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It does not have a stunning scenery but it was very peaceful easy walking along the pathway and sitting on the big rocks and looking down the lake from it and it was the most peaceful moment ever and also so good for meditation :) It’s the best part of this hiking! It’s probably good for fall and easy hiking!

3 days ago

it is a really hard hike, I went with my my family and it was an amazing hike.it took us about 5 hours and had lunch once we got to the top.

Mailbox Peak is not complete until you've traversed Old Trail. It's a monster of a hike. It will test your abilities and your mental fortitude. If you're serious about hiking, and want a true challenge, take a swing at Old Trail. It requires some route finding as the trail can easily be lost with the many, many switch-backs that you must endure. After you reach the boulder field, you'll still have quite a bit of hike left over. It's a great challenge for anyone really interested in hiking in Washington State.

One of the hardest but most fulfilling hikes for me. We went all the way up to Earl Peak and was blown away by the views. This is a continuously steady incline trail though. Brought our dog and she did great. Started hiking at 4pm and no one was going up but saw about 5 people coming down. Great hike and would definitely do it again.

bugs have mostly died off! amazing area. the hike has a very steady incline... pretty easy on the knees

Take it on Hikers-for passionate in shape hikers only. An awesome challenge up and down....you will feel like you really did something today.
Get out there.

Pretty sweet - must do

15 days ago

Only hiked to the part where the trail splits, about 3.5 miles in, so I can only speak for that part of the trail.

There aren’t any incredible views on the way up, but the sound of the creek is lovely and stays with you almost the whole time. There are a few places where you can stop by it and put your feet in the cold water. There were a few wildflowers still, but you can tell it must be absolutely stunning when it is peak wildflower season as there are fields of them all over lining the trail.

The issues with this hike on the day I went was that the trail was super dusty. If someone had been right behind me I would have been kicking up dust at them the whole time. There were also lots and lots of hornets/yellow-jackets/wasps that tried to bother me every time I took a rest. I did pass someone on the way down who had gotten stung by one only a few hundred yards into the trail. No other annoying bugs seemed to be around though!

Overall it was very pretty. It is not very steep, but the incline is constant which makes for a good workout if you keep up the pace. I hope to come back with enough time to reach the top someday!

15 days ago

Loved it!!

This trail(old trail) was no joke. Make sure you take plenty of water and some electrolyte or potassium supplements. It took me 3.5 hours to go 2.6 miles. Pretty humbling experience. If you aren't in great shape I recommend taking the new trail which is significantly easier.

Great workout, prepare to climb, climb, climb! I love this one for the ease of accessibility and crowds. I would definitely feel safe hiking this one alone and it’s also a great hike to bring out of town visitors on as it’s challenging and yet still doable, and has great payoff with beautiful views.

First attempt didn't make it. Very hot day and underestimated the difficulty of the trail. Went back 2 weeks later and knocked it out! Very steep! Cloudy and smokey when we went up, so didn't see much of the view, but the days goal was the climb.

challenging hike with awesome views, I did it during winter. When it is covered with snow, the last 2000ft you pretty much realize you are walking on the trees.

18 days ago

Great views and no bugs today. Trail on the WTA section needs some help. Overall a nice hike

19 days ago

Beckler Peak will challenge you a little bit. It's a newer trail est. in 2011 so it isn't quite well-known as some of the other trails in the area. Once you reach the switchbacks that will let you know that you are almost to the top. Bring plenty of water during the summer months because you will be exposed to the sun during most of the hike. I didn't have any issues with bugs when I went.

22 days ago

Excited to hike Snoqualmie Mountain as it is on the Mountaineers Snoqualmie Pin list and Home Court 100. Started out on the trail about noon. Was expecting a hard hike, but have seen some great trip reports, especially by Gobazov who completed and wrote about an epic traverse. Upon starting the trail we met three gentlemen who had descended, we thought from either Snoqualmie Mountain or Guye Peak. They said it was a stair climb and asked if we had hiked or known the mountain. It's our first time, but Joe and I have done a few things. I'm in decent shape, yet found the trail a bit challenging. The early trail quickly steepens and ascends into an unrelenting climb over rocks, roots, and streams, for nearly a 1000 feet - as clearly indicated by the topo. The trail is rough at times, yet most of the rocks and stones make for good steps and footing - clearly a stair climb. The weather was very foggy and cloudy, so our visibility the entire was up was very limited. At about 4000 feet the forest canopy opened up revealing strewn rocks and boulders from a rock fall long ago. Cliffs are looming in the distance and we approached the fork to Guye Peak. We kept left following the trail as it continued to climb, ever steep into the gully on the way to Snoqualmie Mountain. Finally, the trail leveled at about 4500 feet and crossed a dry streambed and waterfall. The rock here is spectacular and must be a sight when water if slowing - definitely something to see in fall or spring. From here the trail climbed again - up dirt and tree roots, rather steep, ascending a gully and finally gaining the ridge to Snoqualamie around 4800 feet. As we gained altitude, the terrain became more open, and the subalpine fields emerged. Great rock formations cover the ridge, with small evergreen trees providing for a beautiful landscape. The fog was so dense, we could not see the valley floor below, nor Cave Ridge which normally would be in full view. We continued the climb, straight up the ridge, crisscrossing the peak with small switchbacks, perhaps 10 feet in length, zig-zagging up the hill. There appeared to be a few false summits, however, my altimeter clearly showed more room for climbing. As the trail ascended and steepened, it skirted a very steepening ridge, ledge, with a significant dropoff to the right, which only became steeper, deeper and closer to the trail. Mindful of my footing, I continued to climb - peering over the drop - the fog obscured a full view so it was challenging to put the magnitude of the drop off in perspective. It appears to be a very interesting basin which leads to Lundin Peak. Finally, I reached the false summit which must have spectacular views. As with many of my hikes this season, we had the foul weather view, which makes for cool cloudy photos. We found no summit register but did find the USGS marker. We made our way down, finding the footing easier going up. This is a difficult hike - some of you have trip reports with great times up and long traverse. The footing is challenging both ways. Be prepared to be mentally sharp and manage your footing - that said, this is one of the most interesting and enjoyable hikes I have done in the area, and am looking forward to exploring Guye Peak and maybe do a traverse of Lundin and other peaks. I will definitely hike this on a clear day. More pictures of the ascent, area, and trail and conditions are available in my AllTrails link below.

