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18 hours ago

Last bit of snow still clinging to the peaks but the sunny weekend led to amazing views. Last 1/3 of the hike is a pretty intense loose rock trail culminating in a bit of a scramble but it was worth it!

Great day to hike even if a bit hot. Black flys kept us moving. Saw a bear along the way and lots of fish jumping in Eight Mile Lake. We didn't explore around the lake long enough to find a great spot to hangout. If we had found one this would be 5-stars.

1 day ago

Nice walk through the woods. Could see the distant peaks today along with Glacier peak, Vesper, and Barring

My friend and I decided to do this loop yesterday. We missed the trail head (labelled "Cold Creek" off to the left), and started a few miles further up the road, just past the Mt. Catherine marker (1348). It was unclear to us that the gravel road is actually a significant part of the loop, so we got our wires crossed. There was one hairy part of the road that prevented most smaller cars from getting up the road. You need an SUV or something with clearance to get over this part.

Anyway, it definitely would have been helpful to have a working GPS map. We ended up starting the loop in a counter-clockwise direction. This part of the trail was fine.
Had we started where we were supposed to, I'm sure we would have quickly aborted. I say this because this is the section of trail we ended the hike with, and it was significantly overgrown with blackberry and raspberry bushes. Not well maintained at all. Several times we almost lost the trail before finding it again. This continues for almost two miles until you reach the junction to Mirror Lake. We did take a detour down that way, but there didn't seem to be any good lake access in the spots we were at (though we didn't search very far).

The rest of the trail was in good shape and not difficult. We didn't go to either of the peaks. I'd recommend doing just this part of it and skipping the full loop. That last part (i.e. the actual trail head entrance) really sucked. I even broke a pole it was so steep in places!

One of my favorites of the pass... offers quite a bit of variety and steep terrain. Best part is that it is very lightly travelled, the Alpental parking lot is typically full but that is all for Snow Lake. Only a handful goes for the Snowqualmie Mountain / Guye Peak trail.

2 days ago

This is an up and down. We did not do the boot cut route. The hike was good up to the sign splitting to 1313.3 to the beacon. The route to the beacon was full of logs blocking the trail. The view from the top was quite pretty.

4 days ago

Simple and gorgeous views all the way!

Overall great hike! Come prepared

No snow and went on sunny day when Mt. Rainier was out. The lake was gorgeous and there’s not a lot of bugs.

Still snow on the trail as of JY 11, 2018. Even though it didn’t interfere, I recommend not doing this hike before mid-JY

6 days ago

hard but amazing views and definitely its worth it!

Went on a Monday, only 8 cars in the lot. Saw some snow at the top, bugs were aggressive, but totally worth it! Stunning views.

10 days ago

Still too early for this hike. Snow on ground and rain in the sky kept me from the last scramble. Gorgeous wildflowers.

great hike. cool different terrains during hike

11 days ago

Beautiful trail, great stop offs and candid moments. The top is silencing and you’ll wish you had a picnic dinner with you to enjoy it. Just stunning!

Went all the way to Cutthroat Pass today 7/5. The trail is in excellent summer shape. It was mud and snow free until about a 1/3 mile from the pass. At that point there were just a handful of snow patches here and there that were easy to navigate through or around. There is a larger snow field right below the pass that obscured the last little bit of trail but it was easy to navigate. Really beautiful views the whole way but the view from the top is truly incredible-360 degrees of mountains and alpine lakes. A must do in the North Cascades for sure.

Also of note, the total mileage is a little over 11 miles.

12 days ago

We did this as an overnighter on June 11-12, 2018. Such a fun trip with a friend. Snow free except for a little patch at the top. Didn’t stop to put our spikes on. Super steep to the peak! Gorgeous views. Unpacked and set up camp near the meadow and then summited to the peak with light packs. So cold up there but oh so beautiful!! Great water sources along the way! Tracked about 14 miles total to the peak and roaming around looking for a good camp site. This app recorder is slightly off on the trail, but nothing of concern. There were times we were clearly on the trail but the app path was more direct (and thus we had more mileage in the end). So I think that’s where the mileage discrepancy is between WTA/real mileage versus what All Trails says it will be. Plan for a little more. I feel like I will definitely do this one again! So memorable!!

