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10 hours ago

Like is mentioned below, the return on this is tough. My 2 kids and I managed it with ease but some might struggle. The trailhead is shared with dozens of dirt-bike trailers and for the first 1/4 mile of the trail we could hear the dirt bikers coming & going. But after that it was calm and quiet. As of this writing there were some muddy areas due to last week's snow.

nice trail with a simple incline as you make the turn west towards the big A. Has a decent view on fort Collins and you can also get a good one of the reservoir. Plenty of chances to see prairie dogs along the way and I also saw a snake.

great trail to run one of my favorites.

mountain biking
19 days ago

Great biking trail. It's good for learning technical with plenty of spots to just cruise.

Perfect hiking weather today and only encountered a few other hikers on the trail. We took south ridge on the way up to Horsetooth Rock and I would say it was a moderate hike. The summit is gorgeous with views in all directions. I would definitely do this hike again.

Hiked all the way to the top of the rocks and the views were stunning!!! Highly recommend this hike. There was enough people to not feel isolated but not so many that you felt overcrowded.

23 days ago

easy trail. not much scenery. we did however see a beautiful elk today. I guess they are allowing hunters to come out between now and December and closing trail monday through weds. :( it's nice that it's not too far away. several dogs out even on a Friday morning no poop bags so be sure to bring your own.

trail running
26 days ago

I would say this trail is between easy and moderate. Going into the trail it is all downhill so coming back is pretty much all uphill. Lots of shade, nice views. Also no crowds and I got there around 9:30 am! If you have a vehicle with some ground clearance (small SUV and larger) you should be fine getting up the road.

28 days ago

Be prepared for butt punishment on the way back up. WOW.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. As it says, it can be confusing, and I really thank Allison Meyers for her description of where to go. As you go on the dirt road, it will eventually come to a fork and you want to go UP the hill off to the left to get to the lot. Now my friend and I ended up parking below the lot, as we weren't so sure our car would like the slightly rocky and lumpy terrain. I saw a minivan get high centered right in front of my car! It is absolutely doable, but there are some spots that suck.

THE HIKE: Beautiful! Going down, you get shade and forest and meadows... it is single file hiking through forest or meadow, but it is so pretty. The homestead was great to see...there is an old stove or something and for some reason, a box spring mattress bottom. So confused how it got there!! But a good relic of the past. The rest of the way was pleasant and we almost stopped, however I recalled seeing that there was a river or water feature up ahead, so we soldiered on. The path has washed away and there are a few tricky areas. I had to slide on my butt on the way back... so steep!
The water area was gorgeous and as others have said, I heard the 2013 flood washed away the rest of the area. :( But the water was great to sit and take a breather.

STARTING BACK- we felt it was confusing to figure out how to get back to the path... thankfully, there was a wonderful woman who had put up blue flags (she told us it was her!) to let others know where to get back onto the main path was. If she wasn't there, we would've panicked just a bit. Thank you! Hopefully her tie bags stay on...it was helpful to know where to go to get back. You get disoriented with that many rocks and don't recall where you came from! Take note of where you came from!

THE HIKE BACK... this is the firepower. It is hard, IMO. Some sections are OK and others are butt burning up the hill, "I want to live here so I don't move again" type hills. Our dogs were getting tired. It really kicks it back up a notch from the homestead area back up towards the car. I felt so rewarded going back to the car, like we really worked hard! We had tired dogs and some had to get carried. LOL
This was tough to get back up the hills, especially in warm weather.

I'm toast. But that was a great hike for a late Sept day. There were enough people to feel comfortable that you weren't going to die in the woods alone, lol..but there were maybe 6 or 7 groups total...it isn't a Boulder Chatauqua type busy hike! I would do this again now that I know what we are getting into. :)

horseback riding
28 days ago

can anyone tell me if this trail is good for horseback riding

we went on a Monday and arrived around 11 am, only saw two other people and some campers that we're across from the trailhead but definitely not high traffic. i agree it was a little confusing to arrive to but the directions helped, stay left at the fork and keep going uphill. also like other people said, it is really downhill the way out, so the way back be prepared it's a long way up! great trail, looking forward to doing it again !

“Easy/moderate/hard are relative terms. I’m not a great biker, but I am a stubborn persistent hiker. This was Harder than I expected- especially at the end. I finished, but my feet are paying for it. Warm September day- drank all my water plus some. Views were beautiful and so was the company. Glad to say I have completed an iconic Fort Collins hike.

