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Great views and awesome beach. We saw Mt Washington on top of the Morse Mountain covered with snow.


We are fortunate to have this in our backyard. Looping the trails is possible. They are well maintained. definitely on the easier side of moderate.

I liked the hike. I'm not a hiker, I go for the exercise and to take photos. I'm not in shape and was huffing and puffing before I got to the summit. While overall easy, there are lots of roots and stones on the paths. If you have any balance issues I'd suggest sticking to the Hedgehog and Soule Trails. I did get turned around at one point and missed a turn somehow so ended going down the wrong path. With AllTrails map I was able to find my way back easy enough. I enjoyed myself.

The views make it worthwhile.

Just a walk in the woods, trails could be marked better. Might be fun to snowshoe . Did hear a raven along the yellow trail.

Beautiful view of the river, places to swim.

This is a good last minute hike destination to choose since it is fairly quick. I wasn't blown away by the view at the summit but still worth the trek up for a few hours of outdoor enjoyment! We went on the first day of fall and the colorful leaves on the ground were a highlight for sure. There were a few places where the path was a little uncertain so look for the red signs on the rocks and trees as you go!

nicer trail in area due to its length. saw deer in woods! poorly marked in areas. dont like the street ending or beginning depending on which direction you go. I always go ptepared to spend the night just in case.

A simple hike with enough elevation gain to be strenuous for me. I like to do a slightly shorter version of the trail (1.7 miles). . I turn around at the second and last outlook and don’t continue to the end. If you do that you’ll get a little more distance but almost no extra elevation and no more views. You’ll just walk a little further along the wooded ridge and I’m not usually interested in that.

I was turned off by the no dog thing- but on my way up- someone had a dog anyway- rebels... but seriously- a good hike- good views- but nothing to really look at except that scenic overlook- summit was very disappointing. It was ok, tho. Definitely good exercise! Just kinda boring.

This truly is as good as it gets.

Nice little hike. The trails are wide and well groomed. Perfect little place to get some fresh air that’s close to home. Not challenging at all, but pleasant.

first time on this trail today. Great hike, really fast trail.

Favorite best kept Portland secret. Dogs can run off leash and swim in the river.

another great walk on these trails, covered yellow, white, blue and red marked trails.

Short and sweet. Awesome view of lakes from the top.

We loved this trail and the view were spectacular.

2 months ago

Haraseeket is my favorite trail!!

Beautiful shoreline spots to stop at as you hike along. A better-than-aight Park!

Love this trail and the variety of terrain encountered along the way! A bit difficult to follow through the campground, but otherwise clearly marked the entire distance. It does hit asphalt for a couple small sections, but otherwise single track trail nearly the entire way.

Great little hike, diverse terrain, nice views of Casco Bay.

Good sandwiches at the local deli nearby.

Fairly easy trail hike even with a family of little kids, once you get to the ocean it is great to be isolated from the crowds

This hike starts out by walking through a field of beautiful wild flowers. Once you pass through the tree line the trail steadily gets steeper and steeper. Once you get to the second viewpoint and take in the scenery the hike levels out but doesn’t really lead to anything

We hike this one quite a bit. Its got a steep section near the beginning that is a good work out and the view from the top is decent. There are a couple spots where it's not completely clear where to go, but nothing too bad and overall its not too hard to find your way.

We loved the marsh, Mountain View of the marsh meeting the ocean and the quiet beach at the end. There was a hatching of mosquitoes right before we came, but the man at the entrance post was prepared with repellent to share. It mostly kept them off us, but they started flying into our car as soon as we opened the doors. They were a small inconvenience for all the beauty we were able to enjoy. There are no bathrooms so find a stop to go before getting there because we had to go back. Overall, we enjoyed the hike.

Wonderful little introduction to hiking for kiddos. All levels can do this. We bring a blanket and picnic and spend the day on the beach. Our daughter loves this!

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