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8 hours ago

Read reviews here before driving to the park for this hike. They were right on. I sprayed myself with repellant as soon as I parked and had no problems all day. Could see others being driven off the trail by the bugs. Park in one of two lots at end of Road. This is an easy hike which you can make as difficult as you want by going uphill to the Falls and past. Talked with some other hikers and a seasonal ranger on the hike and it was great. There was no wind so it was going to get hot there in afternoon away from the water. Once to the Falls we were about to have lunch when a small bear visited the falls area and gave everyone a thrill. Trail up from falls is not easy and we decided to turn around and save the meadows to another day.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFO02nxPdM4-CabegFIPlow?view_as=subscriber

I did not see any mountain lions, however there are mountain lion warnings with a note from another hiker dated 9/18/18 9am that he spotted a mountain lion drinking water near the waterfall. I solo hiked and made a lot of noise. Very cool hike. I would have rather had a partner because I had mountain lion on the brain the entire time and I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so concerned.

Wow one of the most scenic hikes I’ve ever been. The observation deck has an incredible view of the cascading waterfalls.

Parked at bathrooms and hiked up slight incline but very manageable for my husband and I who are 48 & 50 years old. Views were pretty and path was clean. We stayed further back from falls and decided not to take on the larger boulders that were closer to the falls and still enjoyed the beautiful sight & sounds of the falls and creek. Amazed there was still as much water as there was in September. Our 4 pound Yorkie had no trouble at all either.

Hiked here couple days ago with my parents. We started the hike a little later than anticipated. Got some amazing pictures of the falls once we got to the destination. On the way back we were very fortunate and were able to see a couple owls and a black bear :). Great hike, and definitely recommend it to anybody.

9-16-18. Short but great hike. if you are in the area, this is a most do. There Is a $5 fee, but it never hurts to support our parks.

5 days ago

Super nice trek - the first half is basically a stroll through the forest, the incline starts after the bridge at Bubbs Creek and goes up steadily about 8/900 feet of the next couple of miles. I came across a bear with her cub about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile before the falls, they stayed in the area around the trail for awhile, because they were still there when I came back a couple of hours later. Gnats and mosquitoes was a pest from about a mile in and almost all the way to the falls, bring a face/hat net, you will be happy you did. It was a rater hot day, even though most of this hike is in the shade of trees, I used about 4 liters of water - good thing the hike is right next to the river. An easy day hike and the beginning of the clock wise Rae Lakes Loop, most day hikers turn around at the falls.

Beautiful. Hard rating is correct. The view is above majestic.

One of Yosemite's best!. Boring at the beginning, the first 2 hours, but the end is worth it.

5 days ago

A friend of ours recommended this Trail but he must have been on it many years ago. The vast majority of the trees going down are blighted by either fire or pests. The Sequoias at the bottom still stood but it's a blighted forest. I would go to the Mariposa Grove and instead.

The top of the ridge is a spectacular place. You'll have to walk on a scary narrow path, see the Half Dome in all it's beauty a bit below (probably with the hikers on the cables) and see the great 360 degrees panorama.

Unfortunately, the other 80% of the trail is just a long path closed in a forest, not much to see there.

Great trail that is well taken care of. Beautiful scenery. Cant wait to go back when the water is flowing in the spring. Worth the trip up!!

Beautiful alpine lake, 5 of us had the lake to ourselves after a moderate 6.2 mile mid-day hike. Several choice backpacking campsites to choose from. Take the time to explore west of the Ski Hut for better sites. Fishing was great with native trout hungry to attack a variety of lures. Caught and released four in just over 30 minutes with several hits in between. The night ski was clear with no moon for some amazing star gazing. Only negative was several burn sections of the hike from recent fires, all part of the natural cycle, but still still difficult to see.

Wear pants on this trail. Because it is not used often, the trail is narrow and there are many thorny bushes. The incline between miles 3-6 is exhausting but the walk back is easy. It was freezing cold by the lake. Wish I had one more layer. You walk through a lot of burnt forest. About 2 miles of it is burnt. Very secluded and was hoping to spot bear. Instead we spotted a huge pile of bear poop. So they are out there! Overall, ok trail. Not my favorite and will probably never do it again.