1 month ago

Nice views.
Scenic drive. The trail dead ends at South end of lake so you must back track or complete a loop around the lake which isn’t very scenic.
Heads up: A $14 park pass is required to park in the parking lot. You must purchase the pass at the park office which is about 10 minute drive from the parking lot, and easy to miss. Not worth it since there are so many other free, beautiful hikes around.

Perfect hike! Good mountain feel for being so close to town. Usual routine is to go up to the rock and go down the falls trail afterwards as a cool down. A bit of scrambling on the rock trail. Use caution when it's snowy/icy or during the night as it's easy to get off trail in certain areas. The falls look the best when runoff is well underway.

1 month ago

Cute little trail that's nice in the mornings and evenings (to avoid the sun). No shade, but very nice views and wildlife. A little bit rocky but most of the trail is well maintained and good for beginners or kiddos.

Lots of great views!
We hiked up to Horsetooth Rock starting at 8:40 AM on a Sunday. The parking lot was almost full as we arrived. $6 to park and in we go.
The hike starts along gradual switchbacks and slowly gets steeper, picking up rocks and wood steps. It doesn’t get difficult until you’re near the top and climb up the rock itself. That requires hands.
All the way up you get views over Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins and the plains. At the top, the view is 360 with views out to a big Rocky.
Nice trail for families, groups and going further into the hillls.

trail running
1 month ago

Went out today. There were quite a few dog walkers and two or three mountain bikers. The weather was perfect. I only saw a few rabbits; no deer. The terrain is easy if you're only walking. It's very rocky if you're running it.

road biking
1 month ago

Whoa, what a find. Lovely morning ride, the trail has a little bit of everything—wooded river bottom, urban detour, farmland, open fields— and cap it off with a lunch at Vern’s before heading back! Highly recommend for great leisurely ride.

9-3-18: just finished the summit trail w/husband & 10 year old. It took us about 5 1/2 hours to finish this hike. We loved it & are in great shape but I don't agree that this is a good trail for little kids. It's pretty steady incline the first mile, a bit of a break on the 2nd mile & 3rd then you're back to pretty steady inclines. I didn't think there was much noise that 1st mile & there aren't many hikers. The summit is definitely disappointing but still didn't put a damper on our hike. My kid did feel a little dizzy with the altitude change & had to sit for a bit.

Came here with my partner and dog. we are 20 somethings that live at 5000+ ft altitude and are not in fantastic shape. This was very challenging for me. More so the length than the hike itself. The view by the sign in the valley was more stunning than the top view. we came here labor day weekend and got stuck in all the Estes traffic but only saw about 6 people on the trail.

Trail is tough but worth all the effort for the view at the top. Look forward to hiking it again in the future.

Nice surface to walk - a challenging slope at times. was thankful for the shade of the ridge on the last stretch up. the only wildlife I saw were the prairie dogs in the first part of the trail.

Hiked 6.9 miles, took us about 4 hours. Took the falls route and then cut across and headed up to the rock. It was about 4 miles to the rock coming from that way. Unless you want to get in your steps I wouldn’t take the falls route unless it’s the time of the year where water is actually there...no water this time of year. Saw 5 deer and a rattle snake, lots of wildlife, beautiful trails, and so many options and directions to take. Highly recommend grabbing a map before you head up.

We arrived on Saturday at 8am and left around 1045. We only saw 3 people who were just starting as we were leaving. The river at the end was worth the whole trip. Our pup loved playing in the water, and we got in up to our knees. There’s a lot of tall grass, so tall socks or pants might be good.

1 month ago

Hi! I took my dog and my friend/ her dog on this trail this morning… It is very easy with a few elevations, and very pleasant! We did the entire loop in about two hours or less. It is very well marked, which is very important. There are numbers around the trail head and they show you where you are in relation to the map. I highly recommend this trail for a semi-easy nature jaunt. There weren’t very many people there as well!

Great hike! It took my wife, daughter, a friend, and me 6.4 miles to complete the route. My device recorded a 1876.1 elevation gain. It was a little longer than we expected but a great hike. Beautiful views with wildlife. We saw plenty of deer, chipmunks, and a bear hiding in a tree. Advice for others, bring and use your sunscreen.

Hiked up from Glen Haven as far as Piper Meadows. Great hike - had the trail totally to ourselves. The views of the Commanche Peaks to the north were nice although the smoke was thick.
Will definitely be doing this one again.

Great hike - I was able to bring my dog and she loved it! I will say I’m a bit out of shape but I was very tired and breathing hard at times, so this felt more difficult than I planned. That being said, I will definitely do it again!

Went earlier in the summer and saw a lot of birds and a snake.

1 month ago

It was a little dried up but still a nice easy walk for my pups. They loved it!

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