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I’ve been hiking this trail since I was a little girl and it is always my go to favorite! Nice trail with great views of the valley, easy and fun!

Nice hike with a few lively views

Great moderate hike with a couple of good views, some waterfalls and a couple very minor rock scrambles.

been going there for over 30 years great hike!@

Great mountain, gorgeous views

Nice little hike , well marked , variety of terrain , spend some time exploring around the caves . 5.2 miles round trip

Well maked trail! not very challenging however all the fallen leaves made it relatively slippery. Cant wait to do this trail again to see how the vegetation changes.

a little more strenuous with snow,red trail up to peak awesome,blue trail on way back not so much,a lot of hidden rocks and mud,definitely would be better without snow,all in all recommended, on to the next one

2 months ago

Great hike with spectacular views of the mountains and waterfall. Also, well defined trail markers. Definitely would consider it a moderate hike.

Great hike, the “caves” were more like GIANT boulders and really fun to explore around. It was pretty wet in a lot of places so I would recommend water resistant hiking boots. Our dog loved it too!

sign at beginning that says this trail section is closed

2 months ago

Mid-Autumn hike today, pretty wet and rocky in the beginning. Pretty mild hike, take it easy on the few rock scrambles. Stopped at the view that looked West. Nice hike, will return again.

2 months ago

Nice views from tower and nearby places. One of the best places in this area. Very busy during weekends, especially packed on parking lots.

Love this place! Ha! Do the first uphill twice, (take a right down to the helicopter pad and up again).

2 months ago

This was a fun hike. There are great views. We simply did the loop counter-clockwise from the parking area along the highway. Be aware that once you reach the top of the South Bubble, the trail continues down the face of the Bubble; it is steep and a lot of bouldering is involved until you get down to Jordan Pond.

Trail seems to be closed for the time being. Multiple signs at the beginning with down trees across the trail. It sounds like a great hike- just not do-able at this time

Nice hike. Great view. A little rocky. Ran into a bear! Lol

We did this “by accident” while hiking Jordan pond - Best decision!! So much fun. Views are unreal. Somewhere between medium/hard.

3 months ago

Great loop, blue trail takes you back in time through a tight and rocky valley. I’m proud of my 7 and 9 year old for doh g whole loop. Nice view from summit too!

3 months ago

The red trail was pretty challenging with many inclines which was a great workout. HOWEVER - it came to a point in the trail where the MARKERS STOPPED and we got completely lost. This is a huge oversight for the park and can be scary for hikers. When will this be fixed?? We had to Uber back to my car.

My uncle bob is a rock star.

definitely worth it nice up and down few wet spots but enough roots and rocks to keep your feet dry caves are pretty awesome and also saw a gray fox on the way back from the caves near the top

oh yeah, I also saw a gray fox on the way back from the caves

definitely worth it, few spots with mud and puddles but enough roots and rocks to keep your feet dry, caves are pretty awesome, highly recommended

Approached from the Jordan Pond trail traveling counterclockwise, very steep rock scramble ascent with some sketchy parts especially when wet. The view is well worth it in my opinion and it's a fun trail, maybe not for those nervous of heights. We descended down the less steep portion and connected to complete the Jordan Pond loop. I think the first part is pretty technical and should be considered hard, not moderate.

South Bubble was sooo much fun we started from Jordan pond and went counterclockwise to get there. We did have our two Jack Russell’s with us to explore the unknown. We started to ascend and quickly realized we were out of shape ... not the girls tho they were loving every minute of the climb! It was very challenging but sooo incredible the girls were able to hop up every rock tho we did have to lift them up some of the more massive/tight rocks formations but the four of us made it up and back down the bubble with flying colors! We loved it!!!

Absolutely stunning, moderate trail. Some areas can be a bit slick coming up, but overall, not too much of a challenge. SPECTACULAR views.

A short trail but worth it. Amazing views along the cliff and the tower at the end. Worth it to go when the tower is open and you can go up to the top and get some amazing views. Underline amazing.

A good trail. I recommend it. Some up and downs but nothing too crazy. It rained the day before I went and I saw all kinds of mushrooms on the trail.

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