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off road driving
1 day ago

Fun trail, but roll with a buddy or have some heavy recovery options. Completely iced over and you could find yourself in a tough spot when crossing the running water creeks.

really a fun trail. we went in a 97' f350 crew cab with a 4 inch lift and 35s. theres a few icy spots going up some hills. one hill took me a few tries bc of the ice. I took tire chains but didnt put them on. all in all, we had a blast. btw found a chain in the middle of the trail, think in belongs to the guy with the jeep Cherokee in front of me, if your out there and want it back, hit me up on FB. Matt roper (from Casper Wyoming)

I made it through this trail completely with a silverado on a leveling kit 33x12.50x17s also a stock Jeep jk with KO2s and a stock FJ on KO2s deep snow in some spots don’t go alone always have a tow strap

Hike at your own risk! We were shot at...

The turnoff is small and difficult to spot. If you’re going West on 34 it’s better to pass it, loop back and get onto it going East because of the angle. There’s only room for about three cars total in the rudimentary “parking lot” area. Like the other reviewers said, we were the only car there. It did seem like a risky spot for a possible car burglary.

This hike is not well trafficked, so expect rough trail conditions with some overgrown spots. 15 mins into the hike we were at the end of the incline and about to come into a clearing when we heard rapid gunfire. The sound was so loud it bounced off the rocks and we couldn’t clearly identify where it was coming from.

Whether the person was shooting at a target or us was unclear, but we weren’t going to stick around to find out! My poor dog was panicked and our whole adventure was spoiled by some moron illegally shooting in a national forest.

There’s really no escape from the idiots of society!

Visited on a Saturday morning in December, only saw a handful of people. It was an easy outing.

off road driving
1 month ago

Drove this on 11/25/18 with the Larimer County Mountaineers 4x4 Club. We had over 30 off-road vehicles in our group. Great fun with lots of early season snow and decent puddles. One hill about halfway through had some ice and a number of vehicles had to be pulled up with a winch. Went fine if you aired down your tires and kept your momentum up. Can make a nice loop back to Rustic and for that reason this is a nice day trip, not too difficult.

Nice trail

Had a great time on this trail. It is scattered with gorgeous rocks along the trail the entire way up the gulch. Quick hike with great incline to get the heart rate pumping. Don't know what the review below me's problem is...there is trash on every trail now. Carry a trash bag and help clean up instead of complaining. As far as "anti-climatic views" I found the 360 views at the top stunning, especially of the twin peaks. There are no bad days in the mountains...just bad attitudes. Important to note I cleaned up a window that was broken with tint at the trailhead parking lot...don't know if it was broken because someone locked their keys in or if people are breaking into vehicles. Make sure you don't leave valuables. Overall if you want a quick easy hike to get your heartrate going with beautiful front range views this will fit that bill.

2 months ago

Very anti-climactic view at top compared to other hikes in the area. Spend most of the hike in the shade.

Had to reduce my rating a lot. People have been on the trail shooting guns and leaving garbage. Illegal fire pits being put in right under low growth fur trees, with how dry the last several years have been, it was shocking to see this kind of activity.

Shame, it seems like we see more and more of this as the years drag on.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. True to its name, we walked right past the falls, before realizing it was the destination.

Meadows, Aspens, cool rock formations. Not a bad hike, Its mostly down hill on the way there from the trailhead off of CR 74 so be ready to head back up on the return. Falls are becoming engulfed in ice so some cool icicles forming.

Nothing fancy, I kept thinking "Wow! I bet this area was gorgeous before the fire!", which was a bit of a let down. Because very little of it was really that pretty compared to other nearby areas. I would say keep in mind it's a "Gulch" not a Mountain, Rock, or Peak. Worth the exercise if you stay left and go up the "moderate" way.

made it through in stock 2013 suburban with some scarping. very challenging. had a great time.

Beautiful hike!! It was long and got rough near the end, but the lake and cirque views are worth it!

Nice hike with a ton of side trails to explore if wanted.

