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Great views or MR. interesting to sit and watch the clouds change around the mountain. One area approx .25 mi had steep dropoffs and was a bit rocky, narrow path. Otherwise all good.
Finally saw goats! There were in distance but happy to see goats. Also saw 4 young deer, 1 marmot and many chipmunks.
Overall J enjoyed Paradise skyline trail much better.

Outstanding weather today, started about 10 am & stopped at Burroughs Mtn #2 for lunch. Views of Rainier were in & out re top due to cloud cover, but still worth the trip! Does get cold up top, we had on every layer we owned, Polar fleece & puffy jackets, hats & head band for extra ear warmth.

Treck up some work, easy for experienced hikers. Take your time, soak in views! Including sheep, an eagle, and several annoying pica up top... Just an all around outstanding day!

great trail! beautiful views at the lakes and definitely will be a repeat for us

Wonderful and rewarding hike. The many bugs made it hard to eat our lunch. We brought bathing suits but could not find anywhere we could safely enter the lake. Not too many hikers the day we went, though it was a Tuesday. Highly recommend.

It was a good hike, enjoyed it. The lake is very beautiful!

7 days ago

Did a beautiful, but cold sunrise hike to First and Second Burroughs on 8/25/18. It was WAY too windy and cold to continue to Third Burroughs. I’ll definitely have to make it the next time :)

Hiked on September 14th, started from Parking lot at Sunrise. Started hiking around 9am, cold with light snow . Hiked to the 3rd mountain, which had much more snow, even lost the trail a couple times. Very peaceful and quiet with a beautiful view of glaciers. Not tough hiking at all, dress warm as the weather has changed on the Mountain. Total round trip with a lunch break on 2nd mountain (30 minutes) and several stops to take pictures was about 4hrs.

Easy hiking. I love this place ⛰

17 days ago

Fairly easy hike. Beautiful views! Had lunch at sheep lake and waded out in the water. Not much shade do bring sunscreen. No bitting bugs.

Beautiful view, went to this hike during Labor Day weekend and there were 4 tents camping there. Get there early, our way back to the parking lot was busy and the road can be challenging.

Really great loop and not too difficult. Spectacular views all around. You will see people on the trail, however we started around 10am on a weekday and it wasn’t too bad. Weekends recommend going early

beautiful trail! it was labor day weekend so very heavily trafficked. Rocks in trail and somewhat uneven but there were several young families and some much older hikers on it having a blast.

20 days ago

This is a relatively easy trail. The terrain is a little rougher than I expected just in terms of rocks and roots but nothing terrible. I was developing a nasty cold on the way up so I think that may have been why it seemed a bit harder.... the lake at the end is really beautiful and peaceful. No biting bugs. The trail around the lake is nice and there were quite a few people camping up there. My dogs enjoyed it as well.

20 days ago

Easy hike. You do gain some elevation the last mile or so but then it flattens out and goes downhill. There was old bear skat when I went but saw no bears. Pretty easy hike for me. When you start you walk through the woods then come to an opening then go back into the woods then cross a dirt road then go back into the woods. When you get close to the lake you will know because there are some openings where the trail gets rocky. The area where you camp is gorgeous and so green. The lake is amazing Too and my dog loved swimming in it.

from the gold Creek trail head it's about 16 miles round trip and is pretty easy up until the Alaska lake/Joe lake junction. after that you have better taken your adventure pills. the trail is not maintained and goes through shoulder high brush for about a mile or two until you get near the waterfall. after that it starts going up, and up and up. the trail is so verticle in some places that ropes are needed or at the very least extreme caution and two free hands to scramble up. that being said, Joe lake is entirely worth the effort.

21 days ago

Overall an easy hike, watch out for some rocky areas. Trail conditions are good, great view of the lake at the end.

Loved this hike. Climbed all three Burroughs, and the third is worth the push. Don’t be deceived by the sign that says Burroughs Mountains Trail near the third Burrough path. I made the mistake of following it for 3/4 of a mile down. I then had to climb back out to get on the correct path. Just keep going up the next hill. I saw a mountain goat on my way up to the third Burrough. Epic views, and yes, feels like you can touch the glaciers.

22 days ago

Great trail! It was challenging but not overbearing. Trail conditions were great, no obstructions, and not heavily trafficked. It was steep for about 2.5 miles, then there were some rocky areas. Fantastic view and the lake was gorgeous.

At a ranger's recommendation, did this clockwise for great views the whole way up. Perfect weather & clear skiesmeant it was definitely worth going to the 3rd Burroughs and spending some time enjoying the glacier views.

26 days ago

Hike done 8/27/18:

A starting note that the drive from I90 to the trailhead was very rough and a slow drive.

It wasn't a bad hike, but we weren't impressed. Trail wasn't well maintained and was getting pretty overgrown. Everything we saw on the distance said 10 miles, however our GPS put us more towards 13. Its possible the tree coverage affected the GPS, but having done plenty of 10 mile hikes, it felt longer.

The lake was pretty, my dogs had a great time. But I will not do it again and wouldn't recommend to friends.

