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Well markes ans beautiful trail!

Great trail as many have said cannot access the main trail head during school hours, and I’ve even not been Able to get in on a Saturday

I now like enter through the neighborhood down town center
Hunters vista (see my recording for waypoint)

Always very secluded and have seen:

Alligators w/babies
Plenty of birds
Raccoons and a fox

2 months ago

This was an easy hike with so much to see! There were lots of alligators, turtles, and so many birds! There were plenty of Anhinga, of course, but we also saw great blue herons, egrets, and many more. VERY beautiful!

The rail head was well marked behind the school. The beginning was as expected for central Florida. The rest of the rail was in the open and followed the service road under the power transmission lines. Several varieties of birds along the path, a few butterflies, turtles and a snake crossed our path.

2 months ago

Bring bug repellent! If you go early or late to avoid the heat, the bugs are vicious. Biting flies and mosquitoes. Aside from that, it's a beautiful hike. One of the, real Florida, type of nature trails. Mostly shaded. We didn't have time to do the whole loop, but we'll be going back for sure.

2 months ago

Rating must be changed to difficult. Lots and lots of downed trees, swampy at many places. If it's not cleared up quickly this trail is going to disappear soon. Mar 2018 review.

trail running
3 months ago

4 months ago

In April 2018 still very difficult to do a lots of trees across the main trail. I goo in a dry time (1-2 weeks no rain) and the swamp was almost dry. See some birds and a lot of fresh turkey foot print.

Was very enjoyable walking beside the downs tree. Doing this trail + Snake bight trail and returning on the road to the starting point will be almost s 8 miles of fun ( at least the 5 first miles the las 3 is just road walk)

Must watch for the tides I go in a low tide (my mistake) and was very disappointed I will go again in high tide to see the inlet for good.

4 months ago

Nothing special to see at the end a lot of mud.

Definitely agree with others here, not a whole lot of shade. The trail is mainly made up of loose dirt so be ready for that as well. The map is misleading so if you wanna deviate make sure you know where you are. Other than that it was a lovely trail and got to see two deer, tortoise, a boar, amongst other animals. The ponds are also a great sight! Highly recommend.

Small trail but great sites. I have cotton mouths and two white squirrels there.


This trail is very rustic and beautiful and you are likely to see a lot of wildlife, especially if you go around dawn.

I was there early one morning and saw several deer, two large owls, and several wild turkeys.

I love how fresh and clean the air smells and the trail follows Shingle Creek for a while.

If you live anywhere near this trail, it's just a nice place to get away from all the busyness of orlando without having to drive too far.


1) Access is limited. You can only visit the trail certain hours, since parking is behind a middle school and the gate is closed at certain times. It's best to visit google maps, as they have the exact hours posted. Lookup: Shingle Creek Trailhead.

If you can't access the trail because the school gate is closed, there is a back entrance to the trail located in a neighborhood 10 min west of the school trailhead. Lookup "Millenium Waves" on google maps. The trail entrance is just east of it on Tarragona Drive. The only downside to this entrance is that you will have to walk about a mile to get to the wooded section of the trail behind the middle school. It's a scenic and peaceful walk though, and everyone I've met so far has been very friendly.

2) The trail is very secluded. If you at all don't feel safe by yourself, you'll definitely want to bring someone with you.

4 months ago

Great wildlife!

5 months ago

As of March 2018, this trail is very difficult to traverse. Five miles of climbing under, over and through fallen trees is no silly hike. There are a million trees fallen across the trail and going around them is not always possible. Attempt only if you have swamp boots or high waterproof boots, at the first bend you'll need to cross some pretty swampy area.

could not get to the trailhead from the middle school. The bus lane to the back of the school was gated and locked on a Sunday. Tried walking through the school but would have to walk through school gym and hallways. Did not feel comfortable doing that.

nature trips
5 months ago

Had a nice time! Saw a skink on the white trail, and several birds I’m sure enthusiasts would enjoy as well.

Fun hike! I actually would say it is easy/moderate due to soft sand, tree roots, and sloping path. Beautiful Florida landscapes and most of the trail all you hear is nature, very peaceful.

6 months ago

A LOT of people there but the visitor center is nice and it is a beautiful trail with an abundance of wildlife!!! Birds, crocs, fish, everything you would want to see. Flat, paved and boardwalk.

6 months ago

This trail is all about timing. Yes it's flat, yes it's straight. But it leads to the beautiful Florida Bay.
Now when it's comes to this trail. Everything must be perfect..
Step 1. Time of the year! If you want a comfortable walk you have to go either right after a cold front or during a cold front. DO NOT try this is the summer! Even if you're covered head to toe mosquitoes will kill you!
Step 2. Time the tides.. tide to low birds and other animals might be hard to see. Tide too high. You're gonna get a little wet.
Step 3. EARLY MORNING or before dawn
If all those things line up! You'll have a great hike/ birding trip.

6 months ago

This is a very well maintained kid friendly trail the whole trail is either paved or transitioned into a very well maintained broadwalk. There are public restrooms at the beginning of the trail. Saw lots of animals, alligators, turtles, double crested cormorants, great blue herons, great egrets, and purple gallinules. I didn’t see any aninghas to my surprise.

6 months ago

Saw 3 alligators all under 5. Saw several birds, easy paved trail.

8 months ago

One of the few options available with parts of the Everglades still closed after the hurricane. Nothing too exciting here.

Easy trail. Park is still cleaning debris from storms but trails are clear and well marked.

8 months ago

Lots of wildlife!!

great time away from the city.

It was very nice. We came out to camp cozy and loved where it was at. No one bothered us. For Florida camping it was pretty primitive. They have a bear box and a non-potable water facet. The bear box was my favorit! After the hike in water and snacks awaited us with an awesome note etc! It was so cool so we decided to keep it going

Great morning trail run! Did not see a single soul until returning to trailhead. Not as much wildlife as expected but was still beautiful!

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9 months ago

The beginning of the trail is by far the best! I'm not sure why there are so many complaints about the power lines, easy terrain through there and this trail is tucked in an urban area. There is plenty of wildlife here, saw about 10 deer swim across Shingle Creek upstream and about 15 alligators. 3 were more on the mature side and the rest babies. Plenty of parking and moderate traffic on the trail. The back loop could have been mowed for easier biking but still a great time overall!

Nice boardwalk trail in the heart of Everglades. Quiet, Peaceful, Good for birdwatching.

9 months ago

Short trail, can finish it in 40 mins, even at a leisurely stroll while stopping several times to bird watch.

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