Up to Cirque Meadows is very easy. The aspens are changed, making much of the path very colourful.
We were confused at first about the marked campsites which are farther up the trail past the meadow-the sites were nice, site 3 has a good view.
The rest of the way was tougher, and some places we lost the trail as it wound up the boulders.
The end views are breathtaking, and great photo opportunities. I plan on going again in June when the wildflowers are bloomed.

This trail is scenic enough, but nothing too special. There is a good deal of tall grass around. No very appealing views, there is a lot of burnt matter throughout.

4 months ago

It’s a great trail awaiting the re-opening!!! A friend of mine introduced me to this trail back in 2003 it was wonderful-Columbines in bloom everywhere!!!

4 months ago

Did this in September. Great short hike, dog loved it too. Starts out shaded, but can be hot at the top by mid day. Views at the top are great of the surrounding mountains and valley below. The trailhead parking area isn’t well marked, but follow the directions on here and it’ll take you straight there. Steep trail, good workout.

It was a steep climb and real leg burner but was beautiful. We were the only on the trail which was great!

4 months ago

I did this trail yesterday and it was absolutely stunning. The hike up to the Cirque is relatively flat and I think would be doable by most people. It is lined with aspens so would be really pretty if you catch them in turning season. The trail is very diverse-aspens, then pines, some meadows, lots of small lakes, streams, and some waterfalls, wildflowers, berries, mushrooms...it was nice and cool as well. Not crowded. The lakes surrounded by peaks and snow were beautiful blue. I think it was more like 11.4 miles, and I was shocked that it went by so easily, mostly cause a lot of it is mostly flat.

4 months ago

I consider this a get right hike. This hike has everything without being too physically demanding. It has good flat parts, good inclines, a beautiful halfway turnaround spot at the Cirque Meadows, a high alpine lake, aspens, rivers, wild flowers.

If you have been on some rough hikes this will be perfect difficulty to get you right. We started at 8:00, reached Emmaline by 10:10, and were done by 12:45. A dip in the lake was cold but surprisingly refreshing.

Beautiful and easy. Lots of options and although there are lots of people easy to move around each other.

Really nice trail! it was eerily quiet because my dog and I, were the only ones one the trail. the entrance was really hard to find especially when you don't have internet. I eventually found it though. Great place to let your dog off leash once you're not near the road.

The entire elevation gain is the 3ish miles closest to the lake, where the incline hits you like a wall! We found ourselves scrambling quite a few times up and around rock walls. The lake is underwhelming, not sure if the final climb was really worth it. The weather was beautiful though, and friendly hikers and packers that we passed along the way.

Beautiful hike to the water falls. Walked through fields of cows, wildflowers and butterflies.

Great afternoon hike, didn't get ticks and got a sweat up. The valley at the top is great for a picnic but pack light as the hike up can be hard. The dogs had a fun time!

Just pay attention to the trails!! We ended up doing just over 9 miles. Beautiful hike!

5 months ago

The agencies that manage neighboring lands to Gateway Natural Area are increasing enforcement. Often Gateway is the starting point for visitors to access land beyond Gateway’s boundaries, including Seaman Reservoir. Gateway’s “pass through” visitors are reminded of these regulations, which are posted at Seaman Reservoir:
• Public access is for hunting and fishing only. Entry for any other use is prohibited.
o Hunting access is from September 1 thru May 15
o Fishing access is year-round
• Entry by foot or horseback only- no motorized vehicles
• Littering, camping, and fires are prohibited
• No swimming allowed in Seaman Reservoir
• No target shooting of any kind
• Dogs prohibited except when used for hunting
For more information visit www.colorado.gov/statelandboard and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (manages the land surrounding Seaman Reservoir), 970-472-4300, www.cpw.state.co.us, Shane Craig, District Wildlife Manager, North Poudre Canyon, shane.craig@state.co.us

off road driving
5 months ago

Great trail. Nothing serious for a side by side but a great, relaxing day.

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