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This trail is very rustic and beautiful and you are likely to see a lot of wildlife, especially if you go around dawn.

I was there early one morning and saw several deer, two large owls, and several wild turkeys.

I love how fresh and clean the air smells and the trail follows Shingle Creek for a while.

If you live anywhere near this trail, it's just a nice place to get away from all the busyness of orlando without having to drive too far.


1) Access is limited. You can only visit the trail certain hours, since parking is behind a middle school and the gate is closed at certain times. It's best to visit google maps, as they have the exact hours posted. Lookup: Shingle Creek Trailhead.

If you can't access the trail because the school gate is closed, there is a back entrance to the trail located in a neighborhood 10 min west of the school trailhead. Lookup "Millenium Waves" on google maps. The trail entrance is just east of it on Tarragona Drive. The only downside to this entrance is that you will have to walk about a mile to get to the wooded section of the trail behind the middle school. It's a scenic and peaceful walk though, and everyone I've met so far has been very friendly.

2) The trail is very secluded. If you at all don't feel safe by yourself, you'll definitely want to bring someone with you.

could not get to the trailhead from the middle school. The bus lane to the back of the school was gated and locked on a Sunday. Tried walking through the school but would have to walk through school gym and hallways. Did not feel comfortable doing that.

24 days ago

Part two. They aren’t kidding about the Sands. Makes walking interesting! Seems like a cool park and I’ll be back.

24 days ago

First time at this park. It would appear there are a lot of different trails. This one I had to go a mile in before I saw Pines but they were very pretty

Lovely park. Trails were wide, flat, and easy to run on. Sand can get rather annoying after awhile! Bring water as I ran 11 miles and never found water but I did find mandarin orange trees

We hiked this trail today and had a great time. It was very peaceful, saw a couple of hikers from far , not too much traffic. The oaks and pines were beautiful. Sighted two deers . The trail was very sandy and a gave a decent work out. Good for beginners.

We drove over from Tampa and met a friend coming in from Sanford. The trails were more extensive than that which is reflected here. There is a decent map at the trailhead but we would recommend that you take a picture of it as there are no hardcopy maps to take with you. There are decent trail indicators here. Be aware that some of the trails adjacent to the controlled burn areas are very torn up due to the heavy equipment that they use to control the fires. This means that the trails are very uneven with soft sand. Easy to turn agn ankle with the proverbial two steps forward and one step back. When we got out of the area of the controlled burns the trail was much more enjoyable. Also, the trailhead references “Hampton“ entrance and that made us wonder if we were at the right place. Given that the trails are much more extensive than reflected on this trail you may want to try out some of the other options to see if the hiking is a more enjoyable.

I brought my family on this trail with me when I was visiting them in Orlando. They don't hike but enjoyed this trail. It's very beautiful and well-taken care of. lovely view of the lake and a nice get-away from the tourism vibe. We went in December and it was perfect weather to be in the woods.

Not moderate. Would have been more relaxing had there not been so many large groups. The trails are smaller and trying to squeeze people down a small path makes it less appealing.

3 months ago

Not many people. Downside was that you can hear cars passing be throughout the preserve.

Beautiful mirages and great for walking and training a Triathlon.

great time away from the city.

Great morning trail run! Did not see a single soul until returning to trailhead. Not as much wildlife as expected but was still beautiful!

mountain biking
4 months ago

The beginning of the trail is by far the best! I'm not sure why there are so many complaints about the power lines, easy terrain through there and this trail is tucked in an urban area. There is plenty of wildlife here, saw about 10 deer swim across Shingle Creek upstream and about 15 alligators. 3 were more on the mature side and the rest babies. Plenty of parking and moderate traffic on the trail. The back loop could have been mowed for easier biking but still a great time overall!

trail running
4 months ago

I️ would not rate this as moderate, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Hiked a section of this today while completing The Lower Wekiva Loop. The part I competed was well marked, Sandy (but not too bad), and mostly out in the open in the scrub. There was a nice shelter with benches and a fire ring close to the Bear Pond Trailhead. Didn't see much wildlife, but like most of the Florida Trail.... the surrounding beauty was enough.

I'm working on the Florida State Forest Trailwalker Program. If you want to follow my progress and read descriptions of the trails I complete, visit my blog at www.floridatrailblazing.com. Stay safe and Happy Hiking!

Very short trail and 1 linger trail that features a lake and a covered dock. Very few other visitors were present during the week, aside from a few teenagers skipping out on school.

Great ride with beautiful scenery on a smooth surface. Only issue is the difficulty in finding parking

5 months ago

Post Irma. Trail is wonderful. No mosquitoes either. Trail is well marked with orange paint on trees. How ever get 3 miles going north I did miss the trail. It does not go straight past the service road and Veres to the right. I tried to make it to black Creek, but came to something I call confusion corner. It was not obvious to me where the Florida Trail went. There were white markings blue markings even a red reflector on the service road. I may have been very close, but I decided to turn around. Since I was going to turn around at I creek anyway. I did startle a large turkey, saw several hawks, and a bunch of Cardinals. And 1 million butter flies

I'm giving this trail a 3 star rating because the trail is heavily traveled and although the signs say no dogs, i seen atleast 10 diffrent dogs being walked on the trail. The trail head is also behind the Hunters Creek Middle School so it is closed during school hours. The only entrance in to the trail is through the school bus loop and the trail is not marked very well once you get inside the woods. Besides all of the dogs being walked on the trail, I did not see any signs of wildlife on the trail which is why I love to hike. I personally like the more secluded and thicker trails in seminole and volusia county so I probably will not waste my time going back to this trail.


mountain biking
7 months ago

7 months ago

This is a nice boardwalk through different environments that leads to a nice big deck in Lake Apopka. The deck has seats and interesting facts about the lake. You can see lots of wildlife both on the trail and at the lake. Very pleasant walk!

Multiple trails. Great experience!

Great trail, we'll marked. Great for beginners. Make sure you bring plenty of water and start early.

9 months ago

I definitely will be going back to this trail. It is great for walking, running, and biking. Shingle Creek flows right alongside the trail for the most part.

It's very secluded, empty and it's not even that pretty. It felt really scary to be there by myself. I don't recommend it, especially for girls on their own.

Boring flat terrain and sooo hot. The only thing that saved the trip was the wildlife I spotted

9 months ago

Beautiful walk

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