a lot of work for not much reward this time of year, some flowers, a small waterfall, a few looks at peaks... there are a lot of other hikes in the area with spectacular views and lakes

Love this hike, definitely a climb but so worth the view. Got up early and did it at sunrise, there was still a layer of fog on the water and the ship-man it made for a beautiful hike. It’s a challenge but a goody. Parking is limited so I recommend getting there early!

First of al, if you follow the recording provided by this trail information (the loopI), you won’t find the peak. And do remember to drive up counter-clock wise, until you see the trail entrance to your left that is off the road. We hiked this trail by following the recording a loop but couldn’t see the trail head, then turn back to by following the cold creek trial said by the recording. But it was not worthy to came back that way. The cold creek trail was totally over grown.

Next time we would just drive up the road until we see the entrance then walk up and pass the PCT sign then come down the same way. When we got up and saw the sign of PCT trail, my husband just gave up and wanted to get down, but it was definitely a mistake. For the scene, I would definitely try again next time.

The old trail is a beast itself, but the hardest part is after joining with the new trail and breaking through the tree line. The open talus slope may seem promising in terms of proximity to the summit; however, the most difficult portion of the trail lies beyond the crest of the rock section. Be prepared for a very steep final ascent to the summit that’s out in the open, dusty, rocky, and certainly capable of making you reach your breaking point.

A hard and rewarding hike. The view at the top was amazing. Took us about 2 hours to get to the peak but was worth it at the end. Make sure you bring an ample amount of water as there are some steep inclines.

1 month ago

We did a one night backpacking trip into the meadows which was 5.5 miles in. We then set up camp and went to the peak which was another 1.5 mile or so. The hike up to the peak is tough, but worth the pain! We went to see the sunset at the peak and the pictures and view was incredible. Round trip for us 13.7 miles (a bit more than what this app says). Great trip!

1 month ago

Below 8 mile lake the fire damage is about 6 years old. Beyond the base of the lake the fire damage is from 2017. Not worth exploring much past the lake. Ground is mostly ash and trees are nearly all burned up. If you can, find another trail without fire damage and save this one for 15 years from now.

great training hike.
From Chuckanut it is much more difficult than from the upper parking lot or from the parking lot at barrel springs road.
great view from the top.

It was an amazing hike first time and fell in love.. Recommended!!!

Great loop hike today. Started at the Ira Spring Trailhead. Climbed Putrid Pete's Peak. Ridge-walked down to connect with the main trail. Climbed Mount Defiance. Walked down to Mason Lake for a cooling swim. Returned to the car at the Ira Spring Trailhead. Total distance: 9+ miles. Total elevation gained: 4,000+ feet. Epic hike. Great day!

Recommended if you want an ass kicker.

Holy hard! I agree with Jake Ryan. (Hi Jake) I am from Utah and used to hard hiking and this was definitely on the difficult list.. last mile literally straight up! Hand and feet scrambling!! Soooo fun! If you wanna major work out this is the trail for you!!

1 month ago

I hike all the time, workout religiously, and am in great shape... yet, this trail kicked my ass. The trail is somewhat easy to lose if you aren’t watching the lightly trekked pathway, but a quick reference on the AllTrtails app will help you get back on track. The trail gets extremely difficult and somewhat dangerous the last mile of it, and is almost totally vertical. The view at the very top is totally worth the torturous trek... be sure to find a PVC tube with paper pad an pencil to date and sign your name showing you made it (its lodged in between the rocks at the very peak). This app says its 4 miles, but it actually was over 6 total...not sure why there’s a discrepancy. Overall: trail is extreme and not for the faint of heart, but the risk is worth the reward!

1 month ago

Top trail takeaways:
1. The road to the trailhead is an old forest road, and it’s pretty washed out in places. I’d not recommend without an SUV.
2. This trail is not maintained by the WTA, so it gets pretty faint/ confusing at times. GPS is recommended, otherwise you’ll end up at Mirror Lake.
3. Trekking poles were pretty helpful for the final .5ish gravel scramble to the top.
4. Despite it being a very warm day, it was very chilly in the wind at the top. Pack a light jacket.
Trip time: 5:30 with :45+ at the top
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hike up loose gravel, this is your chance! The final half mile of this hike is up shifting rock of various sizes, but the view from the top is well worth it. Leave your sedan at home and go for the SUV instead, the road to the trailhead is pretty rough. Bring a GPS application or device if you’re unfamiliar with this area for Snoqualmie, the trail isn’t maintained by the WTA and is pretty faint at times. Start from the trailhead at mirror lake and hang a right about a mile/ mile and a half in, this was marked by a Cairn when I was there, but otherwise has no distinguishing sign. Bring a jacket for the top, it was chilly despite an 80+ degree day when I hiked. There was still a tiny bit of snow at the top last weekend, but you don’t need micro-spikes. Poles were an immense help for balance up the final gravel scramble. Bring sunscreen as the final mile or so us uncovered. Enjoy!

Photos from the hike: https://www.instagram.com/kjcoop/

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