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I went with three other friends early in the morning 9am this fall (totally recommend going in the fall). We stopped a lot for pictures and to catch our breath. (One has asthma). But we still made it up to the Caves in an hour and 45 mins. When we got there, the Caves were underneath so we climbed down to them and it was fantastic! We ate lunch there and it was wonderful weather, once in a while a big gust blows at you but not like you’re going to be pushed around. As a group, we went around the cave to find another one next to it. Be careful, even with good shoes it’s very slippery (dry). We decided to go down what looked like a trial and it lead us back to the original trail. Warning, about 2/3 there’s a fork in the trail. Left side is a very steep cliff that’s about a 9ft drop. It’s manageable if you have people around you. The right also has a small drop and it’s manageable for one person. Over all, the whole adventure took about 4 hours. I’d totally do this again(even going through the steep trail). Makes great memories with friends! Also, I’m not an experienced hiker. I’m mediocre at best. Have fun!

my husband and I went a few years ago and loved it! it is such a beautiful place. However, I remember the road being horrible. is it bad right now? I would like to take my minivan if I can, instead of my truck.

very cool and worth the effort

This was a fun family hike and the lake is beautiful, nestled in a canyon bowl.

8 days ago

great views and great experience

great views but tough. this hike will let you know what your fitness level is, for sure. I'm no speed hiker and it took me about 3 hours to complete.

10 days ago

Gorgeous trail. Fall leaves beginning - probably a couple weeks to peak. Few people on the trail although 10 or so eating at the lake. Hiked with a 9 yo who was awestruck by the views and had no trouble with the uphills, the rocky areas nor the gravel downhills.

Woohoo. Yes. Great. So good.

first time hiking this trail. wow, 70 foot drops on sandy unstable slopes. rock walls. had to turn around, sketchy!

Spectacular views! This was a fantastic hike for me and my pup. Definitely worth the incline to see all the mountain tops and the sites below. Recommended!

This was a very awkward hike. Kind of confusing on which trail to follow the further up you go. Trail isn’t well maintained, and is very dangerous in some parts. A lot of wasps on the trail where the trail is wet from the creek. Wasn’t all that scenic either. Only pro I can think of is you get a workout from it and it’s shaded. Won’t be doing this trail again.

Fun and beautiful

This is a nice trail for a hot day as the temperature in the canyon is much cooler and the trail is almost completely shaded. Be aware that the drive up is a bit precarious! However, we made it just fine in my Ford Focus. Once snow hits I imagine this is inaccessible wo 4WD.

The trail follows the creek, the “swing” is about 1.1 miles into the hike. The trail can be really packed to that point, but was fairly empty past it. A lot of ppl seem to turn back at that point. As other mentioned, the trail does just “end” near the waterfall at the top. We hiked early in the morning when cooler, but as it warmed on our way down, the bees came out in full force! Something to be aware of if you have little kids, pets with you. At least during the end of summer. Nice hike with the dog bc tons of water access. Round trip about 5 miles in about 2.5hrs. I would definitely visit again

22 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike with dense aspen trees. Now my favorite hike in AZ. We had a group ranging in age from 14-65 and were all able to complete the hike.

it was amazing

23 days ago

Beautiful hike. Loved the caves, and view of the canyon. Didn’t love hearing the vehicles on the road for the first half mile up. Good climb up for sure but Kids did a great job, and so did we. Got started late on the hike so it was very hot with A lot of hikers. Would recommend starting early in the day and going in the fall for sure.

Favorite hike in Flagstaff. Hike leads to the top of Humphrey's Peak, if one decides to take it all the way. first few weekends of fall are a true spectacle to witness, as the Aspen forest becomes engulfed by an abundance of yellow leaves that emblaze the caldera's steps slopes.

This hike you are basically walking along side a water feature, shaded nearly the whole way made this a fantastic way to get out of the heat. The waterfall is smaller than most in the area but still pretty. For those that are curious like me, there isn't anything past the waterfall. We noticed there was a 2.5 mile marker past the waterfall so continued up. The trail ends at a trail marker pretty anticlimactic.

We went the ~1.1 miles to the swing and the kids loved it. Turn RIGHT at the end of 100 south up the very bumpy road. The first time we accidentally did the north trail which is hot, exposed, and miserable. The south trail is shady and scenic.

1 month ago

Fantastic hike to kill a few hours. Gorgeous views of Logan Canyon with a really fun cave at the end. If you are lucky enough to be there in early autumn when the leaves have changed it is truly breathtaking. It's a very popular hike, so if solitude is what you're after this is not the place to find it. Unfortunately, some idiots have graffitied numerous spots on the trail which detracts from the beauty. Please be respectful of nature and other hikers by leaving your ridiculous love declarations and hashtags where they belong. Hint: Not here.

I started this trail a little weary of it raining. I started on the north side of the creek and went back on the south side. I was a bit surprised of some ledges I didn't expect, but not a problem for me. Once you hit the 2 mile mark it's really not far to the waterfall. I stopped at the 2 mile point and almost turned back because I heard lightning but went on anyways and it was awesome.

Now this is a hike. A burner so to speak. Very steep in some places. Great view when you reach the top.

1 month ago

Fun, quick hike for an afternoon or evening that will get the blood pumping and the sweat dripping! Great hike for the whole fam!

1 month ago

This is a ball buster or a hike but beautiful and a fantastic workout.

Very nice trail with shade most of the time.

I've been want to go for sometime. It was mich more than I expected. view was great. kids loved the rope swing.

we did 4 of the lakes, well worth it. saw a huge moose about 15 paces from us, as well as a lot of other wildlife. lake mary was moderately trafficked, but catherine and the smaller one we saw only had one or two others in sight. we only saw two other people on the actual loop (they worked for the watershed) but there seemed to be people both going to mary or catherine, just not via the loop.

Breathtaking scenery, easy trail. Not a lot of shade. Glacier lake at the end with a rope swing if you dare!

Definitely a strenuous hike for unconditioned bodies! Well trafficked area with lots of people on the trail. Dogs allowed which is nice. Available parking close to entrance during the week. Lots of kids. Good warm up hike for the newly adventurous.

1 month ago

This is a fun hike for the entire family.

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