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Beautiful trail, well marked & maintained. Good for all skill levels.

Quiet quick.08 walk through the rustic moss filled woods. Beautiful scenery.

beautiful scenery year-round. i highly recommend a visit in mid Autumn though for the myriad of colors and depth throughout the trail.

Stunning views of the sea stacks and ocean.

It’s a great hike down to the beach but is almost entirely downhill. Once reaching the bottom, there are large amounts of driftwood to navigate before reaching sand. It’s truly a sight once you’re on the beach. The only let down was some trash from humans. The walk back was entirely uphill and tiring. The trail is one lane only so sometimes you have to stand aside to let traffic pass. Be prepared to be a little wore out after traversing sand and the uphill climb combo

Very easy walk around an incredible environment

Beautiful old growth forest. Went off the beaten path along the river, what a magical experience.

Beautiful hike. Very accessible, easy going but nevertheless transports you to a different planet. More of a nature-walk than hike.

2 months ago

Not as impressive as the Hall of Mosses trail but still a nice walk. A nice view up the river from one or two points too.

Pleasant walk in a lovely, lush, green forest. Definitely worth a visit, and it doesn't take very long at all.

2 months ago

Awesome hiking spot.

Nice trail thru the rainforest with moderate inclines. all sorts of things to enjoy. this trip will get you hooked on hiking!

Easy, but lots of beautiful biodiversity.

3 months ago

Sea Otters and a lot of star fish.

Best place on the planet

This was great and beautiful! Went on the Saturday after thanksgiving but only passed a few groups along the way. Saw some elk and a mouse along the way :-). The trail is wet in parts so you’ll want waterproof hiking shoes. The road up to the trailhead does have a lot of potholes so be aware when driving. We aren’t experienced hikers and got a good sweat going but we were able to do the whole hike in about 2.5 hours (trailhead to pony bridge and back)

I hiked this with my family on Thanksgiving day. It's a little dicey of a drive from the lake, lots of pot hole dodging and water across the road because of snow melt from early snow and of course rain. We saw 4 elk grazing beside the road! Trail was well maintained though there was lots of water running on trail. With all the water came lots and lots of waterfalls! Big trees galore, mushrooms of all types and golden leaves still adorned the forest. Final destination, pony bridge, was spectacular! Big water, steep boulders and more big trees.

An easy stroll and mostly paved. The best thing about it is that it is so diverse from other trails. I went on Oct 31. The drive to the forest was beautiful too with all the fall colors popping.

A great place that I’ll need to revisit a few times! We got there a little later in the day so we had less light to work with. Out for about 2 hours and I remember being upset when we agreed to leave because I hadn’t started to feel tired from the hike!

Hiked this today, October 28, 2017. Super easy loop, great for any hiker at any level. Like nothing I've ever seen before. I recommend doing the Hall of Moss loop then the Spruce loop. Nice and casual.

After hiking in Hoh rain forest this was not impressive

on Quinault Loop Trail

4 months ago

Loved this trail. Only downfall was that the trail part along the lake was flooded in multiple spots and we couldn't walk it. You can't go in sneakers as the trail is muddy and softened by the rainfall. I will do this trail again for sure!

Nice loop thru the forest. Some big old growth trees and skirts the river for a little. I like the Hall of Moss trail at the visitor center slightly better but if you go there do them both !

This is a beautiful trail. So green. The maple grove draped in long moss is stunning. There are many old growth trees that are enormous. The creek area is gorgeous. Elk sometimes show in the area (I didn't see them). I'm shocked this doesn't have 5 stars.

Very easy, can be done in an hour even with taking your time. Some gorgeous views of the river and of course the forest.

5 months ago

Lovely old forest and fairly level. Except for the last part following the creek. We couldn´t find exactly where the trail ended, so turned back.

5 months ago

easy trail with an amazing amount of interesting old growth "points of interest" - I loved it!!!

5 months ago

Great walk along the water avoiding the foamy surf. Lots of driftwood along the beach. If you walk far enough you may find something special made from it :)

Absolutely gorgeous for an easy walk. The sun streaming through the moss makes it look like a fairytale.

5 months ago

This beach is constantly changing. This is my third year coming and this time I was amazed at the amount of logs to climb, the amount of people and the awesome tide pools! I was here all day. It is such an awesome beach with loads of things to do and see.

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