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3 hours ago

Awesome hike! We wished we would’ve had our yaktraks for the way down, but our trekking poles helped with the ice. Beautiful views and not too busy around 10am on Martin Luther King Day.

My wife and I hiked this today and you definitely have to watch for mountain bike riders and such, but the terrain was not difficult and is kid friendly as we saw a lot of other families out there today. The “Keyhole” is definitely worth checking out. All in all a good hike.

trail running
7 days ago

Super well-marked, fun trail to run. The elevation gain is gradual enough that it's a good workout, but not killer. Trail is really rocky in some sections, though, which makes running a little more hazardous, but not impossible.

I did this trail yesterday. Definitely longer than 7.4....more like 9.5 to the top. I did about 8 and turned around to get down before sundown. Great trail markers. It was snowy...I’d say 4” where it wasn’t packed down. Great views out towards Loveland and RMNP.

went further today!!

Amazing views of Rocky Mountain National Park.

8 days ago

A very nice trail to start of 2019. Nice views at the top of the trail. Great photo ops.

Great morning hike before brunch.

I attempted to do this trail yesterday and ran into some county workers saying it will be closed until June due to logging and pipework.

Lots of people on the trail. Really short hike and not hard at all. It's good for a short day hike.

We took Towers Trail to Loggers Trail to Mill Creek and back down Towers. Great variation all along and a nice lookout/seating area where Mill Creek/Spring Creek/Towers meet at the top. Highly recommend!

Great hike minimal parking. Try to go on a weekday, weekends are very packed. Easy To hard trails. Very beautiful. Bikers can be rude be aware.

on Coyote Ridge Trail

15 days ago

Great hike for winter! Beautiful views with lots of warm sun. No dogs, but fun for kids on bikes. Little steep at times but overall great for the entire fam!

great day. Busy but, good. I will be back.☺

16 days ago

The hike was like walking on a dirt road, it was pretty level and easy. Make sure you know where you are going because there are quite a few junctions. I used the AllTrails app just to make sure I didn't go around in circles. Some snow on the trails but nothing to write home about. The best part of the hike was scrambling up to the top of Mount Margaret.

This is a nice trail with a good variety of terrain and views. Hiked it on 1/5/19. There were quite a few spots with packed snow. I had micro spikes with me but didn't need to use them. You have to watch closely for the fork that splits to Sheep Mtn (right) and Stone Mtn (left). there is no sign post and it could be easy to miss. The fork is in a clearing about a quarter mile after you cross the creek. After that the Stone Mtn trail is not as well defined and easy to follow. But with an alert eye you should have no problem staying on it. There's a boulder scramble at the summit, but nothing technical. great views if you make it up there! I clocked the round trip at 7.55 miles.

No dogs allowed. Easy enough hike with decent views. Better hikes that allow my dog though.

Hiked the trail today. Well packed fresh snow, no ice today like previous times. Didn't even get out my yak tracks, no need. Beautiful hike, deer were out wandering about.

trail running
20 days ago

it is one of my favorite trails and the prairie dogs are sooo cute

Great little trail with nice views

took a lot longer than anticipated.....pitch black on arrival to car . hit snow ice VERY Slippery making our descent down the primitive trail downright scary! had 2 dogs almost lost one crossing a frozen waterfall...thank God my son is super fit and was able to pull her up despite the ice and yak tracks .....it was rough and scary . we have been hiking year round and would NOT recommend the primitive trail for decent. best to hike this in summer and early fall.will not forget this hike anytime soon

28 days ago

Went last night for a sunset hike. Was a great experience. Look out for the ice towards the bottom of the trail. It’s icy for about .6 miles in.

This trail is a HIDDEN GEM. I don't generally like sharing amazing trails as I like to keep things I find to myself, BUT considering the fact that almost all of the reviews for Stone Mountain are FOR THE WRONG MOUNTAIN, I feel it extremely necessary to step in and give the correct information. If you follow the main summit trail to the top, you will end up on SHEEP Mountain. If you walk to the top and there's a huge summit cairn, a sitting area, and NO views, you are on SHEEP Mountain.

STONE Mountain can be reached by following the main summit trail to a faintly marked intersection about 3.5 miles in. Go LEFT for Stone, RIGHT for Sheep. The Stone trail is faint, but visible if you're looking for it. At this point, you only have 3/4 mile to the summit. Class 3 scrambling is required to get to the top, so small dogs or kids may not do well here, or anyone unable to climb a bit. Once on the top, you have 360* views of the plains, Longs Peak, and the Mummies. Absolutely worth the effort. 8.6 miles round trip, NOT 7.2 as advertised.

1 month ago

My girlfriend and I, along with my best friend and his girlfriend, all tackled this bad boy last Sunday (12/9); and it was magnificent.

We got a relatively late start after making the roughly two-hour drive up from Fort Collins; beginning our snowshoeing trek around 12:30 pm and returning to our vehicle around 4:30 pm.

The road down to the actual trailhead was closed due to the amount of snow, so we added an additional 4 miles to our trip (approx. 6 miles round-trip). With the small parking lot being full, we just parked along State Hwy 14 without a problem.

The road leading up to the trailhead was somewhat steep, but we were blessed with blue skies the whole way up. And even though the temp dropped into the single digits near our trek's end, we were well prepared to bare the elements.

The Crags to the east of the trail provided us with some stupendous views as the sun crept down beyond the mountains, just illuminating the tops of these exceptional peaks. We made it all the way to the lake, but decided not to make the full loop around, for it was getting dark and with most of the hike being in the shade (and at least 10 degrees cooler), we decided to head back. We were fortunate enough to only have seen four to five other groups on the trail, which just added to the splendor of this amazing hike!

Would love to return in the spring or summer to see how different it is in another season!

Tip: Make sure you have your All Trails Map downloaded prior to the hike, for we almost took a wrong turn and got lost, as the trail is completely covered in snow.

Visited on a Saturday morning in December, only saw a handful of people. It was an easy outing.

by far some of the best flowing singletrack in rolling valley. if you want big climbs head up into the mountains if you want fast fun with punchy climbs stick to the valley. again if it's a nice weekend day there will probably be a lot of traffic on the trails.

1 month ago

Really awesome trail! Did it as a sunrise hike and had a super awesome view! Little icy and snow packed at parts. If it snows anymore, might want to take hiking poles for the way down. Fun scramble at the end to get to the top!

1 month ago

Great hike! Nice place to take your dog for a hike.

A good mellow hike with not much uphill. Good conditions today with moderate snow and some ice underneath . Slightly disappointed there was no viewing area at the top... other than that - had a great time!

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