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Disappointing- I was excited to see a trail within walking distance from my house but I don;t think I will be going back. No great views, crowded and TONS of aggressive/rude bikers and runners! Wish more people had trail etiquette but that seems to be disappearing with the more people that crowd our local trails. I don't think I would even consider this a hiking trail. If you want a decent hike check out any other trails in the area and you will probably have a better adventure.

very nice easy trail. Not a lot of shade but great views of the lake.

We thought we were doing the easier Kreutzer trail as there are two entrance points in the picnic area that you can get on the trail. It was a bit difficult for my 8 and 10 yr olds. Lots of burned and beetle kill trees. We will come back for the easier trail and the kids can build up their strength for the harder one.

my favorite place to take man's best friend...the Poudre ponds...a well maintained concrete walkway for miles....pup loves getting rocks out of the water...enjoy...---...

The hike to the lake doesn’t have many views as it’s through the thick forest, but the views at the lake were beautiful and definitely worth it! We did see a moose, doggos got to tromp in a few inches of the lake and the area is very relaxing. We got there about 8:30am and only saw one other group until we began our descent.

The entire elevation gain is the 3ish miles closest to the lake, where the incline hits you like a wall! We found ourselves scrambling quite a few times up and around rock walls. The lake is underwhelming, not sure if the final climb was really worth it. The weather was beautiful though, and friendly hikers and packers that we passed along the way.


4 days ago

Beautiful hike! There were meadows and thick forests! Only downside was there was no water, only some dried stream beds. We took the crosier rainbow trailhead that is 8.0 miles from US 34; very steep and wonderfully challenging. Would say the rainbow trail is difficult rather than moderate.

Beautiful views, well kept trails. Fairly easy hike, although I just wore tennis shoes and would definitely recommend doing it in trail shoes. *There is a $7 day use fee that is paid at a station in the parking lot. Credit cards accepted.*

Great afternoon hike, didn't get ticks and got a sweat up. The valley at the top is great for a picnic but pack light as the hike up can be hard. The dogs had a fun time!

absolutely beautiful and full of amazing scenery♡

This trail was a lot of fun, started at the Sheep Lake Trailhead and backpacked the loop to end back at Brooklyn Lake. Hiked in a little over a mile on a Friday night, then split the remainder of the 14 mi. total trail on Saturday/Sunday. Weather was good, little bit of rain and hail but not bad at all. Caught some brookies at North Gap Lake, plenty of people up there fishing. My only warning would be to inexperienced backpackers - when you arrive at North Gap lake (either before or after you go over the gap at Browns Peak), there is a cascade of boulders between you and the continuation of your journey that could be a little challenging. I've seen some people say to go up top to the shelf and OVER the boulders, however we stayed low on the water and walked on the boulders. It was...unpleasant, but doable. Our dog got stuck at one point so we had to drop packs to go back and get him, but all ended well. Was just a bit of a surprise to us, so thought it might help other people. Overall, beautiful trail, will definitely be back to backpack again!

Great hike near town. Very scenic. I went for the sunrise (see pic). Yes it's Rocky, so easy to moderate.

I started early at 5:45 am and didn't see anyone on the trail until around 9 am.

The sunrise facing east out the north end inlet was spectacular.

Absolutely gorgeous little trail. Took my 3 year old and it was a little tough for her. Found some not so steep little side trails that take you right down to the water. My kiddo loved splashing around. Not many people for a Friday afternoon in the summer. Would def go back.

Really great trail. Spent the first night at camp lake. Was going to go to upper camp lake but i got stuck in a thunder storm. I was told it was better to stay at lower camp due to the upper camp lake being very crowded. I continued hiking the next day and was going to go to twin crater lakes but again there was a ton of people. I opted to just hike out the second day to my car. Extremely beautiful and would recommend this to anyone considering doing it. Lots of moose!

Did this hike on Saturday morning (8/4/18) with the intent to capture a sunrise. The trail and sun did not disappoint (see pics). The hike itself is easy, but the rocky trail could make it more of a moderate hike for some.

If going for a Sunrise I recommend dropping into the north end inlet and using the exposed rock cliff and shoreline as a natural contrasting boundary to focus and frame the sun.

Then enjoy the 6 mile round trip out & back hike with the "sun dancing" along your side.

Only negative is paying state park fees for the hike. But can't really complain as it helps maintain the parks.

Lots of flowers on the hike and a cool lake at the end. In my opinion it was a 4 star hike because it was not the coolest lake and it was a long hike through the forest, with minimal views, to get there. We were also disappointed, as another reviewer pointed out, that there was no real discernable trail that actually went around the lake. To get down to the lake we had to walk down one of the rocky stream beds on the far side of the lake. First two miles of the trail are wide and very easy, the past 3 and a half are more uphill and rocky but not difficult. I carried a 3 year old and my 8 year old son had no problems either. The only real challenging part were a couple of stream crossings on some logs that were wet, from the rain that was falling, and very slippery. Carrying my daughter I actually elected to walk through the water instead of risk falling off of the first one.

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10 days ago

Fun trail. Was a little tuff at the beginning but also challenging and not to hard. Had 33’s with a 4” lift in my 2001 Jeep wrangle. Took that trail like a champ.

off road driving
10 days ago

Fun trail. Very green this time of year.
The ascent right at the beginning is fun but the crystal mountain trail was gated off.
The closure signs looked fairly new.

I've been hiking this trail for 45 years and enjoy it still.

Stunning! 10/10

This trail no longer exists.

One of the most beautiful trails in Colorado! The Wild flowers were in full bloom. We came across a huge bull moose at the lake. Please keep your dogs on leash if you take them. One not very thoughtful hiker let her dog run wild at the moose and ended the enjoyment for each the moose and people.

So beautiful at the summit. So worth it!

11 days ago

Nice walk with some great places off the track along the river to enjoy. Coming back the views across the mountain range are awesome. As you descend down to the car park

Wonderfully peaceful and scenic hike. My friends and I saw not a sole on a beautiful day. Great views on top!

12 days ago

Great for what it is. And that’s a nice hike, with a nice view, that’s close to town. Go on a weekday, otherwise you’ll be fighting the crowd. I went in a Thursday and it was still busy. Lots of mountain bikers on the trail.

Ps I moved to CO from FL about 10 days ago and having been trying to adjust to the elevation. My dog and I struggled on the way up with this one. Be sure to bring lots of water for you and your furry friend if you’re new to this elevation!

13 days ago

Gorgeous trail! Lush & green most of the way with abundant, tall wildflowers, even moss and ferns. Shaded. Follows the creek most the way. Rocky in spots, but mostly soft trail. 10 campsites along trail. Hummingbirds, woodpeckers, trout & bear scrapings. Ample parking @ trailhead. Bring bug repellent -- sneaky biting flies today (probably from nearby stables). You will see damage from big flood a few years back, but all bridges are rebuilt for the 3-4 creek crossings.

13 days ago

Mileage on the All Trails app is inaccurate, it is closer to 5.2 miles. Counterclockwise, the descent is challenging and slippery and steep. If we do it again we will go clockwise so we can have a calmer and more enjoyable descent. $6 to park. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, a hat and rain gear. Leave the dog home so you don’t annoy other people on the descent.

I took my dog on this hike and she loved it! Tons of little streams and different landscapes. The incline is a little difficult but if you take breaks along the way it is doable :)

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