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Beautiful overlook in November. Muddy in sections. Well marked

One of my all time favorite hikes!

Nice walk on a beautiful day. Spots on the trail are muddy but there has been lots of rain lately. Fairly steep uphill but worth doing for the view.

Arrived at 11:30am on Saturday, Nov. 3rd. If I didn't have handicapped tags on my car, I would not have gotten a parking space. In spite of the chilly, windy weather, the lot was full and the trail was very busy. Being 58 y.o. and disabled, it was a long, slow hike for me. But so worth the view from Annapolis Rock!

a zoo on the weekends

Short and sweet! I went to this beautiful hike this Fall Sunday and had a good day. I got there early, right after sunset, and only saw a few trail runners coming up and down (and a whole boy scout troop coming down). Some spots were muddy but not too bad. When I got to the top I was the only one there, for a long time too, then people started trickling in. Soon there were quite a few people there and I ventured further along the overlook and found peace and solitude.

Tip: if you get there in the middle of the day and its crowded, take a walk to the left past the rocks you immediately see and walk down a slope to the bottom of the group of second overlook rocks. Climb up on those rocks (it's not hard) and relax all by your self without the crowds and dogs, no one came over to that side while I chilled for awhile.

On my way down around 9:30 the crowds of people coming up made me immensely happy I rolled out of bed ( the clock rolling back an hour did not help). People and dogs galore. When I got back to the parking lot by a little after 10 the parking lot was full and people were waiting for spots. Another reason to get there early.

12 days ago

Nice trail, heavy rains left a stream to cross. Lots of rocks to walk on.

road biking
12 days ago

What an amazing trail! Even in late fall, the leaves were vibrant with color. The trail was clear with very few tree root induced bumps. Despite not stopping, the town of Hancock seemed very charming and will certainly be a destination in coming trips. There were signs along the trail welcoming bikers, and the C&O bike shop was well placed. Speaking of the C&O, the trail was visible throughout the ride, lending to a sense of wonder while imagining the barges floating past the locks. I highly recommend the WMRT trail. It has become my extended “go to” for a relaxing ride to melt away the stress of life

My husband and I did this trail yesterday and we loved it. The fall colors from Annapolis rock were breathtaking. Parts of the trail were quite muddy but it was a very enjoyable hike and not too strenuous.

How do you find the parking lot coming off 70?

Hiked there on a week day. There was light traffic and when I made it to the Annapolis Rock there were only 3 people there.

Went there last week and it is absolutely beautiful.

22 days ago

Beautiful park and scenery!

This is a short hike, but the panoramic view of the valley below is stunning.

trail running
26 days ago

My first time running or being on the AT! Had to hike a little of the rocky steep section in that first mile. Great time, will go back again and go a bit further north on the AT!

26 days ago

Nice moderate hike with great views at the top!

awesome hike, breathtaking views

Great hike, great view

loved this hike. beautiful veiws a good hike up. go early if you want to take pictures on the rock, it gets crowded fast.

Love this trail. Love getting the kids off their computers and just hiking. Friendly people on trail.

Wonderful bike trail and beautiful scenery! It's good to bring bug spray. On the hotter days, as soon as you stop to take a rest, the nats start attacking.

Great hike! Good exercise, clean trails, friendly people. Plenty of parking at the entrance. It was not crowded the day we went, however, it was a bit foggy so once we made it to the top, there wasn't much you could see.

Hiked all the way past Black Rock cliff to Pogo shelter and back. It's kind of ridiculous how many people hike this considering there isn't anything really special about this hike.

Just resurfaced, smooth sailing

Really nice hike. Especially cool on a foggy day.

Great workout for the distance. Lots of up and down. I'd definitely do it again.

Great day hike with an amazing overlook with plenty of seating and space.

Beautiful hike! Hiked this with my 2.5 year old in the backpack carrier with no issue. Expected more crowds on a Saturday, but it was pretty light traffic in the afternoon.

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