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5 months ago

if your not from the area be warned it is on private property, but the family doesn't seem to mind people use it.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Beautiful trail, not many people. Ride through a lot of farm land which is cool. If coming from Ulster County you may want to start in Stamford or Roxbury and ride west. We did the opposite starting in Bloomville riding east and you end up riding past the same areas you drove past. Bloomville is super cute town though

mountain biking
5 months ago

Really lovely and flat ride. Definitely need a Mt bike if using wheels. terrain is combo of dirt paths, loose rocks/gravel and grass covered stretches. Otherwise, seems like a suitable hike for a family as it is not physically strenuous. Nice area to take in the fall foliage!

this was a beautiful trail however I would say its easy. most of the way you follow an old road and for a little bit you follow an actual trail. beautiful hike though

6 months ago

I drove up the road in my 4x4. Very bumpy, rocky, and some washed out places. Lots of communication towers at the top. It would be a nice easy hike also. Would be a great mountain bike road too!!

nice birdwatching spots on these trails right near the Chenango river.. the views to take ur breath away

I love this...when it rains love the waterfalls

I like this trail...very good birdwatching spots..

a great trail for hikers...I love the trails...even the bridge that cross over the creeks..

It's a pain to get to, because it's private property. The view was obstructed. It would be nice, if it was open to the public.

Great trail, interesting terrain, well-marked but helpful to have a map because it starts and ends on the FLT, so the second half isn't marked as a separate trail.

Hike a gravel road 1 mile easy cool area at top to hang with views another NY tower down

7 months ago

Decent trail. starts off with a continuous gradual incline and then is easy the rest of the way. Not really any spectacular scenery. Animals are obviously very used to people being around.

8 months ago

Not much of a hike just going a mile up a road and back, but still a great hike to take just for the views near and at the top. You could drive the road to the top if you just want the views. Great spot for a quick picnic too. We also went blueberry picking over at Blue Sky Farms about 4 miles east on Route 23 towards Grand Gorge.

It's really nice but it is private property so I wouldn't recommend this place

Good trail, with most trails having clear trail markers. Child friendly. Only issue I have with the trails is with that some might warn of excessive mud on the trail but won't tell you that the trail itself is submerged in water and practically unusable. Other that that it's a great little place. Would recommend.

A bit muddy after rain Last night but a beautiful, peaceful trail

Nice trail.

enjoyable and the animals are use to humans. even the deer :)


Only go here if you want to pay 7$ to park

9 months ago

Great place to go lots of different trails to go on. And you can feed the fish don't forget your quarters. 3 different locations to pick from. Check it out at http://friendsofrogers.org/

Always a good day when you go here. Have been numerous times. Great for everyone.

9 months ago

Nice falls. Bridge over top of falls is nice. There is a way to get down to the falls. If you follow the trail along the fence line to left, eventually the path slopes down to the water and there is no longer a fence. Once at the water you have a view of the falls. I got about 30 feet or so from the falls. It meant crossing the water, slipping a few times, getting your feet wet and I fell once. There is a mini three tiered runoff on the left before the falls. Looks like a mini waterfall. If you are only going on the bridge I would say it was small kid friendly. If you want to get down to the falls I would say it wasn't.

Definitely more for horseback riding or snowmobiling. Trails were mostly grass. Just a tick-fest hiking it.

10 months ago

I love this park. I have lived near it my whole life and only just this weekend made it to the other end. endless combination of trails to explore.

11 months ago

Good trail

Great place especially to bring the kids

Saturday, February 25, 2017


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