Easy hike. Beautiful lake.

Such a beautiful lake in the middle of Yosemite National Park! Was there Labor Day weekend and there were still people swimming and plenty of happy people! Very clear lake and many great photo ops too!

Beautiful but tons of little bugs in your face. Bug repellent is a must!

10 days ago

Hiked in here with a few guys, all in our mid 40s and of various fitness levels. It's a relatively easy hike but a bit long with some elevation change. Best to pace yourself. There are a few campsites to chose from, all with good access to water. There was a fair amount of fuel at the time for healthy campfires. Not the most scenic place once you arrive but a nice quiet place to camp.

11 days ago

Nice trail. Not super difficult. Be sure to bring a bug net and spray. The gnats are relentless.

Saw a bear and her cubs, so be aware.

on Mist Falls Trail

11 days ago

Great trail, decent amount of shades, beautiful mist fall was very refreshing. A lot of bugs especially in the morning from the moment you get out of a car. I encountered a mama bear followed by a bear cub.

This is my close to home favorite. Easy and keeps you hiking when you do not have much time.

This hike was long, exhausting, scary, and TOTALLY WORTH IT! The views were amazing! My husband and I are 45, run 3 miles, 3 times a week, and live in a flat, at sea level State. We did it in 7 hours total with hanging around at the top for 20 mins. The key for us was start early, bring 3 liters of water, and keep a nice pace. Also, try not to crap your pants when you climb the last part at the top!
Best hike I have ever done so far!!!

12 days ago

A little fun finding the trailhead but a beautiful day hike. Not too steep but has some up & down to it with twists and such to keep it interesting. Bring you trunks if you want to cool off nice swimming holes and smaller cliffs to jump off if your into that

paddle sports
13 days ago

Even Busy Labor Day Weekend the lake was amazingly quiet. Kayaked early morning then hiked trail around the lake. Highly recommend

the scenery is great but the trail is basically soft sand the entire way and littered with horse shit. the campground area is a nice place to have lunch and spend some time but gets very busy so get there early or late if you plan on staying the night.

Amazing hike! Stunning views. Sept 5, 2018: started at 0730 from Tenaya Lake got to the top at 1030. Chilled for an hour; clear skies. Descended at 1130 completed at 1400. Not one mosquito in sight, did not apply any repellent prior. I must say the descending portion was just as brutal if not more then going up.

15 days ago

Hello all,
We did this hike in order to take photos of the grove so I'll include some information regarding that at the end.

One-Way distance 2.5/2.6 miles according to two different models of trackers. The sign at the trailhead calls the distance 2.3. The larger path from the trailhead leads to the campground, hang a quick left along the stream to start along the trail.

We feel this is a moderate/easy hike. There is plenty of shade in the morning but mid-day hikers will probably want sunscreen/hats. There are some switchbacks/grades to negotiate but nothing difficult. But the distance, the area where the trail traverses a bit of the granite dome and grades would probably be a bit much for young kids.

There are two small streams so if you have a water filtering system you can refill if needed.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: The light was very nice in the grove itself an hour or two after dawn. The grove and surrounding giants have loads of possibilities. There is very nice view of the valley from atop a granite dome you pass on the trail. There are areas of ferns which will be shaded on your way out but by the time you are coming back there will be very nice dappled light in the draws.

CAUTION: In the grove itself there are a amazing circular grouping of trees. In the base of the one of the closest one is a hive of bees. If you have kids you might want to keep an eye on them before they race into the middle of the sequoias or up to any of the trunks. We did run across some bear scat on the trail so making some noise going around the blind corners/brushy areas is probably good.

Only had one day to use towards Yosemite on the east side, so happy I picked this one. Definitely the best views since you can see 360 degrees around. Parking does fill up quickly so arrive early. Signs at trailhead say 7.4 miles to Clouds Rest.

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