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5 hours ago

Getting to Tom's Thumb isn't too difficult. There are often people climbing Tom's Thumb, which is cool to get a picture of. You can see a video of people climbing Tom's Thumb here: https://youtu.be/GuhSPPx4L-Y

Beautiful views. A little bit of a challenge but well worth it.

Did this hike yesterday. Very cool hike. Lots of loose gravel especially the last 2/10 of a mile to the summit. That last 2/10 was tough as I am just a novice hiker. No parking issues as I went late in the day. Will do this again soon.

5 days ago

By far the best marked trail I have ever hiked and the most well maintained. There are many hills for photo opportunities are you head to the Thumb". If you are feeling a little more adventurous, look for the Miner's Cave and The Ogre's Den (not accessible), those were 2 cool additions I found during this hike.

7 days ago

Hiked this about a month ago and the weather was (and still is) perfect. The first half on the way up is challenging and steep, but after that it's pretty easy climbing to the summit. Would definitely recommend using the lookout points to catch your breath and drink lots of water. This probably wouldn't be where I take a novice for a first hike. The views were absolutely incredible though! Most of the trail is in the sun. Would say it's moderately trafficked and well-marked, I doubt anyone could get lost. The parking lot is right at the trailhead, with restrooms and water; the park is really clean and well-maintained. Definitely plan on coming back soon!

rock climbing
8 days ago

Up, up and up some more. With all the climbing you earn the views.

8 days ago

A great workout with beautiful views all along the way. This is a gravel trail with good inclines so you can definitely break in your trekking poles. Reaching Tom’s Thumb felt very accomplishing and was well worth the hike. Very friendly people on the trail. Bring plenty of water. I will hike this again!

Wow, this has to be the prettiest trail in the Phoenix area. The rocks are amazing! But wow, what a climb! Kicked my butt! 4.2 miles took me 3 hours. 2 hours up, 20 minute rest on top and 40 minutes down. But what breathtaking views!

10 days ago

Easy/moderate depending on the person - Very narrow trail with many rocks on and around the path for the most part; watch your step! I enjoy this one a lot due to the views and that it's easily accessible.

Make sure you add a rock to the big rock pile once you get to the top!

12 days ago

This trail did not disappoint! I am in decent shape and huffed and puffed up this sucker...lots of stops to enjoy the scenery” aka catch my breath, but the views going up and at the top are 100% worth it! I chose this over Camelback for a Sunday afternoon and it could not have been more perfect! Highly recommended!

Tougher at start but lightens up. Views are wonderful!

14 days ago

Great views. Starts out with incline but then levels out during second half of the ascent.

on Tom's Thumb Trail

18 days ago

Awesome! Well marked trail with so much natural beauty. Really good workout with lots to see. We made frequent stops so we could soak it all in. Highly recommended!

18 days ago

Challenging hike for beginners but definitely doable if you take regular breaks. This is one of the prettiest hikes we’ve done in the Phx area. The views are stunning and you’ll be so glad you did it. A little tricky coming down due to the loose gravel but if you take your time it’s fine.

19 days ago

Great hike even with those that aren’t the strongest hikers. 95% of the hike is paved - it was pretty heavily hiked during the morning hours on a Saturday in Spring.

Watch out for the rattlesnakes! We had one sitting right in the middle of the trail on our way back down.

Great trail with beautiful views. Minus one star because the staff is a bit condescending and rude.

21 days ago

I'm a pretty mild hiker; my pup and I go out every weekend to a new trail and explore. We just did this trail yesterday and it was incredible. We had to stop multiple (six or seven) times for water and breaks - elevation gain and the steepness of the terrain made it difficult for us to not stop. That being said, it took us about two hours to get to Tom's Thumb and it was completely worth it. The views were incredible, and we even got to watch a couple guys rock climb to the very top of Tom's Thumb. We took about a half hour break before jogging our way back - the whole trip took about three hours. Bring plenty of water and be ready for a leg workout! This hike is definitely worth it!

22 days ago

Family of 4 from Oklahoma (kids 7 & 10) made it to the top and back down. It was a tough climb up but totally worth the gorgeous views from the top! This is a must hike for visitors!

Be ready for a workout.

What a view!

trail running
23 days ago

The views + hills are great! Awesome for running or a well paced fitness hike.

Loved this trail.

Great trail. The first mile is pretty much uphill but after that it gets “easier”. Totally worth the effort!

24 days ago

Great workout, even better views! Not crowded at all since it was a weekday

Good workout, super busy on weekends. Great views from the top.

24 days ago

We attempted this hike on Thanksgiving Day, only to find that cones had been set out across the sidewalk and signs had been posted on the sidewalk leading into the gated community that said "No Trespassing". The security guard at the gate informed us that the trail is closed on holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.) so the residents of the gated community can have their privacy. That makes me wonder which came first, the trailhead or the gated community? If this is a public trail, how can a private residential community block public access?

27 days ago

Gorgeous mostly flat hike to the Dixie Mine and back is only about 5 miles. Parking is outside gate in neighborhood and then have to walk through neighborhood to trailhead. The sidewalk is marked and security will stop you if you don’t stay on marked path. Once at trailhead about 2m out to dirt road, turn right to go downhill. You will see the mine dug out on the hill and the mine entrance is right under it. Be safe! Fun and interesting hike with the kids.

A natural place to hike, you can be a beginner like me or an experienced hiker like the rest of the world I seem to be running around with theses days ! Yet, all can enjoy this trail. I stop half way up & then take in the surroundings. & head back. I’ve got a good 2 miles in for the day and I am pleased Tina Hillstrom

Nice hike which is family and dog friendly. Quick ascent at the beginning gets the blood flowing. Nice views at the top with areas to relax for a bit.

28 days ago

I love this hike but the road going in makes me nervous. I don't trust drivers and have seen too many bad accidents so be careful driving in and watch traffic ahead. I know that sounds easy but you have no idea what I've heard in my lifetime. Anyway. the hike is beautiful throughout. The rocks are beautiful, well marked and maintained trails. Towards the end of the hike, some of the markers fell down and I tried to fix them but didn't have the manpower or equipment. My fitbit showed that the trail was less than 4.50 miles. The first 1.20 miles are all uphill. That's the tough part. Just take your time. The rest of the way is pretty much switchbacks and up and down. I think this trail should be marked hard. Anyway, going down is fine if you watch where you step. Step on the dirt, not the small rocks. It took me 2 hours and that includes taking pictures and talking to strangers and helping the find a different trail.

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