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It was pretty icy towards the end, microspikes recommended for this time of year! But amazing hike with a great view of northern Colorado!

1 day ago

Did this hike today. Probably because it was in mid January, we met very few hikers. It was snowy in places and heavy wind up top. Pretty decent hike but at times the trail routes might be tricky as there are few signs. I would say its above moderate to difficult hike.

1 day ago

Awesome hike! We wished we would’ve had our yaktraks for the way down, but our trekking poles helped with the ice. Beautiful views and not too busy around 10am on Martin Luther King Day.

Nice hike. A bit icy near top but worth the views and quietness.

My first real “hike” in Colorado. At the start of the trail I saw so much dog poop. I am glad it wasn’t all over the trail. Once you head up in elevation the pine trees start appearing. So scenic. The waterfall was frozen but I bet in the spring it’s stunning. I’ll be back.

Great morning hike before brunch.

We took Towers Trail to Loggers Trail to Mill Creek and back down Towers. Great variation all along and a nice lookout/seating area where Mill Creek/Spring Creek/Towers meet at the top. Highly recommend!

Hiked the trail today. Well packed fresh snow, no ice today like previous times. Didn't even get out my yak tracks, no need. Beautiful hike, deer were out wandering about.

Awesome views from the summit!!

Excellent views; great introduction to Fort Collins.

done on 12/24/18. cloudy day, but comfortable and very little wind. nice trail, views are OK, but not the most spectacular you can find in the area. some patches of ice. I used my yaktrax, although they were not absolutely necessary. 4 stars.

29 days ago

Did this hike with a few friends yesterday 12/24. It started snowing when we got to the first rest area. Beautiful hike with great views once you reach the top.

30 days ago

Went last night for a sunset hike. Was a great experience. Look out for the ice towards the bottom of the trail. It’s icy for about .6 miles in.

December. Really good hike, light snow the night before but nothing serious. Really awesome up top, the pond on top of grey rock was frozen solid.

Awesome trail. Got lost at the top.

This was our first time to hike Horsetooth and it was beautiful. I took my 7 and 10 year old and we all made it to the top with no issues. There are a few slick spots along the way but we easily navigated around them. Views from the top are beautiful and I’ll be back for sure

solid trail, mildly strenuous, the lake at the top is worth it. The scramble at the end was tough at times to know whether we were supposed to go.

Did this trail on 12/8. Perfect hiking day. Some powdery snow on the trail, but no need for spikes. Great trail close to town.

My father in law and I hiked this trail this afternoon (early-December) and it was a nice 4 mille in-and-out trail with beautiful views of the reservoir at various parts of the hike as well as a gorgeous view at the top. I would rate it as moderate mostly because of the steepness, but it was very doable. The steep parts were made easy by rock steps and no part of the trail was terribly treacherous. About 2/3 of the trail was covered in snow (beginning and end) but it wasn't icy. It took us a little under 2 hours to complete.

by far some of the best flowing singletrack in rolling valley. if you want big climbs head up into the mountains if you want fast fun with punchy climbs stick to the valley. again if it's a nice weekend day there will probably be a lot of traffic on the trails.

1 month ago

Really awesome trail! Did it as a sunrise hike and had a super awesome view! Little icy and snow packed at parts. If it snows anymore, might want to take hiking poles for the way down. Fun scramble at the end to get to the top!

This was a great hike. It was so icy and hard to navigate. I will definitely go back when it gets warmer.

Always a great quick one or make it a long 4 hour loop! Love the climbing routes throughout. Fun hike!

2 months ago

This trail is temporarily closed because of the Seaman Fire. It is scheduled to reopen 10/12/18. For more info, Google its special order number: arp-clrd-2018-09.

This is a great trail run. Very steep, so I did a lot of hiking as it got rockier closer to the top. A very easy run down. The only problem I had was being chased by 2 dogs off leash. Their owners quickly got them under control but it was a little frightening. Beautiful views from the top. Perfect weather for a trail run!

loved it. there's definitely some climbing opportunity here if you have trad gear and 70m rope etc.

2 months ago

Went Sunday and it was 45 degrees or so out and sunny. Made it to the top no issues, trail does get a little "confusing" with no trail markers towards the top, though nothing too crazy. Views are great. Saw a few other hikers, other wise good area for those seeking solitude on near by trails.

Did loop hike starting out at Arthur's Rock trail head going up trail to summit of Arthur's Rock, then coming back by way of Howard Trail and Mill Creek Link. Total distance 4.7 miles. Very scenic with views of Horse Tooth Reservoir and Ft. Collins. Weather was great. I would rate the trail as moderate rather than hard. Top of Arthur's Rock is roomy for people to relax.

Loved this trail. I would not classify it as hard my 4 yr old had no problems. It was a nice trail. Would def do it again

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