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Attempted to hike this trail, however about one mile into the trail where you will be doing a lot of rock climbing the trail was very slick/icy. Since I didn't have my micro spikes had to turn around. Highly recommend crampons or micro spikes due to most of the trail is tree covered and the ice/snow will be there for awhile.

AllTrails does not have a way to communicate with other outdoor enthusiast, I can be reached on Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about this trail.

I agree with previous post. The trail is icy; poles and crampons recommended. Two days ago I left a blue dog leash on top near a bush. If anyone finds it, I would really appreciate it if you left it at the Academy Visitor’s Center at the base of the trail. Great hike!

Decent hike that starts with a mild incline, then fluctuates with ups and downs. Nice mellow hike, no real view points. Good for staying close to Denver. Some of the trails are blocked off so it was easy to get turned around, navigating with AllTrails was needed to get to the right place.

awesome challenging hike! but take it slow if you're going in the next few days. the packed snow on the trail has made for some very slick, treacherous areas. hiking poles are highly recommended.

So beautiful- if you start in the second lot, the climb is steeper. Got a bit confused following the map, because the upper loop was closed in places.

First hike in about six years but it was totally excellent. Weather at the peak was about 40 degrees F and a bit windy. The rock outcropping for the final .3ish to the top is tough but not impossible. If you’re not a hiker like me, take it slow and enjoy the journey.

trail running
24 days ago

We really enjoyed this trail - steady climb, moderately technical, everyone we encountered was very courteous, great views

Good hike. Great view at the top. There is some rock scrambling which made it fun. The fall color is about done but the aspen grove near the top would have been gorgeous a few weeks earlier. It’s more just under 4 miles round trip because you have to park at the visitors center and go up the road a bit.

Great day. Almost no other people. Did 5.3 mile up and back.

great hike today.

1 month ago

We hiked Plymouth Creek Trail to Plymouth Mountain Trail. We took the long side of the loop, and there were some great views of Red Rocks and Denver (Please note the views were definitely better here than at the scenic overlook at the very top). There were barely any other hikers on this trail, but plenty of mountain bikers. It was a bit frustrating how they would come flying around the corner out of no where without giving warning. The trail was so narrow it was hard to get out of the way as well. Something else I think is important to mention is that a decent portion of the trail is not shaded - it can get very hot. Plan on wearing sunscreen and bring plenty of water. Overall, I'd recommend this hike if you're looking for something close to Denver.

Birding was ok

mountain biking
1 month ago

Nice trail with a pretty aggressive climb. Ended up walking the bike over some very rocky parts. The loop on top is nice single track with great views and some good shade. Run down was fun although walked the stairs as it was a bit above my skill level. A little busy between hikers and dogs but everyone was very courteous in giving/receiving right of way.

Loved this hike. Kid friendly three years and up. If you go early take a jacket.The way we went ended at the river. Perfect spot to cool off and dip your toes in. We will be going again.

I am only giving this trail a two because I didn't finish it. The second parking lot has a river running with beautiful rocks that where we stayed the entire time. We attempted to do the trail however it was very overgrown where the brush was constantly touching you. Being scared of running into a Rattlesnake, we decided to turn back and maybe come back in Winter. There was also a Bear in area sign that kind of freaked me out. No parking fee, Bathrooms at the trail head.

2 months ago

Good hike with decent views. Loved the history of the ghost town and tunnels. Easy side of moderate.

Great hangover hike, like really wow. Ample free parking.

Really cool hike. Great views. Easy. Interesting ruins of Douglas City and the old train tracks.

Awesome views of Pikes Peak, Stanley Canyon and Colorado Springs. You do have to work for it though. it's all up hill and gets steeper as you go. In comparison, we did the Stanley Canyon hike that's almost twice as long in less time.

2 months ago

Definitely a bit steep and rocky at points, but plenty of shade after the first mile or so. Narrow at some points with a handful of (in my opinion) brave bikers. View at the top of the Plymouth Mountain trail is worth it.

2 months ago

Brutally amazing trail. So many places that one of us could have gotten really messed up. Wife’s foot got caught between rocks up at the top as we just started our decent and she fell down forward a few feet. Completely dislocated a finger that got bent completely in the opposite direction. Snap crackle pop and back in business. Could have been so much worse. Also would hate to be caught in a storm up there. But the views are phenomenal. The challenge is super exhilarating and more than worth it. Get into shape, don’t take the little ones, be smart and careful because freak things can happen up there in an instant. Everything checked out fine in the X-rays, and we still made our flight home.
Update: Radiologist called...finger's actually broken...but we still had a blast.

2 months ago

Great trail all around. Has some tough parts - although admittedly made tougher by the 25 lb baby on my back, but it's beautiful when you get up there! Great for dogs (Meadowlark can get narrow for passing purposes). Lot of fun!! we shall be back!

on Eagles Peak Trail

2 months ago

This trail is unlike any I have hiked before, especially at the top where you truly just climb up rocks with no semblance of a trail. My friend and I are relatively experienced hikers but still did a lot of slipping and sliding on the way down. My golden retriever managed well, but we did guide him around some spots that would have been very large leaps for him. I'm rating this trail a 5 because I'm proud of myself for doing it and LOVED the views at the top, but my aching knees (from all the climbing over rocks) are telling me that I won't be doing this one again soon!

Killer hike!

This trail was 40 minutes from our north denver house. We arrived on a sunday overcast day around 12. there werent many people on the trail. there are lots of no bike trails, which is great if you’re not into bikers speeding past you thinking they own the place. (*some bikers are super nice so im not doggin on them*) There was meadow, rocky outcroppings, grassy hills, picnic and kissing spots. It was really beautiful, you do see houses and a road from time to time, but you are in the foothills.. I recommend as a nice 4 mile hike close to denver that’s not overly crowded.

tough hike. great views at top. not many views on way up. nice aspen meadow. great exercise. only do this hike if you are in pretty good shape

Nice laid out trail. Not technical but parts that are exposed are warm.

3 months ago

Grew up hiking these hills. Would suggest early morning or evening jaunts to avoid the heat. It can still get very warm here even though you are in the mountains.

Great parking at trail head. Good hike with views.

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