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very pretty, and a great place to take pictures.

Really beautiful. Short distance to get to shutins

Pretty, but poorly marked. Saw the USFS guys out there mapping the trail properly, so maybe it’ll get fixed up. Standard National Park Rec Area donation fee. Two bucks in the old stump.

2 months ago

This is a great rugged area overall, but the map associated with it on this page wasn't accurate as far as I could tell. We did attempt to follow the marking on the GPS, however getting across to the dam was not happening as the rocks are very slick and the water was moving pretty quickly. I had a pack on with towels and books and didn't want to risk soaking everything so we stayed on the east side of the river. With that said, this is a great place to find a smooth rock along the river and chill out, which is exactly how we spent most of our time here.

They also charge $2 for parking, which had I read here more in depth I'd have known, however I didn't and it caught us by surprise. We did have the cash, unknown what the repercussions are if you don't. But what are we paying for exactly, rocks to park on? It sure isn't trail maintenance because there was trash on it such as cans and bags. The trail is also not really marked, I saw zero blazes and only one sign at all, there are a couple of junctions where without any GPS you could certainly get off track. If it's just for some guy to mow the campground (as another commenter mentions) nearby then I can only chalk it up to greed, because I did see them patrolling to get their cash, which is a really sad practice.

Well worth the short, easy hike!

we have been here a couple of times for short hikes when we just wanted to get out for awhile with the dogs. it is very easy to hike and the views are so beautiful.. Bring your camera.

5 months ago

Good trails, cool scenery, many places to stop and cool off in the river. Didn't see any snakes, and bugs weren't too bad for me, doesn't mean they aren't there though, I jusr got lucky prob. Had conversations with the park staff and they are very friendly and helpful.

5 months ago

Really great trail with a lot of great views. However, there are a few points that the trail is not well marked, and it can be hard to know where to go.

This trail is not an out and back trail, once you reach the shutins there is a trail that goes up into some rocky glens, and loops back around to the parking lot. We saw a bunch of lizards and skinks up there! Even some cactus?! The shutins themselves are gorgeous, we scrambled up the rocks on the north (east) side of the river and found a way back across downstream. I honestly can't wait to go back and explore, Amidon CA seems to be much bigger than just that one little stretch of river.

First you should know the road up to the trail head is washed out so don't expect to get there with a car or anything with low clearance. We had actually rented a Ford 250 so had no issues other than a bit of a bumpy ride up. We did find the trail head just fine. I would suggest taking a GPS as though we were able to find the trail and stay on it there were certainly times where the trail was questionable and no markings to keep you on it. Some steep inclines/declines but not an overly difficult trail if you are in shape which if you are going to do an 11 mile hike I would like to think you should be. Saw several turtles along the way but that was it for wildlife. Was a little underwhelmed by the rockpile but that may have been more of my high expectations. It was a fun hike and I will definitely be back to do more trails in the area.

Beautiful area with some interesting geology

8 months ago

I started at the trail to the dam, ended up at a fork to where you could go see the dam or take the turkey creek trail. I went towards the dam and then went down turkey creek a little ways but couldn’t find where you cross the river so I turned around. It is a little rugged but my dog and I made it just fine. I would like to go back and try and find out where the crossing is.

9 months ago

Great scenery in this area - make sure you do both sides of the river and go all the way to the dam on both sides - the one side will take you to an old mine entrance

9 months ago

Great place to hike - was a little muddy in spots but nothing extreme - great place to take pictures

Camped here as well. Good times.

We loved laying on the rocks & playing in the river. Cool spot

Great little hike, take your time!

It took us at least 90 minutes to even find the trail. The GPS had us turning down roads that didn't exist, then rerouting us to gravel single lane roads that went nowhere. After circling the area once looking for a brown sign...we tried a gravel road we had turned around on once already and decided to just park the car and walk that road, which was CR 2124 that turned out to be the right road. There are no brown markers or any kind of signs till you get to the trail head The road up there is so washed out, don't try it unless you have a jeep. We didn't go far on the trail itself because it started heading downhill again and it was getting late. We backpacked this trail 20 years ago and it seemed in a lot better condition then....so were we....in a lot better condition. haha

Saturday, November 04, 2017

When you start off, there is a trail. The trail is completely gone before the first mile is up. We followed what we thought was the trail, but it ended up being part of the Ozark Trail, which was definitely not Crane Lake Trail. So we made our own trail. You basically just follow the lake around. Where you run into trouble is the dam. You have to go way around the back side of the shut-in to get to the other side of the lake. With no trail to follow, we were apprehensive about moving forward. We turned around and went out the same way we came in. Let me be clear, the trail gets completely lost. There is so much over growth and fallen leaves, everything looks the same. The trail looks good to start and then becomes completely non existent. Pretty area though. Nice country drive to the trailhead. Probably won't go back.
Oh, and the trail was rated as moderate...the lack of trail reclassifies it to hard.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Beautiful area, area not well maintained but it's an area we love

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nice hike for our arrival in MO. we took the shortcut across the dam.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Beautiful area - climbed on the rocks to get pictures - was a fun time

Nice trail for solitude, but it is a trail I would not recommend for the casual hiker. Go prepared. The trail is hard to follow at times and very rugged at times. Lots of down trees and overgrown in several spots. You could easily get lost. If you pack, take water, there is almost no water. Hang your food to protect from pigs and bears.

NOTE: Road to trail head is heavily washed out in several spots.

beautiful area. Better during off season. Can get a little trash ridden throughout the busy season unfortunately.

On one side it is pretty, but on the other, it was like going into a trailer full of roaches. People were everywhere and loud. It probably is amazing during the off season. BTW, I'm not saying people are roaches, just there were a lot of people.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Nice trail. Not too busy and having the water below is nice.

Great little easy hike down to the best known swimming hole in SE Missouri. Beautiful Rock formations, chutes and rapids form swimming pools everywhere. Note to self, don't come here on Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dam was washed out on side. You can't cross it. Lots of down trees and growth into the trail on the side by the camp host. On the other side of the river it was much better.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beautiful trail. Can't wait to go back.

My absolute favorite park to visit in Missouri!!! I actually don't tell everyone because it's my little hidden spot that not everyone knows about!!! Awesome swimming spot!

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