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I gave this trail five stars because of the giant petrified Redwood tree stumps, not necessarily for views and terrain. The petrified stumps are awe inspiring. I had no idea there was anything like this here in CO...and I am a native!

Absolute Favorite Fall Drive!

7 days ago

Lots of people, but worth it because beautiful and unique rock formations. Make the trip if in the area. And it’s free.

We loved this drive, even with light rain and clouds today. It had totally different views then Trailridge Rd. as you are on the other side of the range and not nearly as crowded. Water falls right off the road, beautiful flowers, and the views everywhere you looked were breathtaking. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get to the visitor center because we stopped at so many of the turn offs to take pictures. It is narrow and so happy it was a one way only road.

Gorgeous! And easy with kiddos.

So many trails to pick from that all run into the main falls! My eldest son Lars in 2014 at 4 and 5 liked the activity/ information center and Trail maps freely given. Putting our shoes in The waterfalls were his favorite almost as much as lunch on top by the spring! Mt.Cuttler, Burton 3 mile trails, great for families!

We enjoy this hike a lot with our son who’s now 5 years old! Beautiful views and relaxing...

Fun hike, not too hard. My dog loved it. Absolutely gorgeous.

22 days ago

We definitely did not follow the stairs and our adventure was much funnier that way. We ended up going completely through the creek and taking trails through the trees but the reward at the end was beautiful. Not an easy hike for us but maybe for the experienced hiker it is possibly. Will definitely hike it again.

Very easy, great for beginners. Loved the petrified trees and got lots of pretty pictures.

Got there just after 8, the weather was nice and cool. Great views all over. Saw a deer.

Climb as high as you want but don't look down. The castle is beautiful and Mr. Bishop is there to tell you what he thinks about the state of America. Breathtaking.

scenic driving
1 month ago

A must-do if you’re at RMNP over the summer. Be prepared to spend a few hours cruising with your windows down and seeing some of the most spectacular views in the park. Be prepared, the path is narrow and requires very cautious driving.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great fun and amazing vistas!

on Phantom Canyon Road

1 month ago

Beautiful around every turn! Pretty relaxing drive, not much traffic and amazing views for a picnic lunch!

Beautiful views. Good hike.

fun castle!

And easy, touristy place to take out-of- town family. The formations always make for fun pictures

Hiked this back in April. It was beautiful, and an easy hike with plenty of places to stop and take in the beauty surrounding you.

Have driven this the last 2 summers. Go early around 7am and you will see more wildlife. Get out and hike along the way up to the top of the hills and you will see lots of marmots and great views. You should see tons of elk closer to alpine ridge. Enjoy

scenic driving
1 month ago

Neat drive and lots of scenic overlooks and places to stop and walk around

off road driving
1 month ago

As others have noted, this is an easy route. A 4WD is not required, though care must be taken on heavily washboarded sections and a few other rough spots. The family sedan should be able to handle it; but slow down on the washboards so as to maintain control of the vehicle. The dropoffs are spectacular, though not particularly dangerous for a sensible driver. There is plenty of room on the road surface even in the one lane stretches; no need for airsickness, so to speak.

Though much of the road is narrow; even down to one lane, there are ample places to pull over to let oncoming traffic by.

There are lots of spots for a picnic lunch. There are even a couple of vault latrines (restrooms) spaced out along the route.

Though we took this route on a Saturday, we met with very little traffic.

There was a light breeze, the smell of pinon and other conifers, lots of birdsong.

This is a great family fun trip. It really isn't 'off road', and doesn't present any difficulties or dangers as an expedition with small kids; just keep 'em away from the dropoffs. Take lots of water.

wide trail, in the sun all the time. your map doesn't go to the place the teal actually ends

1 month ago

Beautiful view, fairly easy walk, and several views of smaller craters such as Baby Capulin. Definitely recommend going with your family, and it isn't overly busy.

Did this a day or two before the advertised opening so car traffic was light. Also was lucky to have rained the day before which kept the dust to a minimum!

Beautiful views and rock formations. This was our first time in this area of Colorado. We were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and visited here twice in 3 days. We walked/hiked the first time. It was easy and a nice opportunity to get acclimated to the higher elevation. Second time we drove around. Great view of Pike’s Peak can be found at the parking lot near Ridge Road.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Should have checked the reviews first. Friends told me it would be a great first trail for my new Jeep. 4 wheel drive not necessary and the wash boarding was quite excessive. Great looking campsites and the views were great.

1 month ago

Was a beautiful drive with the exception of all the trash along the way. We are working to perform cleanup there in the next few weeks. Really bad washboard road. But not horrible.

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