop in total clocked in at just over 10 miles when measured on a GPS while on this website it says 7.9 miles, I personally have a Garmin and it's been reliable so far so I'm not sure why there's a difference between the two. Took about 4 hours to complete.

3 months ago

It's a nice quiet hike -- only saw one other couple the entire day, didn't even hear any road noise. DO bring your water and snacks though bc there are some nice places to plop down for a little pic-a-nic and it's a little longer than most of the more trafficked trails in the area. Lots of tree cover for the entire hike, which is nice for the fair skinned among us. Bring the dogs! ...and I wouldn't tell you to let 'em off leash, but boy oh boy they'd love it down in the creek bottom. We did it counterclockwise, but probably nice in either direction. IF'n you run short on time, the "bailout" road (Michigan Hollow Road) is about 35 minutes between the top and bottom of the loop.

Great scenery the whole way. Very peaceful. Took my dog, he enjoyed cooling off in the streams along the way. Only saw one other person, and it wasn’t until the very end, when we were almost back to the car. Some mud, LOTS of bugs. Glad I brought my bug spray. Don’t agree with “hard” rating. An easy “moderate” rating is probably more realistic.

Really beautiful and lush trail. Very well marked with red-orange blazes throughout. We really enjoyed trekking during the rain, however about 20% of the trail was very muddy. Be prepared for that and you'll have a terrific time!

Have taken this loop many times. Take the loop section (about 2.5 miles) to the FLT connection to either return for the loop or extend the hike as an out n back.

Did this trail with some friends last Saturday. We lucked out with a beautiful day! We were on the trail by 9:45am and in the car heading home by 2:30pm. One nice lookout about 45 minutes into the trip with a picnic table for lunch. The rest of the trail is pretty wooded. When you get to the sign at the end of the trail (right before you Jump on the finger lakes trail) go left up the hill and after 15 minutes Of walking your out

Excellent. cant wait to go back and explore more.

Hey everyone, doing this trail with some friends this weekend. What’s the easiest way to access it and how long is the trail total? I’ve read that we need to walk the FLT for 2 miles to get in so would that be 2 miles in/2 miles out, on top of the 8 mile loop?

Thanks in advance. See you on the trail!

Nice trail even when muddy and overgrown. Nice quiet views and decent climbs. Saw no one out there! I’d bring my hiking poles next time. Giddy up.

Great trail.

6 months ago

We hiked this trail on 3/18/18. We were looking for a more challenging hike than our usual trails and road walks and Abbott did not disappoint us. There was still about 8” of snow in most places and it was a beautiful sunny day. Temp when we left was 28o. We’re pretty much newbies and liked the challenge of the stream crossings, a couple were a bit tricky. Good climb to the top of the hill with a rewarding vista. We missed the turn on the FLT, so had a muddy walk back to the car. Have maps on order. All in all a great experience for this 65 yr old couple.

This well-marked trail offers varied terrain that wends through pine forest and along a creek, which must be crossed several times to stay on-trail, a challenge if the stream is running high and you want to keep your feet dry. The climb to the first summit (three plus miles) offers a grand view of the surrounding countryside and a picnic table. A formidable and lengthy hill leading to the last stretch of trail will give legs and lungs a work out. My dog and I covered the trail in about three hours.

7 months ago

Important Note:
This trail can be broken down into several smaller trail sections if you don't have the time to do the 8.1 mile loop.
Check out: https://ithacatrails.org/map for better trail details for this area.

The Overlook Trail is the western loop that starts at the southern intersection point on Bald Hill shown on this map, and is only 45 minutes-1.5 hours long with great views. Awesome at sunset.

The northern intersection point on Bald Hill also puts you on a loop that runs between Bald Hill and Michigan Hollow with some great climbs and awesome walking along Michigan Creek. Just be sure to pay attention at the junctions and don't cross Michigan Hollow Rd if you want to keep the route shorter. Still it's probably about 2-4 hours of walking depending on your fitness level, with a long section on Bald Hill Rd. Has a side branch that lets you stop at Chestnut Lean-to which is pretty cool.

Yes! Bears Do shit in the wood! Saw a fresh paw print that REALLY got me moving! Had to be 700 pounder!

7 months ago

I hike this trail often. There are flat sections and hilly sections, as well as branch trails. It is well marked in my opinion. My only piece of advice is that the northern most section between Northside/Dudley and the White Brook nature area tends to get swampy, so be aware of that. There are some great views. In the summer, I plan to do an end-to-end.

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