27 days ago

The trail is in excellent condition. As advertised, it crosses humpback creek/falls across a beautiful log bridge. The trail winds its way up a gentle grade through two powerline right of ways and crosses the former John Wayne Pioneer/Iron Horse trail, now called the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail. Now the gain begins, as the trail ascends, and has 4-5 switchbacks to gain most the altitude of this hike. Past the switchbacks, the trail generally levels, with openings to the west of Humpback mountain. You will cross three talus/scree fields and finally enter a gentle forest trail to the lake. Bugs were not too bad today. Some flies, no mosquitos. We generously applied Jungle Juice. If you stop moving, the flies will find you. The lake is a beautiful emerald green and very shallow. The far side appears deeper, worthy of exploration on a subsequent visit. Great views of Silver and Abiel Peaks looming over the lake. I look forward to the view of the lake from these peaks.

Did a trip on Friday & views are simply unbelievable.
The day we went here, it was partly cloudy & as such, we had to exercise patience for unobstructed view of summit. Just one tip, plan to reach 1/2/3 peak before or around noon. Since this trail is from East side of Mt. Rainier, after 2pm or so, the sun goes to other side of summit. Bit steep for 3rd peak, but the views are totally worth it.

on Granite Lakes Trail

29 days ago

Beautiful, quiet hike on the I90 corridor. A lot less busy then most in the area which made for a good walk in the woods!

very nice day hike, trail is well maintained and tons of berries and no bugs to speak of! lake is beautiful my dog just loved it. road up is tough and slow but the hike is worth it.

I did a hike up to Burroughs 2 and rested for 45 minutes taking in the unobstructed view of this beautiful mountain! Totally surreal! I’m a little heavy but am a regular walker so in order for me to lose weight I chose this hike for results and it paid off! As I sat and snacked I was looking at the third Burroughs and wanting to hike it but was worried about running out of gas. I did this hike taking my time resting 15 seconds every 60 steps
I started out at 7 am and by the time I reached the 2nd Burroughs (9:20 am) about 20 people had beat me but I succeeded but oh what an advantage you fit people have over us heavier folk! Hahaha round trip took me 5 1/2 hours not counting 45 minute lunch break! I’m coming back next weekend to eat lunch on the third Burroughs.

1 month ago

Had a great weekend camping trip. Relatively easy hike and the lake was gorgeous. Stayed for a couple nights. Saturday was pretty busy with 50-60 day hikers and a dozen or so groups camping. Still a few spots open though. Way more camp opportunities than listed on site. Most campers left out Sunday with only us and 1 other group overnight. About 40 or so day hikers Sunday. As with most easily accessible trails, if you want more peace and quiet, go during the week.

We got caught up in the smoke blowing in from Canada on Sunday so the distant views weren’t there. But the lake and nearby area had plenty of spectacular views. Will definitely have to go again to get the full experience. Lake was warmer (at least the top layer) than expected. Was able to swim out to the middle without any chill. Drop down about 5-6 feet and it does get a bit cooler.

Yes, the road up was a little rough and for some it may not be with the drive for a short day hike. But there were plenty of folk venturing up on the weekend. Just drive like a normal person and it will be fine. Bugs really weren’t as bad as previously reported. Only used spray a couple times over the 3 days. Most bugs were bees and small flies that weren’t biting. Mosquitoes only seemed to be out certain parts of the day. If there was one drawback for campers it would be the fact that fires aren’t allowed within 1/4 mile of the lake. So have to venture a little ways out if having a fire is important to you. I like a good camp fire, but weather was quite comfortable this time of year without one.

I would definitely recommend this hike and do plan on making another trip back next year.

on Annette Lake Trail

1 month ago

8/17/18. What was once a really lovely hike through the forest (shade) was marred by too many people that either don’t know, or don’t care, about leave no trace. I couldn’t believe how many poorly dug cat holes with poopy tp hanging out were deposited within feet from the trail. It only got worse at the beautiful lake- many more cat holes with tp- but now within just a few feet of the lake. Why?! That’s the half empty. The half full includes a lot of lovely blue berries, beautiful wild flowers, and a perfectly framed sub—alpine lake. No bugs! The trail is in good shape and the grade is manageable (average moving speed 3mph). i got to the trailhead around 9AM on Friday and there was still plenty of parking. When I got back down at 1:30 PM the lot was full and folks were parked on shoulder of forrest road. If not for the literal poop show, would be a solid five:star hike.. Bring five bucks or Forrest Service pass.

1 month ago

Not too tough, not too easy. Many different glances at Rainier: Even though you get about as close as you can, as you move away it's presence grows even larger and larger. She lures you in and then as you walk away begs you to return.

This hike is easy to moderate there are some steeper switchbacks but it’s not that hard and it’s in the shade. It’s pretty dry up until the last 2-3 miles then it gets more green the higher you go up and it’s very pretty. The view of the lake is amazing. I didn’t swim in it because I fear of dead bodies and sharks in all water lol. If you have a dog bring them because they will love swimming in the water there was two waterfalls and areas of water going on the trail so if your dog is thirsty that is a plus. Rocky in some areas and the tree roots are coming up in some of the trail so watch your step. Did see beat skat that everyone was talking about but saw no bears at all

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