12 days ago

I would call this more of an up and down, than an out & back! Time constraint only allowed us 2 hrs. The 1st hour we went up. The return was all down. It’s a really nice, well-traveled trail that we shared with several hikers & mountain bikers. Tons of mosquitos!

13 days ago

Hiked this 2 weeks ago and the bear grass was out in full force! So beautiful. It's a good first of the season hike.

Absolutely stunning views!!! Hiked to Mason Lake, and there were pretty cool wildflowers and great views even on a cloudy day!! Lots of mosquitoes at the lake, so bring your bug spray!!!

13 days ago

Snow fields at higher elevations and a fair amount of water and exposed roots on trail. Consider micro spikes. Route finding skills will be handy. Not a dog friendly hike due to the scrambles toward the top. Road is clear. Be back in late summer.

14 days ago

Great hike, gorgeous views. Reasonably crowded for a Saturday. There’s another lake you can venture off to on your way down. Took about 4.5 hours, with a break at the top and detour to the other lake.

Unfortunately getting past the lake up to the pass would be really difficult right now- all mud and snow beyond the lake. However, the 2.5or so miles to the lake are breathtaking. BTW yesterday we lost a brown zippered glasses case holding prescription eyeglasses out of our pack on this trail. Any info? Call 206-419-4105

16 days ago

Amazing trail! No snow, clear path and has a lot of beautiful views.

Id say the first and last quarter of this hike was pretty grueling. The middle of the hike was nice with all of the lookouts which gives you some time to rest. Took me 4 hrs to the top and 1 hr down with frequent photo stops on the way up.

Didn't see any goats until i got to the very top and saw about 10-15 on a rock in the distance. They all scattered when they saw me. When i got to the top i got to witness the fighter jets pass by while doing their training. About 4 of them went by 3 times.

17 days ago

This is a great out and back trail, that is not disappointing with views along the whole route. This trail should be rated difficult, as I can't see that most novice hikers would entertain the steep trails along the cliffs and switchbacks or ahem, lack there of. It was so quiet at the top, we didn't see any goats but we kept our eyes peeled. We would definitely do this one again. It took us about 3-1/2 hours but we were keeping a grueling pace up.

Started this hike at the base, Excellent hike to get ready for my three months of wandering around the PNW. Great hike with two spectacular views of the Sammish Bay. There is little to no water in the trail so be prepared. Lots of switchbacks and footling changing going on in the upper part of the trail. Moderate is a good rating because of the elevation gains from the start and intermittently in the trail. There was logging going on in the area so it wasn’t always quiet on this hike. Enjoyed this trail either way.

21 days ago

Hiked this trail on the weekend so was a bit busy but not too bad overall. A few short muddy sections but easy to get through on logs. Bugs were out but we applied Deet before starting the trail and the bugs didn't bother us at all the whole trip. Fireweed was just beginning to bloom so will be beautiful in a few days. Very beautiful hike, will definitely do it again.

22 days ago

Hiked Goat Peak today with a few friends. This is a leg burner for sure - but the views are worth it at the top. We had a pretty steady approach, took many short breaks to soak in the views. Took our group 3.5hrs up and about 2hrs back. However, there were a few German folks we met that made it up in 1.5 hours!

It’s pretty much all uphill, the first quarter mile and the last section are probably the most difficult. No snow, and we saw a goat in the distance at the top! Thankfully it was too far away to smell our urine.

Highly recommend!

23 days ago

Perfect year-round hike on a well maintained trail!

23 days ago

Definitely not a "lightly trafficked" trail!!! We saw 20+ people on a Saturday afternoon.

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